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The first season of the Gantz anime was a let down...
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Editing & Tools » What Counts as Anime and Manga in the Wiki

I can't really agree with any of the options from the ballot system, the way I see it is a very clear distinction, the franchise/property must originate from Asia or be a global original language derivative such as OEL, OGL, OSL, etc. to be added and that goes for both anime and manga. Things like My Little Pony seem pointless here, same goes for things like Scott Pilgrim, the Marvel Anime's, Ben 10, Samurai Jack or Teen Titans. As for American animated content most of it doesn't really fit the anime style and shouldn't be allowed, off the top of my head I'd say Avatar/Legend of Korra is the only American cartoon that comes close to being anime, anything else close originally came from Asia so it would already be allowed. The American versions of shows like Transformers, Voltron and the like probably shouldn't be here. For manga the only exception I can think of would be the Japanese versions of Spider-Man and X-Men, the properties originated in the US but those versions might as well have originated in Japan so the original Japanese manga editions should be added but not the American reprint floppy issues.

As for copying content from AV to CV that is fine except for text content, CV description text must be original and unique, AV text would have to be re-written before being brought over even if the original writing is the one copying it over as we still consider that plagiarism if it is the same. Non-text is fine to copy over though i.e series/volumes, issues/episodes, images, characters and creators skeleton pages. The only text exception would be official solicits/synopsis which have to be in italics, dates and chapter/story/volume titles.

One last thing you have a wall posting spam bot that doesn't look to be banned, lovebabyss24.

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Just Manga » How many manga books do you own?

I used to have over 600 but I sold most of them last year, I still have about 80 left.

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