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Firstly, I'd like to say, UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. Dragonball is pretty much destroyed. If it were up to me I'd ban Hollywood from being able to make live action anime movies. They can barely handle western comics, actually they can't handle western comics which is why Marvel is taking on their own production. But yeah, ban Hollywood from making anime live action movies, and live action video game movies. JUST LEAVE THESE STUFF TO THE JAPANESE, THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IT RIGHT.

I'm serious, just check out this video. It's a fan made DBZ movie and it came from JAPAN!!!!! ...looks way better then the hollywood version.

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I'll reorganize the list as it gets larger.
  • My overall points didn't update for my Onizuka edit.
  • Searching for first anime apperance on a character does not search.
  • Same with searching for mangas, only thing I can search for is GGGG
  • When I was editing a page, I clicked the birthday section but decided not to add a bday, it wouldn't let me accept unless I picked a birthday though.
  • There's 3 Great teacher onizuka series that go to an error page (probably bunch of other pages but this seems like something you guys know already).
  • Friends blog randomly spazzing out, it looks like when someone messed up their blog with links and stuff but there's nothing messed up.
  • Can't edit my blog from the QoTD, I click edit and it just disappears. It's possibly caused because I linked it to one of the bad GTO pages (didn't know at the time).
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Great Teacher Onizuka グレトウ!

and Ruroni Kenshin. I absolutely loved the OVAs.
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