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My Favorite Characters - Male - in No Particular Order

Just as the title says. This is a list of my favorite characters from animes I've seen. There is no order, but I will admit to liking some more than others. It's a hard list to put together because there are characters who I think are cool but that's not enough to make my list. I need to have formed some connection to them for whatever reason. Some are interesting and other I just like as people (so to speak).

1. Kenji Harima

Great guy who is funny and selfless while also being selfish occasionally. He suffers and loves and is confused by it all.

2. Maximilian Jenius

Big fan since the original Macross series and that continued with Macross 7.

3. Kazuma Kuwabara

A very steadfast dude. He has a set of rules and sticks to them. I like his honor code.

4. Gohan

I liked him more than his father, Goku because he lacked the self-confidence that his dad had at the same age. Because of that, I think he was a more entertaining character. He also beat up Cell which was awesome.

5. Renton Thurston

Passionate kid who seems to be floundering through his situation like most of us did when we were teenagers. Remains true to his love, Eureka.

6. Alphonse Elric

I like him more than his brother Edward. I find him kinder and more thoughtful.

7. Giroro

Tough, resolute, honorable (mostly), and courageous. He's commitment to fulfilling his mission is only exceeded by his love for earthling girl, Natsumi Hinata.

8. Duo Maxwell

More than any other Gundam pilot, this guy appealed to me. Even though he was spouting the same ludicrous dialog found in all Gundam shows, he was funnier than any other I can recall. I liked when he was on screen.

9. Ryo Saeba

The lead character from City Hunter is unexpectedly imperfect for a hero. While he is strong, capable and follows a code of honor, he's also a lecherous pervert always looking for a chance to explore the opposite sex. How he is constantly rebuked is where the comedy lies. Of course, nothing can deter him and he rebounds quickly for another "mokkori" attempt.

10. Motoharu Tsuchimikado

The dubious magician from To Aru Majutsu no Index. He's always full of surprises and still a mystery to me. He's a spy in Academy City, but for who is still unclear in the anime.

11. Sogo Okita

He's the deadpan, bit of a sadist, Shinsengumi unit commander. He dry wit and rivalry with Kagura often leads to humorous results. He's got a loyalty/homocidal relationship with his superior,Vice-Captain Hijikata. Sogo is like a twisted version of silent movie star, Buster Keaton.

12. Sven Vollfied

The oldest of the Black Cat sweepers team. A former "FBI/Interpol" detective, he isn't as powerful as Eve or Train, so he has to be smart, although his passions sometimes make him do dumb things. Perpetually suffering from cash-flow and poor luck, he still does his best to protect his make-shift family. He can also see 5 minutes into the future.

13. Captain Harlock

The "dude" in my mind. A great stoic hero willing to do what needs to be done in order to protect those precious to him.

14. Yoichi Hiruma

The gun wielding "demon" quarterback from Eyeshield 21. A manipulative but caring guy who has an uncanny ability to "read the field" on and off the game field.

15. Kotatsu Neko

This is a place holder actually for a character who has the same name in the series Urusei Yatsura. Since there is no specific character in the AV wiki, I'll use this similar named one. "Kotatsu Neko" from Urusei Yatsura is one of my all-time favorite characters. He never talks but he has a strong presence on screen.

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