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Battles » Ichibei & Kenpachi vs Madara

Kenpachi gets killed easily.

Base Ichibei loses so long as Madara avoids direct confrontation with him. If Ichibei activates his Ichimonji, the Shikai effects are likely to take effect before Madara can do anything, but we don't know what it does yet.

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Battles » Ichibei Hyosube VS. Kishibe Rohan

Kishibe definitely takes it in the second round with a FTL blitz.

It's a bit more iffy in the first round.

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Battles » Father (FMA) V.S. Griffith (Berserk)

@DeathOfWest said:

Did Zodd dodged Ganiska's lightning during their fight? I don't remember it mostly. If yes then apostles have speed advantage & they beat Homonculus. If no, then Homonculus wins this due to Greed & Pride.

I don't know about Zodd, but Guts and Serpico were able to dodge lightning, and they did it when it was less than ten meters away from them or some. This can be scaled to many apostles and Griffith himself.

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Battles » Father (FMA) V.S. Griffith (Berserk)

@MrASSH0LE said:

No ganishka, but he can call upon all apostles aside from him we've seen in the series, like Rosine or the Count or Zodd

Seeing as how Zodd was able to stalemate Skull Knight multiple times, so long as he's backed up by a crew of superhuman monsters, Griffith's team will decimate the Homunculus (and the rest aren't that much of a threat).

@Loadedgnome said:

I don't think Griffith can die, but what has shown that can take god father down?

Father can't do anything to him, but Griffith can still hack his lives down since he's a lot faster and can manipulate casuality to a degree.

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Battles » Father (FMA) V.S. Griffith (Berserk)

SC1: Fairly sure Griffith wins, if nothing else.

SC2: Is Ganishika among the Apostles? If so, then he can solo.

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Battles » Sebastian vs. Alexander Anderson

@CerusSerenade said:

Alucard has shown a great deal of not-giving-a-fuck to be considered worth anything when it comes to blitzing him, as I said powerscaling isn't going to work here.

Then you're missing the chapter 5 feat where Anderson was able to clearly surprise Alucard with a frontal charge while he was shooting his Casull at him. We can tell he allows himself to be blitzed when he either has a neutral expression or is all smiles. As with The Captain and Luke Valentine. Can't say the same when he's clearly surprised and even if aggravated to show that he truly got caught off guard, as in the case with Anderson two times and with Vampire Walter. So yes, powerscaling works VERY well here, and even without the speedblitz feats, the fact that Anderson can tag along with Alucard as an equal undoubtedly gives him speed over Sebastian. This shouldn’t even be a debate in regards to Nail Anderson. He was portrayed to be as fast as if not faster than Alucard in CQC.

@CerusSerenade said:

Name one time when Alexander Anderson HIMSELF is shown to be plucking bullets out of the air, slicing them after being fired, or in general, dodging bullet fire after it is fire, just one.

And I'm asking you why it matters when Anderson has shown speed feats superior than these generic cases of bullet timing. You do realize that if character A blitzes Character B who is hypersonic, then Character A is hypersonic, right? Do tell me where Sebastian was able to speedblitz a bullet timer? Or someone who was able to catch a hypersonic+ magic bullet in his mouth? Or displayed a hypersonic+ speed feat that places him on the same speed level as someone who blitzes super/hypersonics? If you can't give me proof of Sebastian going beyond the supersonic level, then you cannot make the ludicrous claim that Sebastian can blitz someone who has been speedblitzing supersonics multiple times in the series.

@Iju said:

the bullets can be impressive, but i do remember sebastian running (or whatever the heck he was doing) from london all the way to finland in just a couple of minutes, 5-10 min tops.

Unless that’s an anime feat, the only long distance feat Sebastian canonically performed similar to that is when he ran from a theatre in london and back to the phantomhive manor. Unquantifiable distance and unknown time interval. That and the fact that he’s stated to be 24 times faster than a train/horse carriage back in the 19th century. All of this still placing him in the supersonic league, and is only good for dodging Anderson’s bayonets outside of close range.

@CerusSerenade said:
If that were true he wouldn't have lost to Alucard in the first place with Helena's nail. NOTHING suggests Anderson can match Sebastian's speed.

Huh? Do you even read or watch Hellsing? Anderson STOMPED Alucard in less than one minute. This is the guy who sliced off his head and arm right before he was able to pull the trigger at close range. This is the guy who tanked a barrage of Alucard’s bullets that would normally go through tanks and impale Alucard in the forehead before he could shoot another bullet at him. Anderson took him down in two hits, and then went on to split Alucard into two while burning him with holy flames and vaporizing 1 million+ familiars in a few seconds all over the capital of London. Anderson was winning against Alucard until Seras stepped in to save his life. It was only then did Alucard use all of his power in an all-out bloodlusted charge to kill Anderson, something that took all of his strength and while Anderson was bayonetless. Considering Anderson's durability against attacks that are more deadly than Sebastian's strikes, the speed of his bayonets that were able to overwhelm Alucard who could comfortably catch a bullet that circled around a Mach 3 SR-71 several times in a second, and Anderson's AoE and destructive potency, Sebastian is too many leagues below Nail Anderson to even threaten him.

Sebastian wins via speedblitz heart rip, before or after ripping all his limbs off since it's easy to see he can't regenerate entire limbs, or even tendons very quickly in his final fight with Alucard without the nail.
With the nail he just destroys his heart. As I said nothing in all of Hellsing shows Anderson actually bullet timing to any degree that is comparable to Sebastian.

Still ignoring the fact that Anderson's been tagging people who has shown superior bullet timing than Sebastian. And the fact Anderson is more than durable enough to shrug off Sebastian's attempt to try to rip through his body.

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Battles » Akira and Takeshi Kongou vs the HST and team

R1: They lose badly.

R2: Team 2 with extreme difficulty. I'm sure some kind of hax would gimp the brothers one day.

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Battles » Akira Kongou vs the tailed beasts

But this is Akira vs the tailed beasts...

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Battles » Team SDK Vs Team Fairy Tail

@FormerCrimsonKing said:

I solo.

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Battles » Yoruichi vs Straight Cougar

He would be FTL in the manga.

In the anime, he's faster than Ryuho and Kazuma in their level 2 forms. He also has some power to back him up, being able to match one of Kazuma's punches with a kick and then kicking him down to the ground afterwards. Also was able to take out Kazuma and Ryuho at the same time once, although I don't think they had their Altars out nor would they concentrated on fighting Cougar.

So with lightspeed movement and town level+ kicks, he murks Yoruichi.

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General Discussion » Can minority world work on Bleach characters

@flashback180 said:

Just so that we are clear, you are saying minority world applies to everything !?...

So long as the particle is capable of exhibiting behavior, yes. Which is what particles are responsible for anyway.

Even bodies made up of energy? …so even people like Electro who basically looks human but is composed of electricity, is bound by MW? Even though electricity doesn’t have atoms?

I can't even begin to respond to this seeing as how I don't know the details of Electro's bodily composition.

If so that would be NLF

It wouldn't be a fallacy....

Even if we believe it’s true, that would be nothing more than a featless assumption.

Does not matter, anyway.

Fact remains that minority world has only worked on atoms. By shifting it's minority – majority . Just because they are similar doesn’t mean they are bound by it, by what I have seen rishi have different properties than atoms. This is like saying A=B in a Isosceles.

The above is not true. Minority World works on the mental level as well - which of course does not include atoms. Given that, Minority World is something that simply shifts the "minority" to the "majority", and the particles that make up Souls are subject to that mechanism. There's no reason to believe that Minority World does not work on spirits, when it has worked on physical (living and non-living) as well as mental matter.

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Battles » Goku & Vegeta Vs. Starjun & Toriko Vs. Boros & Saitama

Saitama can speedblitz + one-shot both of them now what with being relativistic+.

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Battles » Four Beasts Limbs Vs Naruto and Bleach hero team.

@nishi99 said:

What feats do they base this on?

Ichibei's crossing 1000 ri feat.

Though, an alternate translation says that Bach was punted because he was within 1000 ri of Ichibei, rather than he was being punted 1000 ri away. There's no proof that he was sent flying fully up to that distance by the time Ichibei appeared above him, especially since scans show that the Royal Palace was still well within sight and Ichibei was able to punt Bach back to it with a simple strike of his brush. Plus, a 1-second assumed timeframe (which would give mach 10,000+) is very unlikely, though it shouldn't go above 10 seconds either. So the feat is not much more defined than any other Bleach speed feat.

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Battles » Dragonball hax team vs Naruto, Yueskai ,Kurama & Toriko

Remove the Namek Saga fighters and we have a decent match

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Battles » What anime/manga character can defeat Alucard? (Read OP)

Level 0:

IC: Guts from Berserk. Thinking Afro, as well.

Bloodlusted: Ninja Master Gara and Straight Cougar

With millions of lives:

Ryuho and Kazuma.

There are a lot more.

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General Discussion » Can minority world work on Bleach characters

@flashback180 said:

Bleach sprits are made up of reshi, spiritual particle, though have a physical effects also have intangibility properties shown many times than I can remember.

Before this becomes into a intangibility argument , I’m not saying the characters are ,I’m saying reshi are questionably intangible . By default destroying your theory that REAL world atoms and spiritual particles are same.

Atoms don’t behave like this.

That was not my argument at all.....

My argument was that Minority World can induce minority particles that Ichiryuu can manipulate both within reishi and atoms, regardless of how they normally behave since that is the very mechanic of Minority World. Reishi will behave like minority atoms once Minority World acts upon it.

EVA_01 explains it quite nicely too.

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Battles » Sebastian vs. Alexander Anderson

@CerusSerenade said:

@phantomrant: If you don't see what I mean I have no business talking with you. It's elementary.

Great. Good to see you no longer can support your argument.

@CerusSerenade said:

Powerscaling doesn't really work in Hellsing. We can't assume that because Anderson was a match for Alucard that he is now a bullet timer because Alucard stomped Luke Valentine. Valentine was still outright dodging a hail of bullets while Anderson still could only raise his arms to defend his more vital areas. There is no feat suggesting that Anderson can catch or dodge/pluck bullets out of the air. However there are plenty for Sebastian, and he does it casually.

Wrong. Powerscaling works just fine in Hellsing as it does in any other verse. Why would Hellsing possibly be an exception among other verses?

If Anderson was a match for Alucard, then his combat reactions and speed IS comparable to his. Anderson may not have Valentine's agility or flashiness in dodging what's coming at him, but he sure does have far better reactions and close combat speed than Valentine ever will, proven by the fact that he was able to actually move at a speed that caught Alucard off guard while the same could not be said for Luke Valentine. Saying that he could "ONLY" raise his arms in defense is completely baseless. Anderson has more than sufficient reflexes to move his head away or parry bullets. But he does not, because it is IC of him to tank things through. His bayonets would shatter upon impact against Alucard's bullets. Why attempt to cut them when said bullets would literally bounce off his body? It wastes less effort.

He has several feats of reacting to bullets, blitzing bullet timers, keeping up and matching characters who are hypersonic+, and is leagues above characters who do have casual bullet timing feats like Valentine and Alhambra. He doesn't need to catch or dodge bullets to tag Sebastian in close range when he can already tag much faster characters once they're within reach.

@CerusSerenade said:

Regardless, there's a big difference between raising your arms and plucking bullets out of the air when it comes to speed, and I see nothing giving Anderson something to close such a massive gap when it comes to that speed.

Except you're ignoring other feats as well and trying to downplay Anderson by analyzing what he didn't do in a singular, narrow feat. Anderson has blitzed Alucard who can "pluck" bullets at point-blank range as well. The same Alucard who can catch a magic bullet several times faster than the 19th century one that Sebastian caught. So do tell me despite canon evidence showing Anderson tagging and clashing with characters who are much faster than what Sebastian's feats give him, why it is that Anderson cannot tag a slower character such as Sebastian?

Sebastian lacks any real speed advantage aside from the fact that he's more agile and can maintain a higher speed while running over longer distances (which is only useful in dodging Anderson's bayonets from a distance as opposed to up-close). Anderson is still superior in reactions and combat speed based on who he's fought, which is very reliable powerscaling given Anderson's own tier in his own verse, regardless of whether he chose to dodge/pluck bullets or not. He has the feats to back up whatever you think he was lacking in his bullet-timing.

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General Discussion » Can minority world work on Bleach characters

@flashback180 said:

those are two different things . it's been mentioned atoms and reishi don't mix well. Why would atomic manipulation work on something that isn't made of & doesn't mix well with atoms.

I don't see the relevance of the first statement (and I would like the scan of where it actually says that, as the citation provided by Bleach Wiki does not support that interpretation). Second statement - it's not atomic manipulation.....

I find it hard to believe that ichiryuu can kill spirits.

Where.... are you getting this? Bleach spirits are physical, made of flesh and blood, and can be killed. Ichiryuu is not gonna have a problem killing any one of them.

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Battles » Akira Kongou vs the tailed beasts

- He kills all nine Bijuu at once

- He strangles the Juubi to death

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