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Ooh, I got another L-themed thing! And all because I found a song by the tune on the Internet... *shrug*
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Last week not much happened to me. I took nine tests, and will take three more this week. Then I will be done as far as those go~ 
Anyway, these are the ongoing-anime episodes I saw this week, in order:  
-On Tuesday, Kore wa Zombie Des Ka? episode 8:  Aw, poor Haruna. She can only let out her true feelings by beating the crap out of even poorer Ayumu. And even after he pays for most of the things they do at the mall? I thought the girls were just starting to learn to share... And unfortunately for Yuu, problems just seem to follow her everywhere, not unlike Ayumu. What's this new problem, you ask? Well, if you watched earlier episodes, you'll remember that certain zombie she tried to destroy, right? Well, he's back, and he's taking Yuu with him.

-On Friday, Gosick episode 9: It was interesting, and pretty amusing when Victorique got her shot after she got sick. "Fugee? What's a fugee?" I guess I'll just have to watch and find out, because the episode also ended with a decent cliffhanger that resulted in poor Kujo getting in some serious trouble.
-On Sunday, Bakuman. episode 22: I was expecting Mashiro and the other Cup contestants to fight for their manga rights here after Koogy announced his haitus on music to take advantage of the world of manga, but apparently... not? At least there was some good explanation for why they didn't fight to the death with words just yet. It wasn't really the best episode of Bakuman. I've seen, but it wasn't bad. 
I also saw the movie Beastly with my older sister. It was really cute, and the little ending scene made me shout 'hazah! change the bastard into a beast, too, witch!'  
Today was one of the days I have off this week, and you can bet I'm going to watch some more Durarara!!! in my free time after I edit my paper for resubmition (my teacher didn't see stuff that she should have). And, OH MY GAWD, Black Butler season one part two is coming out tomorrow! Yay~! I got my dad to pre-order it for me, so all's good, and I've secured ownership, yo :3 As I've mentioned before, I can't wait to hear Agni and Soma's voices.
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