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It's easy to forget what a sin is in the middle of a battlefield.
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RPG » Sentō o Yumemite - DREAMING KOMBAT

@Eleventh: Sure let's give this a try.
Albeit keep in mind that my character bio is only partially done.
I have a certain "power" which may be a concern for your character during this match.
Okay, make it two.
I could tell you these in advance via PM, though.
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RPG » Osaka Ablaze (OOC)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Yeah, considering this it's a more reasonable argument to say Lynx infiltrates the complex in order to sabotage Doctor Kago's ambitions.
Operation Intrude F122: Shutting Down The Monster Factory 5.
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RPG » Osaka Ablaze (OOC)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Ask his superiors.
This would apparently help saving the world or something along those lines.
So the usual deal.
Lynx long grew out of the habit to ask the details.
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RPG » Osaka Ablaze (OOC)

@Kuma_From_Argentina said:

@paladin: This is not a stealth mission. Or at least it isnt that originally

Every mission is a stealth mission for Lynx.
Besides, we're trying to rescue a precious hostage here.
Being subtle and swift only makes sense.
Granted, like 100% of Lynx's stealth missions, not everything will go perfectly according to plans. :P
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RPG » Osaka Ablaze (OOC)

Man, yet another stealth mission.?
Sheesh, Lynx is getting overburdened with work.
Operation Intrude G273 : Stealing Gen From The Geneticist
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RPG » [Character Bio] Soldier of Fortune - Lacuna Lynx

Made a slight edit.
Added some abilities for Lynx and I also dropped a big hint for his first recorded mission.
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RPG » Sentō o Yumemite - DREAMING KOMBAT

Did this RP go defunct last month?
Because in spite of all activity I see no mention of this.
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RPG » A Moonlit Revival (OOC)

Yeah, looks like the standard sorts of mission for Lynx.
Count me in.
Albeit I'll be sure to occasionally miss the 2 day mark.
During my "prime" a week or two delay wasn't that uncommon.
Just ask Kuma and Lobos.
Although people who were participating in the Gekido Sunrise from the beginning could tell the most.
Oh well, I'll at least try.
Anyways, Lynx is a black ops agent who prefers to work in secret and alone.
So he probably won't show up in the meeting.
Instead he'd be infiltrating the site and gradually make his way through it.  In short, he'd treat it like a sneaking mission.
I'll probably skip on the first "round" and make my post based on what's actually going on for the next round.
Don't worry, I have more than enough awareness to not mess up your RP with this.
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RPG » Theme Song Game

@Justalittlegirl: Well, this would fit a lot of the psycho characters we had in the Vice.
So let's say... Caius? (Superevil225's alt)
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General Discussion » Who can beat the character above you?

Given what can Misaka do later, you' need to go much higher on Bleach's power ladder to find somebody to beat her.

Oh well, baring the most glaringly obvious stomps this thread is bound to produce such errors.

VS debate is an ever-changing environment and of course target of numerous subjective views.

So you can have a match made in 2010 where Character B stomps Character A with ease then remake it in 2014 and even if neither fighter got any new feats the result could change to the complete opposite.

VS debating is also in the state of constant evolution, you see.


Big Boss
Big Boss

He can bench press land battleships, draw his pistol literally faster than lightning and can see spirits or even detect them via his Soliton Radar.

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Vincent Chevalier
It even coincides with his own musical tastes 
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RPG » Theme Song Game

@Kuma_From_Argentina: We have those now?
Used to be just mentioning the character's name to whom the song would belong to.
I accomplished that by using the laziest means.
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RPG » Theme Song Game

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RPG » [Character Bio] Soldier of Fortune - Lacuna Lynx

With all my alts included I beleive I should be above both of you in regards of post count.
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RPG » [Character Bio] Soldier of Fortune - Lacuna Lynx

@Kuma_From_Argentina: You can bet on it!
Convo conversations are going to be regular occurrences with this character, especially when meeting somebody for the first time.
He's much more than your standard hardened veteran with a jaded view, I tell you that much.
Anyways, I may mention some abilities an equipment for this character but overall I'm going to invent a new gadget for almost every occasion.
This is that kind of guy.
Also while he's technically 100% human with no special power whatsoever, he effectively does have a "power" which is mildly broken.
You'll see it later.
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RPG » [Character Bio] Soldier of Fortune - Lacuna Lynx

Anyways, I guess this vid would sum up Lynx's reaction to various Vice characters:
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RPG » Lucia Auditore [Character Bio]

@ChronoWolf: Rather inspired character.
Albeit some background story wouldn't hurt.
Sure, it isn't that important in the beginning but knowin the character's past would allow other players to better react to her and overall produce a more enjoyable experience.
I also think that while various vision modes are fun that power doesn't fit your character's mask at all.
Mysterious and/or elaborate masks are the symbols of hidden power.
Some kinda power-up or awakening a new ability would fit your character more.
Alternatively it could be just a mental switch, a self-hypnotism tech in order to unlock your full power.
Of course I don't want to take over your character.
Just gave you a few potential suggestions.
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RPG » [Character Bio] Soldier of Fortune - Lacuna Lynx



Name: David Hayter (?)
Age: 33 (?) 
Gender: Male 
Occupation: Special Agent 

Lacuna Lynx is an enigmatic elite soldier and a special agent belonging to FOX, a secret task force with unknown allegations doing undercover missions in order to protect the world. Lynx is one of FOX's top agents, infamous for his skills at infiltration and adaptability to numerous battlefield situations. He's a literal one-man-army, capable of overcoming multitudes of his worth in men with sheer ability and genuine cunning. He's regularly completing missions that common sense would dictate impossible. He isn't doing it out from personal gain or interest. Lynx is bound by his duty and his honest determination to keep the world at peace. As such he's occasionally called the "greatest soldier to ever live", a title Lynx only accepts with humility. 


 There are a number of conflicting reports regarding the appearance of Lacuna Lynx but overall he's described as a tall lean Caucasian male with about 190 cm in height. He has brown, light brown or dirty blond hair usually with cleanly shaven facial features. Albeit some sources describe him with stubble or even thick facial hair. His outfit would change depending on his mission and given the stealthy nature of his approach combined with the frequent use of disguises the witnesses' testimony conflicts a lot. After through analysis and filtering it could be determined that Lynx is wearing a certain uniform or most likely a suit with advanced design. His suit is also equipped with many belts, weapon holsters and pouches; the kind of package one could expect from a soldier on missions as dangerous as his. Though his most telling feature is an old bandanna, witnesses calling from gray to navy blue in color and told to be the same piece of cloth since 2003, warped around his forehead and with two long strides to weave freely in the wind or when Lynx is on the move.  


 Lacuna Lynx is generally seen as a serious no nonsense person. He's always focused and prefers to only talk when it's necessary. Lynx is a seriously dutiful soldier putting his mission before his feelings or even his own safety. He saw many horrible things and the nearly two decades of fighting made Lynx noticeably jaded. In spite of that Lynx has a firm belief in the potential of humans and wishes for true world peace. Yet his blood calls for battle, only feeling alive when he's on the battlefield. This contradiction gradually tears him from within, experiencing nightmares regularly. To run away from his idle thoughts Lynx became a workaholic, nearly always busy with some sorts of covert mission. The term "relax" gradually lost its meaning from his encyclopedia. That being said Lynx could be surprisingly easygoing at times and once you hit a common topic in private Lynx is rather talkative and knowledgeable in various fields. He also killed so many people and saw even more deaths that Lynx grew extremely weary of them. His policy is to never leave a comrade or innocent people to die and generally he avoids killing his opponents. Of course Lynx is far from being obnoxious on this front and understands that few things are inevitable. Still, if he has to choose between few lives or endangering his own Lynx would act without any hesitation. So long he sees a chance to save even one life Lynx cannot allow himself to give up. This unyielding strong will is sometimes allows him to do things everyone else thought to be impossible.

Unconfirmed Background: 

Lacuna Lynx is commonly assumed to be born in 1981. His birthplace, parents' identity or even his exact birth date are currently beyond our intelligence gathering measures. Lacuna Lynx's real name is generally believed to be the US citizen David Hayter. Albeit some rumors also imply British or strangely even Japanese ancestry.  There aren't any documents regarding Lacuna Lynx' childhood. As with the location of his birthplace or parental lineage we are currently unable to gather anything about the time when Lynx grew up. Based on photographs and official military records, what could definitely proven that in 1995 Lynx, under the name David Hayter and presumably with at least partially faked resume considering his probable age (14) at the time, participated in US Army Basic Training and completed BCT in Fort Benning. He passed with top scores and continued AIT with the Infantry School, staying double the usual length and then suddenly being transferred to Fort Bragg for SWCS. His streak continued but due to partially unknown reasons Hayter only passed Q Course by early 1997. After that Hayter officially became part of the Special Forces and took place in a few undercover missions in various warzones. In 1998 Hayter got suddenly transferred to the Navy and after finishing an abbreviated training course became part of the SEALs. Following that there are numerous unpublished records featuring Hayter in special operations against threats never mentioned to the public with solo missions becoming increasingly more common. This trend continued on till 2003 June when Hayter suddenly got honorable discharge from military service. Official US records on Hayter past this event are currently unavailable.

Mission Backlog:  

Operation Intrude N313:
 Coming soon...
 Coming soon...


Codec Support:



High-ranking officer in FOX and the direct superior of Lacuna Lynx. His real name is classified, only being referred as "the Colonel" even though it likely has nothing to do with his rank.  Albeit Lynx and the Colonel are old acquaintances with history dating back even prior to him joining FOX. The Colonel briefs Lynx about all his missions and represents the authority figure during Codec calls. While Lynx is busy on the field the Colonel does his very best to indirectly support him during missions. There isn't a single person Lynx trusts more than the Colonel.



 Information officer of FOX generally assigned for data recovery and processing during missions. Sakura is only a code while her real name is of course classified. Somewhat surprisingly she's actually Chinese and she grew up in the US. Her mother greatly collaborated for the development of Codec System and Soliton Radar, the two technological bastions of FOX. As such she's extremely knowledgeable about both and actually she's part of the current development team. Sakura is cheerful and likes beautiful things especially poetry. She has the tendency to share a few oriental proverbs with Lynx during every mission.


Miller or Master Sergeant Miller is a codename for Lynx's current mentor and military advisor. He's a veteran soldier and until a few years ago he was an active agent of FOX. Due to unspecified health reasons he had to retire but Miller remained with FOX as a trainer and tactical advisor. Miller is an easygoing person and a known womanizer. Yet he's also serious and responsible for both his subordinates and during the missions. In spite of his looks he's already past fifty and spent more than 30 years of that as a soldier with wide range of expertise. During missions his role is to support Lynx both by his experience and list of odd connections. Lynx looks up to Miller with a mix of friendship and deep respect.



Former weapons researcher rescued and then recruited by Lacuna Lynx himself. Otacon is a real genius with expertise in various technologies. This even includes breaking into security systems or remotely hack computers. His real name is Hal Emmerich and his family has a history at aiding to develop nuclear weapons. As such he hates nukes or any other weapons of mass destruction with almost a passion, resolved to prevent their use at any costs. After his rescue Hal also decided to never help developing tools to kill people ever again, trying to use his knowledge only to aid people. Hal is a kind albeit a little socially awkward person. He's easily scared but possesses surprising amount of inner strength. His codename also actually refers to the famous anime convention held regularly in the USA. He loves anime and videogames, a knowledge which occasionally even sees use during missions. Ever since Lynx rescued him the two are good friends. They share similar goals and work together. Hal is officially not a member of FOX but he's a common affiliate.



Natalia Kaminski is a former magus hunter who currently works for FOX as one of their specialist on magic and supernatural. For more than a decade Natalia made a living of killing renegade mages or hired to deal with other supernatural threats. There aren't too many people in this world as proficient at eliminating magic users as her. Natalia's mother was also a half-succubus thus she inherited some demonic powers. As a result she's also rather familiar with demons and the world of dreams. Natalia has a cryptic jaded personality. She's incredibly practical-minded yet occasionally shows a mischievious or almost whimsical side. Natalia joined FOX for a more safe and stable source of income but she also rather likes the fact she's using her skills for good. Lynx always contacts her with issues or questions regarding the supernatural. The two seems to get on surprisingly well.

Personal Relations:


Reoccurring Enemies:



Special form of martial arts developed explicitly for soldiers. CQC (abbreviation of close quarters combat) combines untold number of martial arts schools and considers the use of gun, knives or any other weapons (there's even a CQC stance with hand grenades) to be used in conjunction with it. A classic stance involves the user holding both a pistol and knife at once thus uniting every combat option while sacrificing none in regards of its effectiveness. Unlike any other martial arts schools CQC was made for asymmetric battles that often involve more than one opponent. CQC in general mostly involves grabs, counters and throws, focusing on disabling and disarming the opponent while leaving the offensive role for the actual weapons at hand. A skilled practitioner of CQC can throw an unsuspecting soldier to the ground in a split second and do it while taking away his or her gun. Some practitioners are even capable of dissembling the opponent's gun under the same instant, a show of truly monstrous superiority. In spite of its general usefulness, CQC remained in relative secrecy. Fortunately one of the founding members of FOX was also the co-developer of CQC. As such all FOX agents are well taught in the art of CQC. Lynx is borderline notorious for his use of this technique.

Common Equipment:

- Sneaking Suit: High-tech military outfit used by FOX agents for decades. It's a form-fitting body-suit covering the wearer from the neck down. It's designed to give the wearer maximal mobility with reduced signature to most detection means and extensive electronics for sensor and analysis systems installed. They also provide surprising amount of protection against environmental hazards, allowing Lynx to walk through acids and fire or to survive even during the most excessive winters. Lynx wears the latest 4th generation sneaking suit which implements the new HoloCamo technology. 
- HoloCamo: Technology built in to Lynx's new Sneaking Suit, allowing change its camo pattern to mimic any surface he's currently in touch with. If calibrated well enough HoloCamo can be also used to project the image of various objects around Lynx's body, providing an instant disguise. HoloCamo is actually an off-shoot from the earlier development of StealthCamo which made the user completely invisible. Lynx refused that device, believing such thing would lull agents into a false sense of security. With brief tempering HoloCamo could be also configured to work like StealthCamo. In addition the holographic field redirects most electromagnetic waves thus preventing detection by radars and heat sensors.
- Soliton Radar: Revolutionary new type of radar which produces four-dimensional mapping of the surroundings. Soliton Radars are fast and working with extreme accuracy. Their principles can be also implemented for nearly all kinds of detection. By tracking the weak waves of bio-electricity Soliton Radar can even detect the presence of living beings and properly distinguish them based on size. Starting from the 2.5th generation Sneaking Suits have integrated Soliton Radars within them as a basic feature. The person-searching function is also often refered as AP Sensor (Anti-Personnel Sensor) and under standard circumstances it has the detection range of 50 meters.
- LYNX Eye: Large sensor and data processing terminal worn as an eyepiece over the left eye. The name is a subtle reference to both the device's purpose (Lynx Eye AKA the "all-seeing eye") and its first ever user (Lacuna Lynx). The LYNX Eye is an advanced device allowing the user to combine many vision modes, sensory data and receive a quick feed of valuable information in real time. It checks the surroundings, highlights traps, calculate trajectories, identify weapons, analyze the enemy's status, automatically record name plates or identification markings and so on. The full list of functions on the LYNX Eye are borderline miraculous. Yet for the same reason mastering the device is difficult and FOX plans to develop a simplified version for general use. Currently the only experimental unit is issued for Lacuna Lynx who puts it under extensive field test. It's also worth noting that after the latest upgrade the LYNX Eye sports a miniaturized magic detector. It can accurately detect and distinguish various magic sources or other kinds of supernatural powers. It also features a prototype magic analyzer but it only feeds raw data to the special support crews who'd then process it to assist
- Four-Dimensional Weapons Rack (FDWR): Special system now commonly used by FOX agents. The details are currently unclear but FOX Agents seem to carry massive amount of arms and ammunition without these seemingly put anywhere on them. It isn't unusual to see Lynx or anyone else to suddenly pull out a Stinger Missile from behind the empty space of their backs. The answer lies in numerous small devices that are capable of temporally opening paths to the mysterious fourth dimension of space, expanding their carrying capacity to borderline ridiculous levels. Lynx could carry hundreds of Stinger Missiles with almost as many launcher systems yet it never encumbering him.


- Modified Beretta M9: Heavily modfied version of the old Beretta M9 with tritium-illuminated iron sights, in-built heavy-duty suppressor/silencer and the capability to fire tranquilizer dart projectiles. This version was custom made for FOX's demands, with high-quality materials to improve weapon life and reliability. The darts are also capable of penetrating body armor yet outfitted with an intelligent mechanism that causes them to break apart against softer targets (otherwise they'd be no longer non-lethal weapons). FOX also uses special chemical in their tranquilizer, capable of knocking out even large mammals with a single well-placed shot yet non-lethal to even small animals. These features make the modified M9 one of Lynx's favorite sidearms.
- Mk. 23 Mod 7 SOCOM: Large bulky pistol firing .45 bullets. While a bit unwieldy for most soldiers the SOCOM is extremely reliable and sports incredible accuracy. Mod 7 is a special variation built for FOX's needs, with hypersonic suppressor for the new programmable HVAP bullets standardized  for them since 2010. The SOCOM's magazine has the capacity of 12 bullets plus one already in the chamber. Lynx uses this as an alternative sidearm when firepower matters more.
- FIM-92XOF Stinger-X  MANPAD: Shortly referred only as the Stinger Missile, this is an extensively modified version of the military-use FIM-92 Stinger man-portable anti-aircraft system. Unlike that, though the Stinger-X utilizes technology decades ahead of its time and outfitted to become a general purpose weapon. The Stinger X features a simplified integrated AI combined with a highly adjustable warhead and missile control system. In short, the Stinger-X is faster, smarter, outfitted with many sensors and have multiple yield and blast modes. The core of the Stinger-X's  warhead is a pure fusion mechanism with yields usually adjusted between 0.002 to 20 tons of TNT. The 'XOF' in the system's name means Extraordinary Operation Forces and it's a play on FOX, subtly implying this is a weapon made exclusively for FOX.
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