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I haven't posted here in a bit since I've been busy with work, some reviews for Kuri-ousity, relaunching Girlamatic and having a big move at the start of last month.  Jeepers just updated, and is up to 3 pages so far for this storyline.  It's called Jeepers and Assorted Spooky Stuff
The previous storyline, Jeepers and Hoshi's Letter has ended. You can read it here     
Here's a teaser image for it on the right :) 

What anime collecting have I been up to? Just got  -
Speed Grapher Vol.6 [yay! done!]  
Vol.5 has been pretty fun so far. I also have to finish off the 2nd Moribito set since I've ordered the 3rd [awesome, awesome show, and there's trailers for Scholastic's edition of the novels :)] 
Not sure why the whole image doesn't show...
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And maybe home video too

I have to agreee- no one's figured out how to make money off the internet, and it's something that can just cannibalizes sales and profits from dvd releases.
Here's hopeing Chris' doom forseeing proves wrong, and anime companies keep releasing dvd's here.....
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Still not sure what to do with that Dreamwidth blog, but here's some WEBCOMICS! Jeepers starts a new storyline today! Jeepers and the Meowfia ended with the last update, as seen here

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I started a new blog at Dreamwidth [for reviews and such], and in my first news post I find something interesting on Amazon.
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It's the 13th page of the my current storyline, which went up on Friday. Just thought I'd share the link here :) If you're wondering what's up with Jeepers "pet", read the archives, specifically this story

I'm slowly realizing just how crazy it is that this comic has been updating for 6 years. I'm contemplating finishing off the new page of Chateau Wonderful I have partly done but keep thinking maybe I should wait till I have more pages. I do plan on posting whatever I can over the summer before convention planning stuff happens again.
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