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Some Very, Very Good Anime.
There are times when there are some anime you absolutely detest, and want people to avoid at all costs. This list isn't about those anime. This list is meant to honor and uphold some anime which are, IN MY OPINION, very good. I'll explain exactly what's good, what's bad, and who I would recommend it to~
This is not in any specific order, but, rather, based on which series I remember~
It'll also be updated periodically.
1. Baccano!

Baccano, a series filled with many twists and turns, a rather... UNUSUAL form of storytelling, and a multitude of characters. Lovable? No. Engaging and quirky? YES. Good: storytelling in anachronistic order is intriguing, many interesting characters with fun personalities, doesn't drag on, intriguing storylines, good animation quality (it's fluid) Bad: Last few episodes make for a satisfying conclusion, but not the BEST it could have been, can be confusing on the first watch through Recommended to: people who enjoy engaging stories, fans of Memento and their ilk, people who enjoy mafia/mobster/gangster series

2. Bleach

Alright, alright, I'm sure a lot of you will be complaining at this point, but hear me out. Stylistically, Bleach isn't bad: the fight scenes are very well done, and you're bound to find a couple of characters you can latch onto and be truly interested in. Good: Well choreographed fight scenes, good use of humor, characters with genuinely interesting personalities Bad: DRAGS ON FAR TOO LONG, animation tends to become very simplistic and badly aligned, particularly during filler arcs, inclusion of said filler arcs, often tired storylines Recommended to: fans of shonen, people who aren't interested in story, fans of action/samurai series

3. Cowboy Bebop

Ah yes. The epitome of space as a "final frontier". Cowboy Bebop is an action-packed, storyline filled romp filled with good times for all. Good: interesting characters, tightly-plotted episodic stories, genuinely suspenseful ending, AWESOME musical score Bad: Some of the episodes fall a bit flat Recommended to: fans of Westerns AND sci-fi

4. Princess Tutu

Don't get me wrong: Princess Tutu is definitely not your typical magical girl anime. After the very cute, if slightly bland, first season, expect a dark twist on the usual fairy tales, as well as some genuinely tear-worthy moments. Good: beautiful use of classical music, excellently choreographed dance/fight scenes (it makes sense in context), wonderful subversion of the usual fairy tale tropes Bad: First season is more stereotypical of the genre, some elements and plot points may inspire anger in viewers Recommended to: fans of ballet, people who love magical girl shows, those interested in fairy tales and romance, as well as trails, tribulations, and heart break

5. Death Note

The quintessential psychological anime... at least, if you're interested in psychological anime. This series basically put thinking anime on the map for a new generation of manga and anime fans~ Good: Intriguing plot, genuinely suspenseful moments, very good English dub Bad: Some plot points don't make sense, second half doesn't match up to the precedent set up by the first Recommended to: fans of psychological anime, people who like to think

6. Romeo x Juliet

One of the very few romantic series that I can even pretend to watch. The story is genuinely touching, and the characterization and dub are some of the best that I've ever seen. Good: makes good use of archaic English in the dub, characterization is unique, excellent quality animation, plenty of genuinely sad moments Bad: animation loses a bit of "pizazz" in the second half, filler episodes mess with the flow of the story Recommended to: fans of romance, people interested in a new take on Shakespeare, those who wished Juliet wasn't such a wimp

7. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Probably one of, if not the, best shonens currently available. The manga this series is based on was absolutely stunning, and this series is no different. Good: Well choreographed fights, intense storyline, changes a few details that make the story more coherent Bad: can be rushed, humor may diffuse the intensity of a situation Recommended to: fans of war series/movies, people who're looking for an atypical shonen

8. xxxHOLiC

XXXHolic. It's definitely not your usual CLAMP piece, although it does share the usual... interesting animation style. Good: intriguing episodic stories that send chills up the spine, mysterious characters, wonderful English dub Bad: some plots can fall a bit flat, cut out almost all of the ties with Tsubasa Recommended to: fans of supernatural anime, people who enjoy CLAMP but can't stomach an excess of romance

9. Howl's Moving Castle

My first Miyazaki movie, but if this is anything to judge from it certainly won't be my last. Although quite different from the source material it nevertheless manages to create a good blend of comedy, action, and drama, and still be suitable for all audiences. Good: beautiful scenery in the animation, lovable characters Bad: some plot points seem to come out of nowhere, dubbing does not always sync very well

10. Hell Girl

A classy horror anime about a young people who can send people to hell. As expected, it sure ain't your typical series. Although it can get repetitive, it's still good to watch in short bursts. Good: chilling stories, well-drawn characters Bad: repetitive storylines, doesn't develop a concrete story until the end of the first season Recommended to: fans of the horror genre, people who loved The Ring as well as psychological horror.

11. Spice and Wolf

One of the few anime that could make ECONOMICS, of all things, interesting to the general anime-watching public, although most first-time viewers watch it for the fanservice. So... come for the boobs, stay for the story? A little something to that effect. Good: interesing story, likeable characters, talks about Economics in a way that actually interests viewers Bad: story can be a bit obtuse for viewers who aren't careful, not much action to be had here Recommended to: People interested in deep stories, economics students who want a little supplementary knowledge

12. Asian Risshiden no Shima Kousaku

Mushishi is an episodic anime in the best sense of the word. Although there isn't any concrete storyline, it's probably for the best that there isn't. Tying down Ginko, his adventures, and the stories told in this anime would have ruined the flow. Pros: excellent storytelling, interesting characters, a wide variety of mushi makes each story fresh and exciting Cons: not the most attractive art, some may tire of the episodic approach Recommended to: those who enjoyed Kino's journey, people who don't want to have to backtrack through loads of story, those interested in an easy to pick up anime

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