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General Discussion » AV Site Re-Design: LIVE!

Nice! Similar to the old, but less busy.
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Battles » Goku vs Superman

PreCrisis Superman would win, especially if it was the Superman from Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane, because he's just that much bigger of a jerk, and has access to all kinds of wierd powers like time travel, and can seemingly gain new powers at the drop of a hat, most of which make no sense but can stop anything thrown at him. Regular Superman and Goku wouldn't really fight, because neither are jerks.

That said, Goku would definitely kick Suppaman's butt.
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General Discussion » Languishing Licenses?

They only sort of mildly announced it, and I imagine they're tangled up in whatever Gundam-approval board Sunrise has, so we'll get it when we get it. It seems like schedules for Bandai and Media Blasters are being affected by Best Buy's changes if you go by AnimeonDVD's forums [John Sirabella made some fairly frank posts there recently].

Turnarounds are much quicker nowadays, and it's not uncommon for stuff to just pop up out of nowhere during solicitations now, so I can't really think of anything that's languishing. I imagine stuff that's more troublesome is stuff that has authorized, licensed sub versions available, but no DVD's in sight, such as Toei's assorted series, and anything on CrunchyRoll. Unlike Funi's streaming, no home video release is guaranteed.

There's also YTV's Pretty Cure dub, which is being aired on TV here, but it's unclear if anyone's going to release it here either.

Stuff licensed by Bandai/ADV/MB/Funi/RightStuf and whenever they decide to surprise us with more Manga [they tend to be quiet and ninjalike about new licenses] is going to come sooner or later, it's the more nebulous stuff I worry about.

[I would lump in Illumitoon, but they're pretty much dead, so it's less of a waiting for a release, more of a waiting for someonelse to risk one of their unsuccessful titles]

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