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Don't get me wrong I am not saying romance can not make for an interesting story but only when it is not a carbon copy of all romance stories ever for instance in history's strongest disciple they made such interesting characters and forced them into a dull romance the worst of this is when they try to make it seem like they won't end up together using methods only an idiot would fall for and this overall makes the story predictable as hell.And that is part of the main problem with romance in stories it makes the story too predictable and bland and worst of all is it makes the female characters seem annoyingly weak such as miu how many times has keinichi had to save her even though she could whoop him horribly .

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Sarutobi was born in a household that is until the day his parents were murdered by a demon Sarutobi was hiding as he watched the demon murder both his parents it was a traumatic experience he was then sent to live with his only living relative that would take him in his uncle Hideyoshi.A traveling monk upon seeing his nephew he saw how much anger he was filled with over the loss of his parents .So he decided to teach the boy a martial art known as tai chi one that was often associated with killing demons Sarutobi was more then happy to learn this in hopes he would one day kill the demon that murdered his parents.

Years later when Sarutobi was now a teenager he had gone from hating that one demon to a full hatred for all supernatural creatures on top of that he gained an insatiable thirst to fight strong people, and he now was far stronger then when he was a boy as he had a natural talent for tai chi so he learned a lot in a short time. Hideyoshi seeing that his nephew's condition had worsened decided that the best thing to do for him would be to send him to a school where he could learn martial arts .One where he could be with kids his own age and possibly get over this hatred of his.He could only hope they would accept him as a student.


Sarutobi is a skilled practitioner of Tai Chi. He has shown to be quite agile and possess great speed. Tai Chi uses the energy around the user to effectively enhance the user attacks and uses counter or the opponents own strength to also enhance their own.

Tai Chi

  • Rabbit's Step: Rabbit's Step is a foot technique that allows the user to close gaps between him and his opponent in one single step. It is often used with Dragon Staff Strike.
  • Dragon Staff Strike: Dragon Staff Strike is a technique where a punch is delivered to the opponents stomach. Using the speed from Rabbit's Step to increase it's power makes it more powerful.
  • Dragon's Horn Heavy Weight: By slamming the user's foot on the ground a small shockwave is created that sends a wave of energy to the opponent knocking them off balance and causing internal damage.
  • Ten Thousand Horse Strikes: This a rapid fire technique from Tai Chi. The user first creates a circle with their hand and then bumps their fist together. After this a barrage of swift punches is delivered to the opponent.
  • Steel Demon's Mountain: Steel Demon's Mountain is similar to a body slam. It uses centripetal force to send an opponent lying by twisting the user's body around and hitting them with their body.
  • Front Kick: A front kick that is delivered after running and skidding on the ground which causes a gust of wind to happen after the kick is performed.
  • Axe Kick: An axe kick is performed by flipping over and delivering a powerful downward kick to the opponents shoulders. This technique essentially uses gravity to make the user's kick and speed more powerful.
  • Enlightment: Ying-Yang Five Elements Strike: A technique that delivers a powerful shockwave to their opponent which not only does a lot of damage but it also throws off their alignment for a period of itme.
  • Bloodthirst Mode whenever Sarutobi gets hurt he gets stronger and faster it is not a part of tai chi but rather who he is and at a certain point he becomes berserk with bloodthirst to the point where he con not stop himself.
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