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It's easy to forget what a sin is in the middle of a battlefield.
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RPG » Dawn of the Black Year (OOC)


@Kuro_San said:

@paladin: The Maeda family will not contact you, they lost the crest fair and square, and they are possibly more pissed on Taiyou (if you take the body to them they will reject it) than Daisuke.

Interesting. So basically  doesthe Maeda family only care about their pride?
I've got the feeling they won't be that glad for Daisuke, but rejecting Taiyou's corpse?
But I also thought they woud never allow their ancestral power to just slip away. Meaning the Maedas would force Daisuke to work for them or otherwise attempting to tie him to the family.

I already thought about who is going to contact (depends on which city Daisuke is in) him about the crest, there are other 8 Guardians, so one of them will contact your character.

  He's probably in Kyoto, at the Ebisu headquarters.
Anyways, I explain you the simple story behind Daisuke's activities.
Since Taiyou never revealed his name (and potentially had no papers for identification), the Ebisu burried him as a nameless hero. Daisuke of course didn't like that. To find Taiyou's family and also to uncover his newfound power, Daisuke was investigating about these mysterious Crest Bearers. 
After 2months and 6 days he's about to put the picture together and contact one of the Crest whatever fashion (heavily depending on the circumstances of the RP).
For example I'm planning to save Taiyou's brother from whatever people are trying to get him.

I've being planning this thread since December, I covered all the bases, and even made story hooks for any new player in the forum if they wanted to participate. And for older and sporadic players that appear from time to time...

Yeah, that sadly includes me.
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RPG » Dawn of the Black Year (OOC)

@Kuro_San: Finally I've got time to read your post.
It's pretty good, the TV show/interview script-like narration really suits Kuro-san.
Although I need to work my brain cells to develop a good cover story to explain why Daisuke couldn't return Taiyou's corpse back to the Medea family for MONTHS.
I mean my original intent was that Daisuke would visit the Medea family personally to return Taiyou's corpse while also expressing his own words of gratitude and regrets over failing to save Taiyou.  Almost right after the end of the previous RP.

I don't say you have committed an error, though. Meeting with the Medea family basically means the start of the whole "Crest Bearer Saga" and I have a strong feeling you wish to feature that story in this RP.
So delaying the retrieval of Taiyou's corpse was  necessary for this kind of story to work.
Also I'm glad you featured Taiyou's brother and the Crest Bearer plot in the OP.
Honestly, I were at a bit of loss about Daisuke's role in this RP.
Now, I know that for certain.
EDIT: Oh, I already have a rather fitting idea for the cover story. Unexpectedly, the solution is fairly simple.
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Battles » Tohno Shiki vs Ushiromiya Kyrie

@Asune: Isn't Kyrie's reactions are like thousand times faster than the speed of sound? Meaning she has massively hypersonic reactions.
At least that's how it worked against Leviathan.
Worse, Shiki likely has even less envy than Leva, meaning Kyrie's reactions could be potentially even faster than that.
Shiki has faster than the eye to supersonic+ movements combined with hypersonic+ attacks. Albeit he's faster than Leva, his attacks would be still hilariously slow to Kyrie.
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RPG » Dawn of the Black Year (OOC)

@Kuro_San said:

@paladin: 2 months 6 days

Wow, I didn't expect such a precise answer. 
Is there a specific date of importance on that day? 
Also : 
@Kuro_San  said: 

The Black Day

  • Usso Namae was choosen by the Industrialist Party as the new, temporary, Prime Minister of the New Japanese Republic
  • Saotome Research LABS was complely overrun and the whole staff replaced by Mangetsu Scientist, already using the facility to investigate the Crystal stolen from Batsu Nagare.
  • Ichigan Nagare, Shogun and an old friend of both are underground trying to find out about who was the mastermind behind the recent events in Japan, as they managed to find out tha Newdeath didnt have anything to do with the incidents in Japan
  • Usso is known in the world thanks to taking some of the credit in Newdeath defeat, and mostly cleaning the remains of the Kisekian army using the Kurimuzon Scrambler, that disturbed the Kisekian, hybrid or not, brainwaves.
  • Usso started to rebuild several countries and announced a big event on his homeland, Japan, as a fundraiser for the most destroyed countries.
Yeah, you're right about that. You specifically mention that Kuro-san defeated the Kisekian army's remains.
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RPG » Dawn of the Black Year (OOC)

@Kuro_San: I thought Kuro-san's actions only effected Japan and maybe the rest of Asia. 
Also how much time passed between the end of "All Hell Breaks Loose" and "Dawn of the Black Year"? 
Days? Maybe even months?
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RPG » Dawn of the Black Year (OOC)

@Kuro_San: Question: Since the "All Hell Breaks Lose" ended with ND's defeat, does it mean we have to deal with the remaining Kisekian troops? 
I mean the summary never mentioned the army's complete defeat. The command structure of the Kisekian forces is in disarray but it doesn't mean they're harmless.
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RPG » Stranger in a New World (Kaine's introduction RPG) - OOC

@Kuro_San: Ok, that takes a considerable deal off my shoulders since I don't need to bother with the setting. 
Anyways, I think it's better if I introduce my character in a large open RP. 
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RPG » Your Character's Empathy....

 Daisuke never had the chance to meet Sonata. Albeit he heard great things about Sonata and her heroic efforts to maintain the order in Telos City. 
For that Daisuke respects Sonata.

@Sonata: Monster Island? 
I thought that RP went bankrupt since a long time ago. 
Perhaps you have a custom ending in mind? Like transforming that RP's events into a solo story? 
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RPG » Dinner at the Le Blanc Estate (OOC)

@UsachanMaN said:

@Phoenix_Wright: Cool!

EDIT: I probably cant make it this weekend, sorry guys but the reason I wanted to do it on Friday was because that was my only free-time. This weekend is busy and I wont be able to get the RP started until next week. Sorry! Hope you understand.

Nah, don't worry. 
Compared to my usual laziness it's no big deal. 
At least I have some time to contribute to other RPs.
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RPG » CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers OCC

@Lobos_Del_Rayo said:

finally posted hope you guys enjoy sorry it took so long I'll try to be faster next time

Well, look at me. 
I haven't posted with Daisuke since a loong time. 
Anyways, I plan to continue the battle with Falken. 
Although I need to refresh my memory on pre-timeskip Daisuke's abilities. 
I forgot like half of his old strategies.
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RPG » Stranger in a New World (Kaine's introduction RPG) - OOC

Man, I almost forgot this RP. 
Are people still up to this? 
I'm also wondering whether I should just drop this thread and merge Kaine's introduction to the new Dawn of the Black Year RP.
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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Excuse me for the continuing delay. 
I was just experiencing a sort of writer's block. 
Anyways, if you're still interested I can post with Daisuke.
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RPG » " I wanna fight" Thread

@Asune: Alright, I wish to re-introduce one of my old characters anyways. Atahlia would be an interesting opponent.
We can discuss the details in PM, including the character I'm going to use for that battle.
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Off-Topic » Rate The Scene Above You

@Sonata: LoL Kintaro. 
Ok, following the thread customs I show a FMP scene next:
Seriously, Fumoffu is like a golden mine for this thread.
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Off-Topic » Rate the amv above you :D

@Fehafare: 9.5/10 
Seriously, it's hard to compete with the quality of a good Tsukihime MADs. Despite the relatively bad visual material they always manage to bring out the best.
 Krsnik is also one of the most famous Tsukihime MADs. And with reason.
Aside from the Engrish, I say that video was almost perfect. 
  Let's bring up something fresh.
BTW, the anime is called Redline.
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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuma_From_Argentina: I plan to have Daisuke show up in the ring.
He's joining the game to uncover Mr. Aoki and his illegal activities.
If you don't mind Daisuke is going to be the one who will be showing up in the blue corner, against Gen Shishidoh
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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuma_From_Argentina: How about the ring's size? 
Is it like a classic boxing arena or somewhat larger than that? 
How much environmental destruction is allowed? 
While Daisuke would try to keep the collateral damage to minimum, I wouldn't be so sure about the other Vicers.
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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuma_From_Argentina: What about swords that are more effective at range than guns?:p
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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Kuro_San: Oh, too bad. I was planning to finish the Ebisu Raid scenario once I had enough time to complete Kaine's bio.
Anyways, I'm posting the events from Daisuke's viewpoint:
Ebisu Raid Storyline

  •  Injured by Panther's final technique, Daisuke lied on the cold surface. He helplessly watched as the unknown youth (Taiyou)  made his suicidal last stand.  His Innate Time Control worked on an overdrive, allowing Daisuke to see every detail of Taiyou's heroic last moments. Although his consciousness was rapidly fading. Daisuke fainted with the thought of cursing his own incompetence.
  • Unknown to Daisuke, Taiyou managed to stand up for the second time. Using his last ounces of strength, Taiyou put the Crest of Courage on Daisuke's chest before finally giving his dying breath.
  • Daisuke was drifting in a dark sea of his dreams, replaying all the horrors he had witnessed, the events that made Daisuke wish to become a superhero.
  • Soon, Daisuke heard an ominous voice calling for him.  It was the being that resided within the Crest of Courage. Observing Daisuke's past and motivations through the youth's dreams, the entity had decided that Daisuke was a worthy individual. He offered Daisuke two choices: Die from his obviously fatal wounds caused by Panther. Or accept the Crest and become the new bearer. Daisuke's choice was obvious.
  • Suddenly, Daisuke was engulfed in a huge pillar of orange light. His dying body was miraculously healed and he felt a newfound power.
  • The Numbers were shocked at these turn of events. Daisuke, who was presumed to be dead, suddenly revived with new powers. The boy was almost like a different person.
  • Daisuke looked at the Northern Vampire. He was the person who caused both Taiyou and Phanter's deaths. He became someone whom Daisuke couldn't forgive.
  • Daisuke exchanged words with the Vampire. He asked about the enemy's actions and questioned whether the Northern Vampire even has a human heart. The Vampire cynically answered, admitting that he no longer deserves to be called human.
  • Daisuke got answers for everything he needed to know.  He undid every mental inhibitions Daisuke put on his Tracing ability. Against a complete monster like the Vampire, he no longer needs to hold back.
  • Daisuke's determination combined with his new Crest-related powers overwhelmed the Vampire. Yet in spite of the youth's advantage, their battle went on for long.
  • Finally, Daisuke managed to put down his enemy for the last time. The Vampire was completely at Daisuke's mercy. At the same time the red-haired youth realized something. The one who were lying beneath his feet wasn't a complete monster. Instead, that man was only a broken shell.
  • Realizing his enemy's pitiful state, Daisuke felt for the Vampire. The withered old man already got the punishment he deserved. As such Daisuke had no business with him. The boy spared the Vampire's life and allowed him to escape. At roughly the same time the Eastern Tengu was also forced to retreat.
  • In the aftermath of the battle, Daisuke checked whether his teammates were alive. To his surprise he saw a pair of vampires he never saw before. Lan Fan had to explain the situation in detail before Daisuke could finally disarm himself.
  • Lastly, Daisuke paid his respect for the fallen. He visited Taiyou's corpse and promised to be worthy for the life he had saved. After many minutes of silent mourning, Daisuke asked Harumi to preserve Taiyou's corpse until he visits the boy's family.
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