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Matsutaro is an asshole. That's all i can really call him at this point because the show doesn't wan't to show him any other way. I can understand an opening episode where you see this jerk character but slowly you start to learn why he's a jerk or at least find something appealing about him that makes you want to learn more about the character. You know, something to make you actually care about the person you're watching. But three episodes in i don't know why i should give a crap anymore.

So the story behind Matsutaro is that he's this 30 something year old guy whose still in middle school (No seriously, middle school) who just acts like the biggest jerk. He starts off with some simple stuff, cheating on a test, assaulting a teacher, hitting on a teacher. But then it ramps up into some really douche bag stuff, kicking a dog, splashing some old ladies with water, he even steals some candy from an actual baby. At that point i could have sworn this had to be some kind of joke, he has to get his butt kicked at some point to give him an attitude adjustment. Which does happen in episode 2 where he literally gets slapped in the face by a sumo wrestler.

And then in the next episode he immediately fights and beats a professional sumo wrestler.

What even more unbelievable is how other characters act around him. We get a feel from the first episode that folks just deal with his shenanigans since he doesn't seem to bother anyone beyond acting like a jerk, but then by the end of episode he crashes a car into a bath house and gets arrested. By the next episode he's bailed out of jail by one his teachers who then resigns because she feels responsible.

How is she responsible, she didn't crash a car into a bath house. But whats even weirder is that one of his other teachers goes out of his way to get Matustaro a job which takes up the whole episode and through the whole thing he doesn't take any of them because he doesn't like them. And then by the third episode, after beating the sumo, he gets offered by several different sumo managers to go work for him and give him anything he wants. It's by this point i should be actually caring about what happening in the story but the main character is so legitimately bad that it makes me question why i even want to keep watching.

But for some reason i do, i actually want to see what happens next.

Maybe its because i want to see if this show could get any worse or at least see if their isn't anything a little redeemable about this. But it wouldn't suprise me if it didn't.

My judgement: Ignore it. There isn't enough here to put the effort into it, but i'm going to keep watching, since i'm already in the thick of it.

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Every season, folks like you and me are going around the net looking for what the must see anime of the season. You don't want to waste your time on something that may turn out to be crap, its understandable. But i personally believe you can't judge a show based on it first episode. Some may be amazingly impressive or just lackluster, but sometimes that's because things haven't been ramped up or you haven't seen all the characters yet, there's only so much you can fit in 30 minutes. So i thought i would give my 2 cents, if its worthy any, on the first three episode of an anime i'm watching and give my opinion on it. I'm not a personal critic nor do i have the tact to give objective opinion on something beyond "Well this sucks or this is cool". But if you feel up to reading some random dribbles of a guy who watches anime. Then give it a shot.

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I could try to make a blog about every gundam episode, but i feel as though it would eventually become tedious. On top of that, not every single episode is worth writing about and i'm sure a more confident person could talk about all the little detail about each and every one, but this blog is mostly for episodes that left some sort of an impact on me.

Up to this episode we've seen a lot of changes in Amuro, he was just some tech kid on a colony but the minute he stepped into the Mobile suit he's become a confident soldier. But at the same time the constant battles have made him incredibly paranoid. Snapping at people, becoming distant from Frey, all the while focusing more and more on how the mobile suit works. It's fascinating because this is essentially the first kid piloting a mech in an anime, and the writers seem to capture the idea of a kid sent into the middle of a battlefield. The mobile suit may be practically invincible but weight of the war around him can be daunting on a teenager.

This episode is interesting as up to this point we've only seen little inklings of the both sides of the conflict. The Zion may seem like an evil force in the show but actually are just as human as the main characters. Epecially there commander Char, as he isn't just another villian. Char's a commander who has seen a fair enought amount of combat to make a name for himself, but at the same time he cares about his crew, riding into combat with them and actually knowing all there names. He even treats his fellow commanders as friends and not just fellow soldiers, he doesn't belittle them and shows his full support. He's a great character is what i'm saying.

In this episode the two sides agree to a cease fire, so that the trojan horse can drop off civilians on there ship and out of danger. Although i have to ask, if there agreeing to this why did the zions attack all those other times on the Trojan horse. They could have just fought the soldiers that attacked but on several occasion they attacked the ship directly, but i suppose you have too have some suspension of disbelief on the account that this was considered an action show back then and if something wasn't exploding, no one was going to be watching.

Through the course we get the perspective of a mother and her son just wanting to be on solid ground again, and of course the old folks who were acting like a bunch of kids want off too. To be fair i did understand that they just didn't want to be on the ship and see there homes again, that being said, sitting in the middle of the bridge and complaining really wasn't solving anything.

The commander agree's to the cease fire and for a majority of the episode is built on the tension that this might all end up being another battle but with more casualties. But surprisingly we get a bit of perspective from a Zion solider that escorts the pod full of civilians to the earth surface. Commenting that despite being a part of Zion there still just people with family's just like the federation. I especially like the little scene of the little kid waving to the soldiers flying along side them.

Both sides still have some obvious mistrust for one another, the Zion soldiers constantly watching where the ship goes and the crew making a plan to distract the pilot's from the civilians and focus on them if the need arises. This comes to a head when the before mentioned mother and child break off from the rest of the group, the mother wanting to find the village where her husband grew to raise their child in the same town. Concern the soldiers track them to make sure there safe. Amuro see's this and is concerned what the soldiers are planning, she he trails after the soldiers to. Catching up he's see's the plan fly in on the mother and child and drop something but it turns out to be nothing by supplies. Unfortunately the glare from his beam rifle catches the attention of the pilots and he's forced to shoot them down. Thankfully they land in a near by lake.

So with the people safe and the mobile suit... mobile, the episode goes straight back to fighting. One thing to make note of the action is that Kai, the "I'm the guy who acts like a jerk" guy whose now seeing what its like to be in the middle of combat that he's been making light for the past couple of episodes. But where Amuro jumped right into it, he's freaking out. But he does make up for it by saving amuro from a sniper. Every little development helps.

While this is all happening the mother is tending to the Zion soldier's wounds. Noting that it doesn't matter who wins in the end of the battle, more people will die because of it. When the soldiers are all fixed up they leave with a comment that this valley used to have a larger village in it, implying that it was mostly destroyed years ago over previous battle.

This is very telling episode about conflict from civilians perspective. From what i've heard about the shows development under Yoshiyuki Tomino that this wasn't an attempt to make a super action mech show but a story about war its effect on those caught in the conflict. War isn't a game and it isn't fun, but at same time it can be unavoidable, good intentions can lead to problems and justifications can end up getting people killed. This show is entertaining in its action and characters, but episode like these remind the viewer that the conflict isn't as glamorous as it might look. That war is a with two sides and no winners.

Quick note, what was up with Fraw being such a tease?

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