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Saitama should win since he's much more faster and his Serious punch carries continental level force. Kenshiro would just get blitzed by either of them.
13 hours, 13 minutes ago
Mid country level (higher end of the middle spectrum).
2 days, 16 hours ago
Tasha's a casual mountain buster so he can just nuke dem
3 days, 15 hours ago
phantomrant replied to the topic Grave & Vash vs Tatsumi on the Battles board.
Vash can just snipe black hole bullets at him for both rounds.
3 days, 15 hours ago
phantomrant replied to the topic Sasuke Vs Juubito on the Battles board.
Sasuke stomps with mid difficulty at best. What with speed fast enough to blitz Juudara + teleportation, immunity to Omnyoten, and the ability to use Rikudou chakra to casually slice Juubijins in half and seal them with a black Chidori, Juubito doesn't have any advantages anymore.Now that he's amped by the nine Bijuu and stated to to be on Hagoromo's level, he almost no-diffs.
5 days, 18 hours ago
phantomrant replied to the topic TORIKO TRIO vs YU YU HAKUSHO TRIO on the Battles board.
Any one of the Disciples would trash them
1 week, 1 day ago
phantomrant replied to the topic Machine Banchou vs Strawhats on the Battles board.
Speed is a problem since the panel you linked of Machine Banchou is a mach 100+ feat. With speed equal, then the straw hats would beat him if they're going at once.Post-Timeskip - The Monster Trio would individually murk him.But I heard there was a feat of machine Banchou hurting GM Takeshi so I cannot be sure
1 week, 2 days ago
phantomrant replied to the topic Lord Boros Vs Naruto and Sasuke on the Battles board.
@FormerCrimsonKing said:That said feat didnt destroy anything it just made a shockwave on a small surface of the moon Not anywhere near continental. Beside, that entire feat can be attributed to the fact that the moon's gravity is 1/4 of earth's. He even said so Himself.He's saying that the jumping leg strength necessary to produce the shockwave of that magnitude requires a level of force equal to continental level in ...
1 week, 2 days ago
phantomrant replied to the topic Boros & Saitama Vs Lars on the Battles board.
Lars would crush them
1 week, 2 days ago
what a change in plot
1 week, 5 days ago
phantomrant commented on FLCL1's blog post kenpachi vs gutz.
@ZeroSF said:If the fight included powers then kenpanchi would win for sure. but if it were to be a normal sword fight Guts have a higher probability of winning.I don't get it. Kenpachi's only power is Nozarashi. In anything related to attack power, durability, and battle prowess, Kenpachi is still worlds above him even prior to the timeskip. A normal sword fight between the two of them would not last ...
2 weeks ago
phantomrant replied to the topic WHITEBEARD PIRATES vs. SIX HOKAGES on the Battles board.
Minato would have access to Kyuubi + Sage chakra, giving him a massive power advantage, especially when coupled with his Hiraishin.SM Hashirama can take on Whitebeard.Danzo can prove his use by trying to absorb as much of WB's commanders as possible with Reverse Four Symbols seal as a suicide tool. Tsunade and Hiruzen can't do much, but Tobirama can provide pretty useful support for any of the other Hokage.
2 weeks, 3 days ago
phantomrant replied to the topic Starjun Vs. Boros on the Battles board.
Starjun would likely blitz an armor-restricted Boros.
2 weeks, 3 days ago
phantomrant replied to the topic KCM Naruto vs Ichigo Gauntlet on the Battles board.
@CosmicKnight75 said:^ H2 Ichigo would slaughter him, but damn if those horns arent a weakness, being easily breakable and reversing the transformation while KOing him every time they break. Naruto has the AoE in his attacks and more then enough power to damage the horns, hence why I'm giving him a possible chance.Mhm, well although I do agree the horns are relatively easy to cut compared to the rest of ...
2 weeks, 4 days ago
phantomrant replied to the topic KCM Naruto vs Ichigo Gauntlet on the Battles board.
SC1: KCM easily beats Ichigo up to his fight with Ulquiorra. For his second mask (assuming stable bloodlusted mindset), KCM would have to spam a barrage of Rasen-Shurikens with clones.SC2: I think H2 kills him.SC3: This depends on how Ichigo's speed stacks up against KCM Naruto's reflexes, as he could overwhelm him with Shunpo and then fire his Cross Getsuga to blow off limbs. Couse, at that point, Naruto had ...
2 weeks, 4 days ago
phantomrant replied to the topic Lord Boros Vs Naruto and Sasuke on the Battles board.
With sub-relativistic speed and moon-BFR-ing kicks, Naruto and Sasuke would die before they even know what happened to them.
2 weeks, 5 days ago
@EVA_01 said:Space Ripper Stingy Eyes isn't a laser, it's just bodily fluids shot at jet speeds.That wasn't the laser we were talking about. We were talking about the beam of sunlight that got reflected by the Red Stone of Asia a foot away from Joseph and Caesar and how both were able to jump out of its way after it was fired.
3 weeks, 3 days ago
@phantomrant: what if I took away frags and just gave him clackers?Well, he has plenty of other equipment to use to gimp Hei, but Ripple itself doesn't do much to people who don't have a natural weakness to sunlight. Even if channeled through oil-coated crackers, it shouldn't give Hei more than a mild burn. Course Joseph has more than enough physical strength to strangle Hei to death.@GeneralVan:How fast is Joseph ...
3 weeks, 3 days ago
Does standard equipment include frags?If so, Joseph obliterates him.
3 weeks, 3 days ago
phantomrant started the topic Naruto Ending Date on the Naruto board.
Apparently Viz confirmed that the manga will end on November 10th if there be no breaks, we have like six chapters left.And the movie (canon or not) will come out in December
3 weeks, 5 days ago
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