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Saw the new MLP; wasn't that great. I can relate with Maud Pie though.
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Animes That Look Kinda Intresting
Being on a website about anime, you run into animes that catch your interest. This list is for my benefit, if I run into such shows I can remind myself to check them out if I can find them.
1. Angel Beats!

Pretty dead girls playing rock music? Hmmm...

2. Golgo 13

Hitmen? YAY.

3. Desert Punk

All I know about this one is that its in the desert and there's a lady with breasts the size of a small child.

4. Strike Witches

Anthro loli-bait flying around in WII? Yeah, just to see if it sucks as bad as I think it sounds.

5. Grave of the Fireflies

I haven't seen it yet. Don't give me that look... I can feel your look.

6. Apocalypse Meow


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