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My Favorite Characters - Female - in No Particular Order

This list was easier to build for some reason. Well, there is an undeniably sexual attraction for some of the character designs that in all likelihood impacted my selection in some sense. I found all of these characters interesting on some level beyond their sex appeal, though. I liked some of them as characters and wanted to see more of them in their respective series. Since I watch a lot of comedies including harem shows, I'll have grown attached to a lot more female characters than male, so this list will probably grow longer than that one.

1. Lum

What interests me most about her is her tenacity and her devotion. She has chosen her man, she loves him completely and she will stick by him (whether he wants it or not) until death due them apart. She also contains Ataru and forces him into being a better man. If not for Lum, he'd self-destruct.

2. Nico Robin

Smart and sophisticated. She is classy but still fits in perfectly with the crazy circus of the Straw Hat Pirates. I like the balance she provides for the insanity without losing any of the emotion.

3. Eri Sawachika

Eri is smart, devoted to her friends and still accessible even though she is the daughter of wealth. Early on she finds Kenji to be unpleasant, but as she gets to know him, she discovers their personalities synch and together create something better than separate. She understand love sometimes requires sacrifice and makes her also a bit melancholy.

4. Milia Fallyna

Ace pilot of the Zentradi forces in SDF Macross. She marries the only man who could beat her in combat and gave birth to the first human-zentradi child. 7 more followed. She was mayor of City 7 in Macross 7. A very accomplished woman.

5. Fujiko Mine

Sexiest woman in anime as far as my opinion goes and one of the most resourceful. She's as intelligent and proficient as she is flirtatious and duplicitous. While she may woo every would-be suit out of their treasure, she's never callous or malicious. There is a playfulness in the courtship between her and Lupin that underscores the genuineness of their attraction.

6. Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune

Spunky, righteous, and a bit clumsy. She's funnier than Lina I think and sweeter since she's also more naive.

7. Grandis Granva

Grandis is a brash and temperamental woman, but also sisterly and wise for having endured betrayal and heartache. She has a depth to her that motivates her actions and the knowledge she shares with Nadia.

8. Erika Kurumi

Aka "Cure Marine". Erika is effervescent and charming. She sparkles with delight and adventure unlike any other PreCure heroine that I've seen, and like few other characters in any genre. She flings herself completely into every endeavor she undertakes but she can still procrastinate when it comes to hitting the books. She is not without flaws. Her desire to help others sometimes produces troubling results since she tends to act quickly without forethought. Above all though she has a kind heart that intoxicates with joy.

9. Mizore Shirayuki

Quiet and shy ice princess from Rosario Vampire. I think there were more layers to her personality more than any of the others. Her bashfulness is also very endearing.

10. Belldandy

Impossibly perfect, charming and beautiful, Belldandy epitomizes the ideal. I guess that's why she is an ethereal being. Still, I would kick her out of my bed to make me breakfast because you know it would taste magnificent. She is literally a "domestic goddess".

11. Aisha Clanclan

High spirited cat-girl from Outlaw Star. Fun, spoiled, pushy but still loyal to her friends in the end. She had a "Girl Friday" appeal to her.

12. Maya Kumashiro

I love the range of her facial expressions. She is so entertaining to watch since every emotion she has is communicated across her face. She is incapable of hiding anything in that regard.

13. Yura Keikain

She's a multifaceted character who appears to be a stable friendly young woman while also being an extraordinary demon slayer. She's not a romantic lead but is still the most interesting female in the Nurarihyon no Mago series because she is maturing in ways not cliché.

14. Juvia Lockser

Mysterious water girl from Fairy Tail. Something about her school-girl crush on Grey is funny and sweet.

15. Chou'un Shiryuu

This is a place holder for a character with the same name but part of the Koihime Musuo franchise. She's funnier and more entertaining to me than the pictured one from Ikki Tousen. When all the characters from both shows are named from people in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, these things happen. She's sometimes called "Sei", too.

16. Arrester Blanket

Hilarious "plugsuit" Charger girl. Sexy, funnier, a bit perverse; the turmoil of her emotions was sweet. She was a confident Charger girl, but had problems figuring out how to approach her intended love.

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