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Just Anime » hey guys need help finding anything

so, i liked hellsing, and vamp hunter d, only anime xp i have aside from dbz as a kid, so what are some shows that u recommend
requirements are 
  • english audio, or dubbed
  • availability to watch online
  • good show
  • please reply when answering so i dont have to dig up this thread, thanks :)
Post by Organicalistic_ (182 posts) See mini bio Level 12

RPG » Teku

@Roleplayer21 said:
" @Teku said:
" Okay the, well you're not apart of the team so I was wondering why you would ask such a thing.

Making Edits To the Page, Again.

Don't take this wrong way, like I'm trying to be your nemesis or anything do I make my own team. Is there a minimum number of members required to make a team? I'd like to start a team with some of my friends that I made in an AOL chatroom.  "
hey hs21???
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