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Just Anime » Help with anime understanding

...kinda hard to find something new, when most of the anime out there (and the one's that i am recommended) use the same tropes for comedy. Hopefully, this recommendation of yours is good. I will review it after I watch it to let you know. And yes, I am taking suggestions.
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Just Anime » Help with anime understanding

I am a big time fan of action and mystery anime. It's my big time love.

I am trying to expand to other genres of anime, but I don't seem to be able to sit through them and enjoy them because they bore me.

I am trying to jump into comedic anime. But I have a problem - I don't find them funny at all. Why?

The comedy is too linear. It's not very original as in you see it once in a while. Every single comedy out now seems to have the same form of recycled comedy. A tsundere female hitting some weak guy. It sometimes is funny, but when I see it over and over, it is too recycled for me. It's too repetitive, and eventually seeing the same thing over and over gets boring.

I find that anime shines with their action and mystery. The action is over the top, like it should be, and mystery stories are original. From Case Closed to Paranoia Agent, I feel like I can enjoy something new every single time I watch a mystery story. A new way to get me thinking "who is the killer". But when I see comedy, I kind of can already tell what's going to happen.

Now, I understand why this is done. The Japanese people are a very repressed people. Japanese men are nothing like American men. They are very secluded - keeping to themselves, and the women are the more outgoing gender.

I tend to stay away from romantic anime. Not my taste. But I'm not going to bash someone else who does enjoy it. Fact is, I understand why they enjoy it so much. It has to do with their state of mind. That's why I understand.

I do try to give romantic anime a chance, but I don't find them enjoyable to watch. It's a whole different topic on why I don't like romantic comedy. But I'm focusing on comedic anime in this thread.

I have spoken to a few real life friends of mine, and they tend to agree about the comedy. It is very recycled and repetitive. It is not like American comedy that has many things to speak upon. From racism, to sexism, to politics. Whatever it is, American comedy exploits it. And it's always original and something new. That is why I enjoy American comedy more than Japanese comedy.

Now, I'm looking for other people's opinions. I know a lot of you enjoy japanese comedy, so I want to see your points of views. Perhaps you guys take a different mentality than I do. I just don't like repetitive things, and japanese comedy is very reptitive compared to american comedy.

I am trying to give japanese comedy a chance, but I just see so many trailers for japanese comedic shows, and all the trailers have the same sort of recycled comedy. I see a lot of tsundere females being the core of the comedy. Obviously the japanese people like this, and I understand why this comedy is like this as I explained before, but I just don't understand why it's funny. And then when you address this to some american anime fans, they get all nerd rage on you and say you are stupid. I don't know why they do that, so I'm looking for rational thinkers to address my question. Please. I don't want anime nerd ragers. Please.

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