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Animes recommended to me to see

To put is simply, I am usually on the look out for new series to check out. I have pretty broad tastes and don't dislike any genre, although I have my favorites. Primarily I like comedies which means I watch a lot of harem and wacky romance shows, but there are other comedies out there too. Some action and adventure shows have comedic themes running through them and so I'm a fan of those. Either way, sometimes people recommend a show either here or over in GB and so I am trying to keep a list running otherwise I will forget.

There's only a handful right now, but I expect it to grow over time.

1. Heaven's Lost Property

I've seen this one now and quite enjoyed it. Season 2 is coming up and I have strong hopes that it will continue to develop the cast further.

2. Kampfer

I checked this one out finally and it was okay. The art was good, but the story was incomplete. Much more than simply open-ended. I blogged about it, so there is a review up in my blog space.

3. Toradora

I've watched this one since adding it to this list and it is remarkable. I really enjoyed it and it's now on my "favorites" list.

4. My Bride is a Mermaid!

I enjoyed this one a lot. I has a very hyper kinetic sense of humor and direction. It jumps in and out of art styles a lot to emphasize the comic moments. I laughed a good deal and, best of all, there is a real firm ending to the series.

5. Moon Phase
6. Chäos;HEAd

I watched it and was a bit confused early on. The move to resolve things felt a bit hurried as the team assembled and all became good friends (from former enemies) a bit quick. The hero being a clinically depressed individual with a very loose grasp on reality is unique, though.

7. Kurokami

I'm about 6 from the end of this one and I liked it well enough so far. It sort of reminds me of Fate/Stay Night in that there are a fighters are bonded to their human counterpart.

8. Corpse Princess
9. Eyeshield 21

Watching it now and enjoying it. Oddly, the tone reminds me of the first two seasons of Pretty Cure even though the story structure is different. One thing I like about these tournament shows is how there is always someone in the audience who explains just how awesome what's going on in the competition is.

10. Time of Eve
11. School Days
12. Chocotto Sister

About to start this one as soon as I am done with Eyeshield 21. Watched for the first 2 episodes and it's cute.

13. Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo!
14. Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-

recommended by sotyfan16 And I saw it. It was okay although a bit predictable. I've seen better shows with the same theme, but it was a nice distraction just the same.

15. Elementar Gelade

recommended by Superevil225

16. Detroit Metal City

recommended by lafeier

17. Ookiku Furikabutte Summer Tournament Edition

recommended by Superevil225

18. Nagasarete Airantou

recommended by JJOR64

19. Golden Boy

recommended by sotyfan16

20. Switch

recommended by Superevil225

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