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I'll reorganize the list as it gets larger.
  • My overall points didn't update for my Onizuka edit.
  • Searching for first anime apperance on a character does not search.
  • Same with searching for mangas, only thing I can search for is GGGG
  • When I was editing a page, I clicked the birthday section but decided not to add a bday, it wouldn't let me accept unless I picked a birthday though.
  • There's 3 Great teacher onizuka series that go to an error page (probably bunch of other pages but this seems like something you guys know already).
  • Friends blog randomly spazzing out, it looks like when someone messed up their blog with links and stuff but there's nothing messed up.
  • Can't edit my blog from the QoTD, I click edit and it just disappears. It's possibly caused because I linked it to one of the bad GTO pages (didn't know at the time).
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