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Petiew's top anime of 2011
I've not seen too many recent anime this year to be honest, there are a few I'd still like to see, but these are my favourites from everything I've seen so far!

My surprise hit of the season that most people have simply overlooked. This series is mostly episodic, with each member of the cast having their own dedicated episode to showcase their personalities and quirks while 3 of the main characters get slightly longer and more in-depth arcs. This series contains my most re-watched scenes of the year, from an incredibly well animated concert with thousands of fans cheering in time, to a powerful and heart warming display of friendship. This series has great animation, varied characters, tons of unique songs and just overall charm.

2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Great show with a memorable soundtrack and a slightly odd artstyle. Introduced some of my favourite characters and a few of the most memorable and tragic scenes of the year.

3. anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

A touching yet depressing story on how the death of a loved one tears apart a group of childhood friends. Tensions, unrequited love as well as friendship are all explored leading to an emotional ending. Great characters and the ending to each episode where the emotional theme kicks in was always impecably timed.

4. Steins;Gate

This show takes an entire 13 episodes to get into the thick of it, but it never lets up once when it finds its stride. Likeable characters and believable relationships. The first half sets up the characters expertly and I was very interested in finding out what would happen to them.

5. Persona 4: The Animation

I have probably sunk close to 200 hours into Persona 4 for the playstation 2, not to mention the same amount of time I have probably spent watching Vinny and Jeff endure it. This show is a great adaption to a great game. It retains the story and characters that made the game so unique and adds so much more humour and charm. Video game adaptions are so hard to get right, but Persona 4 seems to be aceing it so far. However the animation is erratic at best, in one certain scene they even forgot to draw in a character who was speaking. He is clearly siting on the bench, absent for 3-5 seconds and then right back in place again.

6. Anime Vice Yearly Best Of
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