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The problem with music is the simplicity of the architecture of the worlds which dwell in the pictures it paints. If only. If only.
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I love Fooly Cooly, Gurren Lagann, Suzumiya Haruhi, Chobits, Gunslinger Girl, Zetsubou Sensei, Mai-Hime, Death Note, ALL Miyazaki/Ghibli... In no particular order, of course. And Pocky and Ramen and Ramune Soda!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (i am too old to squee but i don't care).
I prefer to watch Anime in Japanese (w/ subtitles of course... I only speak sukoshi nihongo). I appreciate the dedication of Japanese seyuu to their craft. American VO's just don't seem to really throw their souls into it.
I like to attend Anime cons, and buy pins, posters and keitai straps. It's a chance for me to geek out a little bit. I hang out in the viewing room, and awe at the awesome cosplayers. That is another admirable and serious craft. If I were younger I would probably join in on all the glomping and squeeing, but it would just look silly at my age.
I would love to start an Anime club someday. We could hang out and talk about our favorite shows, help each other with cosplay, and pull all-nighters where we watch whole series at a time, living on nothing but Cup Noodles and Pocky!!!
I am also an Anime theme song addict! I have about 200 opening and ending songs, and I listen to them all the time!
I have a lot of friends, but very few of them like Anime. The ones who do aren't as "immature" as I am, they enjoy it in a more "serious grown-up" way. They don't sob when the moe girl has her heart broken, or when one of the Heroes dies. They don't squee when the awesome theme song starts to let you know that the Good Guys are about to do the awesome thing they do to annihilate the Bad Guys. I guess it would just be nice to meet some other geektards to sob and squee with.
That's how I would describe myself as an Anime fan... Matta Ne!!!
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