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Ooh, I got another L-themed thing! And all because I found a song by the tune on the Internet... *shrug*
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My favorite guys
1. Sebastian Michaelis
2. Itsuki Koizumi

I think I'll like almost any character Daisuke lends his voice to...

3. Tsukune Aono

I'm not sure why I like him. He's just so sweet. But when he goes all vampire... *shiver*

4. Ayumu Aikawa

Ahaha! I love Ayumu! He's the only zombie-masou shojou I've ever run across, and let's face it, even in a PINK dress, he's HAWT!!! (that brown eyes/grey hair combo is win)

5. Ryƍshi Morino

What a cutie! He may have that slight issue about people looking at him, but seriously... He can kick butt when he puts his mind to it! I love how you can never see one of his eyes...

6. Takumi Usui

Wow, the blonde guy is actually smart? Hmm... the hotness, athletic, and cooking talents are just a fangirl bonus :) I love Usui!

7. Izaya Orihara

He's a slimy little weasel...and he's smart and attractive... it's a combination that shouldn't be possible, but it is :)

8. Shinra Kishitani

Come on, cute, smart, and voiced by Jun Fukuyama in Japanese? How can I not like him?

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