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Off-Topic » What Are You Listening Too?

This song has burrowed itself into my brain. I find myself singing it at work whenever I'm doing mundane tasks. It's like a mantra.

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Off-Topic » Is Comic Vine down?

Well, you do know that it's not part of the Anime Vice family anymore, right?

I was just on Giant Bomb and it's working fine. Visited Comic Vine too. No probs. This might have something to do with the Big Live Show No 3 that going on over there.

It will be sad this year to watch that event without an AV presence...oh wait.

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Just Anime » What should I watch?

Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai 7, Basilisk, Berserk, Sengoku Basara, Katanagatari, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Peacemaker Kurogane.

Lots of action, lots of sword play, storytelling ranges from decent to exceptional.

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Kokoro Connect » Kokoro Connect bullying causes anime to bomb?

Sounds pretty bad. I still need to catch the show. The prank reminds me of those fake lottery ticket people buy for their "friends" and then film them getting excited about winning 50 grand only to later discover it was all a ruse. Comedy isn't always pretty.

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Implied Sex Scene » Conditions for Implied Sex Scene

Just our of curiosity, would Gundam Seed episode 16 count? It's been a while since I've seen it but I think it opens with an in-coming attack alert going off on the ship and Kira getting his uniform on to go fight while Frey remains in the bed. There's never any mention of them having sex, it's just assumed. After he's gone to battle, she has a hysterical rant about using him for her revenge. It was all very "Greek".

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Off-Topic » Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie) vs Samantha (Bewitched)

I don't know anything about battles, but I'm in the Jeannie camp. I think their powers are pretty much the same, meaning TV-magic which can do anything. Jeannie teleported into space, traveled back in time, turned people into all manner of animal and object, but so did Samantha. Now, the one weakness that Jeannie has that Sam doesn't is the bottle. Whoever owns the bottle, can command the genie within. Of course, classic nature of the d'jinn is one of manipulation and deceit, so most of the time, the wishes they granted ended in tragedy. Jeannie was a romanticized update on the classic and she was only vengeful from time to time. Come to think of it, she had a mean streak to her that Samantha certainly was missing. I recall many an episode where she'd wisk Roger or even Tony into some burning death device with just a blink.

Next up: "Jeannie", Jeannie's evil sister versus "Serena", Samantha's evil cousin. (aka "All Brunettes are Evil")

Jeannie's sister is also named Jeannie - Samantha's cousin is name Serena (Usagi?!)
Jeannie's sister is also named Jeannie - Samantha's cousin is name Serena (Usagi?!)

On a side note, the original theme song to I Dream of Jeannie is still among my most favorites. It's different than the one most people know of since it only ran during the first season which was in black & white.

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Just Anime » Looking for good Dubbed anime......

Check out a few of these. The voice casting was above average in each, I believe.

  1. Witch Hunter Robin - supernatural mystery
  2. Baka to Test: Summon the Beast - wacky high school comedy
  3. Xam'd Lost Memories - sci-fi adventure
  4. Samurai 7 - the Kurosawa classic re-imagined for a dark future
  5. Black Cat - action adventure with superpowers
  6. Rurouni Kenshin - classic sword-play series
  7. Martian Successor Nadesico - sci-fi comedy
  8. Last Exile - steam punk adventure
  9. Eureka Seven - sci-fi romance adventure
  10. Serial Experiments Lain - cyber punk adventure
  11. Gun x Sword - sci-fi western with robots
  12. Gurren Lagann - giant robots
  13. Lucky Star - slice-of-life comedy
  14. Big Wind-up - baseball anime
  15. Darker than Black - sci-fi action with superpowers
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General Discussion » Which anime should I watch?

I looked at your "Anime I Really Liked" list and a number of my planned suggestions were already there. I'm pleased to see someone besides myself who knows of and enjoyed Itazura na Kiss, Aishiteruze Baby and Yumeiro Pâtissière. School Rumble is my absolute favorite anime. I still have quite a few titles I will mention, though.

Magical Girls and shows with similar elements

  1. Shugo Chara! (and sequels) -- A mostly traditional magical girl series but with a very introspective female protagonist. A step above what you might expect.
  2. Maho Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha [Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha] -- A series that redefined the genre and allowed a darker direction for similar shows which followed (Puella Magi Madoka Magica).
  3. Magic Knight Rayearth -- A classic that mixed Magical-Girl-ness with giant robots. Season 1 is good, season 2 is very good.

Romances and romantic comedies

  1. Kimi no Todoke (and sequel) -- A kind quite girl who bears a striking resemblance to the lead character from the horror movie, The Ring, finds love with a classmate while redefining her school image.
  2. Kare Kano [His and Her Circumstances] -- The smartest romance/comedy I've seen. The two captivating leads and the script elevate this one above all others. However the anime stops in the middle of the story. Read the manga if you want to know how their relationship evolves.
  3. Nodame Cantabile (and sequels) -- This show is about two genius musicians who develop their relationship as they study and practice classical music. The compositions by history's masters play a big role in this show. I found it fascinating.
  4. Lovely Complex -- What happens when a really tall girl falls in love with a rather short guy? A sweet high school comedy about self-confidence and gender roles.
  5. Cheeky Angel -- Also about gender roles to a degree. Six years after a boy was turned into a girl by a mischievous genie, she attends high school and becomes the object of a group of boys' attention.

Straight up comedies

  1. Shinryaku! Ika Musume (and sequel) -- "Squid Girl" rises from the sea to conquer the human world...and winds up working at a beach front cafe.
  2. Nichijou -- A series of short skits involve three high school girls as well as an 8-year old scientific super-genius, her robot housekeeper and a talking cat.
  3. Mitsudomoe (and sequel) -- Three sisters attend the same 6th grade class and create chaos for their teacher. Very funny with lots of miscommunication humor.
  4. Working! (and sequel) -- A work place comedy about a family restaurant and its employees. A fun show where all the characters aren't in still in school.

Slice of Life comedies

  1. Minami-ke (and sequels) -- The three Minami sister live together and experience the wonders of daily life
  2. Hidamari Sketch (and sequels) -- Four girls room in an apartment complex across the street from the art school they attend.
  3. A-Channel - Four high school girls do stuff
  4. Lucky Star - Four high school girls do stuff (one is an otaku).
  5. Azumanga Daioh - a crazier than normal slice-of-life show about a class of high schoolers. A must-see for S-o-L fans.

Action shows with engaging female protagonists

  1. Nadia Secret of Blue Water -- A mysterious girl is joined by an inventive French boy to search for her missing father while being pursued by ne'er-do-wells. Love blossoms during their "steam punk" adventure.
  2. Eureka Seven -- another romantic action series, this time the young couple are giant robot pilots struggling to survive in a complex world. A favorite of mine.
  3. Katanagatari -- A sheltered young man is joined by the king's female emissary on a mission to recover 12 lost swords of power. My choice for the best anime made in the last 5 years.
  4. R.O.D. the TV -- A group of "paper witches" uncover a series of secrets about the world they live in while trying to protect an author.
  5. Witch Hunter Robin -- A young witch initiate approved by the Church joins a team of anti-magic hunters and pursues other witch criminals.

Unclassified shows with engaging female characters

  1. Gosick -- A shut-in gothic loli-styled girl is aided by an inquisitive transfer student and solves a series of criminal cases with Sherlock Holmes-like deductive reasoning.
  2. Cross Game -- The relationship between a pair of childhood friends encounters new anxieties as romance develops while they make their mark on the baseball diamond. My favorite sports-based anime.
  3. Usagi Drop -- a thirty-something man finds himself caring for his 6-year old Aunt and comes to understand the responsibilities of parenthood. The manga takes things in a different direction 10 years after this show.
  4. Ghost Hunt -- A high school girl gets a job at a detective agency which specializes in the paranormal. Cases are usually 4 to 5 episodes long.
  5. Taishou Yakyuu Musume [Taisho Baseball Girls] - A lighthearted tale of a 1925 Japan and a group of middle school girls starting their own baseball team.

There are also a few shows I haven't seen yet but have good reputations; Nana, Saiunkoku Monogatari [The Story of Saiunkoku], Kaleido Star and Skip Beat! Also I saw 1 episode of Super Gals and I think it has promise, but I can't say any more than that.

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Off-Topic » Guess The Person Age Above You

@Sonata: I'm going to say 27 because I read back a page. :-)

Actually, I'll guess @Bigheart711 too but say 20.

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General Discussion » Alright, let's do some real talk. Guide my viewing.

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo 2004

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2009

Xam'd: Lost Memories 2008

Baccano! 2007

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple2007

Nana 2006

Gun X Sword 2005

Mushi-Shi 2005

Last Exile 2003

Samurai Champloo 2004

These all come highly recommended and are on Netflix streaming (links go to ""). You may have seen some or all of them, but this is the best I can recommend knowing only 3 shows that you've seen.

Off Netflix, I might add Katanagatari, Darker Than Black, Gosick, GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), Cross Game, Kaiji and Witch Hunter Robin.

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General Discussion » Favorite non-anime characters of all time?

Philip Marlowe, author Raymond Chandler's cynical private detective who manages to retain his sense of honor in a corrupt world.

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Just Anime » Ani-Crap Poll #8

I've already talked about Pilot Candidate, so I'll skip rehashing my memory of that, but I watched Wolverine recently and quite enjoyed it. I have never been a fan of the character in Marveldom, but out of the 3 Marvel animes I've seen, the Wolverine one was by far the best. It didn't do anything original or unconventional, but for a basic action show it worked. The Iron Man series was spotty in telling its story and too convenient when finding resolutions. The X-Men was messier and didn't make a hell of a lot of sense. It also changed some characters in both appearance and mannerism. Moe-acting Storm just didn't fit with me.

I've seen the fan dub of Sleeping with Hinako and there really isn't anything to it. It's the anime equivalent of sugar-free cotton candy. So, it gets my vote.

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Dragon Ball » What's your favorite DBZ Saga?

Cell Saga because Gohan's always been my favorite DBZ character. However, I prefer the original Dragonball series over DBZ. The Red Ribbon Army arc is my favorite from that show. I liked back when there was a lot more silliness and less grimacing. Less guys who could destroy a planet with a word.

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Off-Topic » do you talk to yourself?(discuss)

I kind of hoped that all the responses in this thread would be from the same person.

No, I don't talk to myself other than the occasional exclamation of surprise or frustration. I tried it once, but five minutes later, I was asleep.

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Off-Topic » I need some advice...

Wow, that's quite a tale. Well written, too. I'm sure your zombie story is an enjoyable read.

I guess I'd reiterate what DBZ said. The potential is still there, but there's a level of distrust between you two, so you're going to have to take is slow. Look for opportunities to talk with her in brief, but don't force them. Also, not talking to her at all for long periods of time is bad. At least, say "good morning, Claire" each day. You'd be surprised how effective that can be. Expand it to "how was your weekend" and you've got a polite conversation going.

Finally, and I don't mean this to sound cruel, but do not share any aspect this with "Leon". He's a kid and understandably seems to have little sense of long term consequence. He may be trying to help you out, but...the road to hell is paved with good intentions, as they say.

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General Discussion » romance animes ?

@takashichea: Ha-ha, sex and violence gets the axe.

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General Discussion » romance animes ?

@takashichea said:

Non Romantic Anime Series that has a strong or suggestive romantic element:

  • Rave Master - It's a shonen anime that centers around Haru Glory who embarks on a quest to find the Rave and defeat Demon Card. Along the way, he finds allies and the truth behind Demon Card. He bumps into Elie who has lost her memories, and he promises her to get back her memories. The journey between them becomes more involved.

As for English dub, it doesn't matter to me as long as the English version does not censor the original anime series. It's more preferred to watch Rave Master in the Japanese version because the English version is heavily edited with some unneeded dialogue.

I remember watching Rave Master on the Sci-Fi Channel (back when it was spelled that way). I thought the voice acting was okay, but I can't recall what was or wasn't censored. Back then, unnecessary localization was popular with some American distributors I guess. Later, I saw the series in its entirety but this time with Japanese audio and English subs. Sadly, this too is another series that ends suddenly and prematurely. They're sent on a quest to find a list of items and they recover two or three only and then the show's over. The story continues in the manga from what I understand, but that doesn't help the anime any. Oh well, we've got Fairy Tail these days to replace "Groove Adventure Rave".

Gosick was a good suggestion. There's no English dub since Bandai pulled out of North American markets, but I've heard Funimation is pursuing the show for licensing, so maybe someday. I watched subbed and it was surprisingly good.

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General Discussion » What are some long lasting anime that are still airing?

@sickVisionz: You know after all my focus on Inazume Eleven Go 2 Chono Stone, I never though to suggest Inazuma Eleven Go. It began in May of 2011 and ended in April of 2012. In 2012, there were 13 episodes that aired leading to its concluding 47th show. source

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this franchise over the last day or so. Yeesh! ;-)

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General Discussion » romance animes ?

I love romantic comedy anime and it's my favorite genre. Dream has suggested a lot of good romance series but I'm going to add a few more with an emphasis on comedy.

There is one thing I would like to mention. His and Her Circumstance is one of the best romance animes I've seen, but it has no ending. It's almost as if you were reading a 100 page story and everything after page 68 was blank. From what I understand, the reason for this is a conflict between the manga author and the anime studio director. He chose to highlight the comedic elements of the series and, from her viewpoint, that underplayed the romance. The director left the series late and the remaining shows do take on a more melancholy tone. When the 26 episodes were done, she refused to commit to any further episodes and so it just stops with a lot of unresolved plot points and story elements in play. Still, I found the show to be well worth the experience even if it left me completely dissatisfied at the end. One bright note is that the manga is available complete in English for reading.

My suggestions for romantic comedies (with English dubs) are:

  1. School Rumble - ah, after all I said about H&HC, I need to mention that this series ran into trouble in its 3rd season. Following two hilarious 26 episode seasons, a third was planned and partially completed but never fully finished. To appease fans, the studio released only the final two episodes of season 3 as an OVA to give the franchise a proper ending. This is my absolute favorite anime, so I keep hoping that the studio will return to it and give it a full 26 episode 3rd season some day.
  2. Maison Ikkoku - This is my favorite romantic comedy due to the problems I outlined concerning H&HC. It's a 96 episode long love story spanning 5 years in the characters lives. made back in 1986. It can get a bit frustrating later in the show as it one-step-forward-two-steps-back a bit too often, but only one other show has left me feeling more satisfied as the final credits rolled. You can watch it on YouTube with English audio.
  3. My Bride is a Mermaid - very funny anime with a satisfying ending
  4. Baka to Test Summon the Beasts - two seasons are out, a lot of fun although more of a straight comedy with romance than a true romantic comedy
  5. Love Hina - a classic but I'm not sure how well it holds up after all these years. I confess it's been a while since I've see it.
  6. Midori Days - this one just has an odd premise. It's not the best in how it tells its story and it too easily falls into well worn scenarios, but I liked it for what it was. I wouldn't rush to see it but it is available with English audio.
  7. Yamada's First Time - I really liked the intermix of miscommunication-comedy with first love naivete in this show, but others have been turned off by its sex comedy premise. There is (to the best of my memory) no nudity in it, if that's a concern of yours. There might be some semi-nudity however (bare buttocks or conveniently covered breasts). I honestly can't recall. This one is going to be a judgment call on your own.
  8. Ranma 1/2 - another older one. This show is one part straight comedy, one part action and one part romantic-comedy, so I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for. There are a lot of episodes and a few OVAs, too. There's no arc per se and thus no real conclusion to any of it. Most stories are single-episode tales, but if you're looking for something to have on in the background while you do other things, this one is pretty good. The English dub is very good, too although I wish they'd have left out some of the more obvious localization changes.

The first Negima is worth taking a look at even though the ending is a considerable disappointment. The second Negima is better but exchanges romance for action.

There are a lot more really great romantic comedies I could suggest (Toradora, Nodame Cantabile, Kimi ni Todoke, etc...) but they're only available in Japanese with English subtitles.

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