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Harem and Romantic Comedies I've Enjoyed a Lot, Somewhat, and Just a Small Bit

This is a "Work in Progress" list of harem and romantic comedies that I've seen and might even recommend. This is my favorite genre within anime, so I have seen quite a bit, but not everything is good enough to make my "Most Favorite" list. I did enjoy most of these to some extent and I'll be rating them as "Liked a Lot", "Liked Somewhat" and "Liked Just a Small Bit". I have a hard time telling people to not watch something, and prefer to leave it up to the viewer to decide if the show is worth their time based on my observations.

This is a WIP, so for now it's in a very loose order of preference. I am listing all I can remember, but might have missed some from my past. Of course, it will continue to grow over time.

1. To Love-Ru

Liked it somewhat (lost its direction during the second half) - Second series Motto To Love-Ru is MUCH better than the first. Very ecchi, especially season 2)

2. Ranma 1/2

Liked it somewhat (quite long; emotionally underdeveloped considering the plot)

3. Chobits

Liked it somewhat(lacks a sense of romance felt more depressing)

4. Kemeko Deluxe!

Liked it somewhat (too short. needed more time focused on character building)

5. DearS

Liked it somewhat (Familiar territory of a boy and his devoted alien girlfriend who doesn't know how to please him and he is mean because he doesn't deal honestly with his own feelings. Best stuff are the scenes between alien girl Ren and alien girl Miu. This show could have been funnier if there was less of the male protagonist being grumpy all the time)

6. IS <Infinite Stratos>

Liked it Somewhat (very stock characters but some good mech vs mech action mixed into this harem show)

7. Because I Don't Like My Big Brother At All!!

Liked it Somewhat. (better than expected but still paper thin. "Incest" angle not all that indecent and was [a] copped-out and [b] the most boring of the three relationships. Episode 4 and 5 were quite funny...the rest were only occasionally so)

8. Dragon Crisis!

Liked it somewhat (weaker version of Rosario+Vampire)

9. Asu No Yoichi

Liked it somewhat (nice yokel goes to the city story, but needs more plot)

10. Akikan!

I liked it Somewhat (Funny early but fizzles after ep. 6 until ep. 11), Sekirei-like, magical girlfriends come from soda cans)

11. Tona-Gura!

Liked it Somewhat (familiar territory as two childhood friends are reunited while in high school and romance blossoms; male protagonist isn't a sniveling wimp which was refreshing)

12. Happy Lesson

Liked it somewhat (includes season 2 and OVAs ~ was good until Happy Lesson The Final)

13. Lime Wars

Liked it Somewhat (Very cliched harem where a good-natured guy is placed in charge of 5 magic girls aboard a flying battleship during the Japanese-Russo War at the start of the 20th Century. Lots of ecchi and suggestive content. Uncensored version is likely to offend)

14. Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-

Liked it somewhat (sort of predictable and not too much depth to the characters)

15. Haruka Nogizaka`s Secret

Liked it Somewhat (very standard stuff but some sweet moments; I need to see the rest of season 2)

16. Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

Liked it somewhat (predictable and a bit boring)

17. Steel Angel Kurumi

Liked it somewhat (incomplete - need to finish)

18. Magician's Academy

Liked it somewhat (very silly, too silly at times)

19. Megane na Kanojo

Liked it somewhat (it's very short; four 15 minute stories about girls who wear glasses)

20. MM!

Liked it Somewhat. (School club full of "perverts" is humorous in this tame harem)

21. 100% Strawberries

I liked it Somewhat (the male protagonist was so confused)

22. Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho

Liked it Just a Small Bit (a harem that runs the spectrum of cliche to tedious to stupefying...other than that, mostly harmless except for some brief and conveniently censored nudity, if that's a concern. Bland and forgettable)

23. Kampfer

Liked it Just a Small Bit (Amounts to nothing - needs an ending; need to see episodes 13 and 14 [aka season 2])

24. They Are My Noble Masters

Liked it Just a Small Bit (runs out of gas in the later half)

25. Protecting from the Shadows

Liked it Just a Small Bit (completely disposable with a main heroine that makes Forrest Gump look like Albert Einstein)

26. Princess Lover!

Liked it Just a Small Bit (bland, uninteresting characters) Sidenote: better as hentai (no plot, same bland characters, lots of sex)

27. Green Green

Liked it Just a Small Bit (uninteresting main character and plot) Sidenote: 13th hentai makes the non-hentai 12 episode tale better

28. Astarotte's Toy

Liked It Just A Small Bit - (disturbing and I am usually very liberal with this type of material. The problem is it wants to be two stories at once and the two clash and make the whole thing uncomfortable. First it tries to be a basic tsundere meets boy story but then it's also a separated-sisters tale and since the male protagonist is the father of one of the sisters it's all very "ikky". I am rarely put off by any material but this had me hoping for it all to end.

29. The Hill Dyed Rose Madder

Liked it Just a Small Bit (clichéd on every level except one [incest] but they retreat from it at the end.

30. Final Approach

Liked it Just a Small Bit (obnoxious male lead surrounded by uninspired female group)

31. Girls Bravo

Liked it Just a Small Bit (reviled wimpy main character)

32. Eiken

Liked it Just a Small Bit (embarrassing even for me)

takashichea moderator is online on May 29, 2012 at 9:21 p.m.

I have finally found someone who knows all about harem anime. I should have asked you what anime to write for the weekly platonic harem blog series.

My first one was on Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? and the next one would be on Fate Stay Night.

RavenBusteron Jan. 22, 2013 at 6:06 p.m.

Do you know any good reverse-harem manga/anime with good drawings?

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