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I am from the Planet Zero.
My kind have long since been extinct
I made my way to Earth in the hopes to live amongst the humans but their madness and cruel nature has long since poisoned my mind.
I do not feel the need to destroy them but I do not understand, sympathise nor care for them.
They are low, they are weak. I will have to live out what is the remainder of my life in the shadows.
One day, I may rid the universe of these foul beings.
But for now...a guy's gotta eat.
I'm Jack. I was born in '92. I'm in love with a girl called Rachael who is my entire life. There isn't a day goes by that she doesn't make me happy. Unlike the last one, I chose to put that on here and wasn't told. I've come from a controlling bitch to find purity in Rachael and I will never let her go, even after I die. I love you so fucking much, beautiful, and I always will. I'm a fucking epic video game, Pokémon, PewDiePie, Cry (Cryaotic, ChaoticMonki) and DragonBall nerd.. Have been for most of my life so far and will be now until I die. Unashamed that they are the most important things in my life besides my girlfriend. 5 people I admire and look up to are Billie- Joe Armstrong, Fat Mike, Kat Von D, Charlie Sheen and James Corden. I'm addicted to cigarettes and coffee. I grew up mostly in the 90s as my passion lies with many of the cartoons, music and other stuff that I remember from then. It greatly influenced and inspired me towards the passions I have today. If it could be the 90s forever then I would die happy. I have had six rats that I have always loved as if they were my own children; Voodoo, Toast, Soap, Rufus, Lenny and Nero. And I also have a very retarded but very beautiful and awesome Corn Snake called Howard :) I don't take anything seriously. Life is a playground, enjoy it while you can. I make jokes at the most inappropriate of times. I don't really have to try too hard to be random because not much of what I ever do or say makes much sense, in the long run. People would be able to back me up on that. If you're good to me, I'll love you forever. If you're a dick to me, I will never forgive or forget it but I will, most likely, get over it. I'm an über game nerd. I'm of German, Romanian and Japanese descent. Music is my passion. I tumblr out the arse. I appreciate the basic and the fine things in life. I'm a humanist and I just love everything and everyone equally. I'm artistic and I love piercings and body art. I have eight piercings and aim to get more and to get some tattoos too. There is beauty in absolutely everything in this universe. It's my duty to find it, enjoy it and share it with everyone.
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