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In the anime and manga world we live in, I guarantee there is hostility between 2 kinds of fans. The old guard, and the new guys.
Anime fans tend to shun newer fans for the ignorance of more mature series than most shonen series that new fans are generally attached too. While this is pretty unfair in my opinion I can see why the old guard gets upset. When an anime with horrible plot, tons of filler, and cookie cutter characters become popular it gives the outside world a bad impression of it.
That's what I think, at least.
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With this whole Lolicon crap stirring up a storm it's really hard to say whether to ban it or not.
Let me ask this... Would you rather have a creep watch Lolicon or Shotacon, or go out and hunt down innocent girls? It's real simple. Unless this provokes them to go out and do such. In that case, it's all up in the air.
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Back in late 1997 and 1998 a craze was sweeping the nation. A force relatively unseen by the US public. This was known as Pokemon. This was my first taste of one of my now favorite entertainment mediums, anime. It was so amazing to me at the time and something that I didn't really see with domestic animation. Pokemon was the "next big thing". Everyone liked Pokemon. The show, the games, toys... everything. My friends and I would trade Pokemon, battle, and talk Pokemon at lunch. It was one of my fondest memories and I wouldn't trade the time I spent with Pokemon for anything in the world. Time went on and the fad eventually died down. Although I have absolutely no interest in the anime, the games still provide endless hours of entertainment for me and friends.

Around the time the Pokemon fad was dying out I was looking for something else like Pokemon to quench my thirst for this "new" type of show. My search ended when my cousin Connor (a.k.a. "Klondike") showed me this show called Dragonball Z. I was wondering when my brain was gonna explode because it was bound to happen. It did a nd I was instantly hooked. This was my first run-in with story arcs. I have never seen an animated show before with an on-going through a certain amount of episodes. While a lot of it was filler I was still in awe about the whole thing. I remember everyday after sc hool when I was in the 4th-5th grade I would come home everyday, do homework, and then sit down and watch the 2 episodes of Dragonball Z that came on Toonami everyday at 4-5pm. Then Toonami went to weekends, Dragonball GT came out, then after it was all over, I was burned out on these type of cartoons. Until I moved back to my hometown of Winch ester, VA. This is when my life changed drastically.

When I moved to back to Winchester I was in a different school system than I was in before, so I didn't have any friends. Making friends was hard seeing as how I wasn't really a popular person in the first place. You know how they say "Every cloud has a silver lining"? Well it's true. That silver lining came in the form of 2 of my best friends James and Andres. I credit James with reigniting my love for video games which led me to my hobby of collecting them, and I credit Andres for reignitin g my inner otaku. By this time, I figured out that this kind of animation I was so fond of had a name, Anime. A little later I found out about manga. When this happened, I was hooked, yet again.

I went to my local Books-A-Million to look at some manga. I did not have any so I was wanting to start building my collection. The first thing that caught my eye was a manga series entitled "Fullmetal Alchemist". Then after reading that I found out about the anime, so I started watching that and this ended being the staple for my resurgence into Anime. Now Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite series of all time. I just love the story. To me, it's unrivaled by any series before it, and in my opinion, after it. My interest continued until the end of 7th grade. I just simply lost interest. Video games took over from there and I would forget about anime and manga for about 3 years.

In late 2009 a school Anime and Manga club was brought to my attention. I remember when I lived in Maryland I attended a meeting of my local library's club, but I moved so there went that experience. I figured it wouldn't hurt to check things out. The club drew me back in. Anime and Manga titles like Kuroshitsuji, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Soul Eater, and Parasyte are what take up my attention now. Gaming is still a big big part of my life, but I am slipping. I really don't mind it though. I love all this stuff and I will continue to love it for a long, long time. 
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