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You don't stand in front of a mirror before a run and wonder what the road will think of your outfit. you don't have to listen to its jokes and pretend they're funny in order to run on it. It will not be easier to run if you dress sexier. The road doesn't notice when you're not wearing make up. It does not care how old you are. And you don't feel uncomfortable if you make more money than it. The only thing the road cares about is that you pay it a visit once in a while."
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I really like no love romance stories and just the genre in general, however, im severely annoyed and pissy with it in manga.  Although, I'm talking in a general sense.  Here are just TWO of a couple of themes that are just grinding my gears to put nicely. 


1.  Ugly-average looking girl + Well rounded, rich, good looking douche. 



    This is grating and depreciating. The guy physically points out that she is lacking usually countless times to her face.  Often he is "bored" with beauties    and  stumbles upon the girl, led  usually by her own clumsiness. Then he goes to his friends who are all like "dude, come on she's ugly" yet still know everything about her and tell him enough for him to start his quest. She eventually becomes dependent on him. He makes her cry at least 4 times. There is usually some Soirée    of some sort attended by glittering rich folk of his class and he decides to be a renegade and take her, she stresses because she knows nothing and has never danced and nothing to wear. But he provides her with a dress and different hairstyle that he "knew" would be perfect for her.  She looks beautiful, which proves she was never ugly she just couldn't dress! It ends with him saying something that resembles I love you but it usually said with more comedy than love. HOW ANNOYING. How dare you call a girl ugly and string her along and maker her cry. of course there are instances where this little plot line works and is cute with the girl not being spindless and the guy having a concious but I have found THOSE are not in excess 


    2.  CHEATER


     ENOUGH SAID.   there are all types of girls in this instance, pretty ones, ugly ones, but they all have on thing in common, they are with a cheatea nd somehow loveshim.  It is not just cheating during a rough patch or when they were on break or during a hard part of his life, not that  that would be excusable, but is a lot of the time just because he wants to or because she is not doing EXACTLY what he wants. Then she cries but through her tears she is saying how much she loves him and wont give up on her. Of course he gets mad and says leave me, sometimes the girl does. of course the guy makes any other guy who tries to come within a football field of her life's a complete hell until he says some barbaric thing like "your mine.'  Malicious cheating is unacceptable, and is seen often in manga, OFTEN. of course there are girl cheaters, but they are usually portrayed as pretty but super ugly on the inside beeeotches who end up lonely with nothing but her clique of dumb girls to console her.



    I might continue this blog, there are quite a couple others that i hate but its already a big blog as it is.  I do read other genres like action and mystery and historical and such but I love romance. I'm tired of having to search for a story where the girl isn't a spineless insecure mush and the guy isn't an a**face to put it nicely.

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of course i could survive, but i sure as hell wouldnt want to , i dont ever talk on mine but it comes in handy , and the times you dont have it are when you need it the most v____v

*goes to charge her phone* xP
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Well, my computer has crashed compeltely all the way, so i have to get a new one, and those things arn't cheap!!!!   

right now im on a library computer, and though i lilve like RIGHT NEXT to the library, i dont like standing in line for a computer and or only being able to get on for a 30 minute session, so ill be on like once or twice a week for 30 minutes to an hour tops.  most likely around 2:30-3:00  WHICH SUCKS


cya everyone when i see you , and or the price of computers go down, and or santa claus brings me one because he cares for my birthday :D:D
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