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"Faults with One Piece" is an oxymoron, a contradiction of terms. Am i being bias? Damn straight! why would i not show favoritism to the greatest manga conceived? Besides, it's ability to create such loyal and blinded love towards the series is a tes
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Battles » Kakashi vs Guy

What are you talking about? There has been various manga that have utilized meteor techniques.

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Battles » Current Kakashi vs Itachi

I never thought I would say Kakashi owns Itachi smh

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Battles » CP9 VS shichibukais (read rules)

If they figure out Crocodile's weakness then they get passed him.

They do not get passed Jinbei.

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Battles » Law vs Kuma vs Nagato vs Barragan

@Kurohige said:

@luthluth: It's not just time, Respira works differently than Jewelry Bonney who can apparenty control the age of people around her without contact, respira requires the mist to make contact and is thus a tangible substance as it can be halted by kidou walls, therefore it can be repeled by Kuma. The respira must attaches to whatever it hits (As seen with Soifon) and rots away, Kuma can repel it, he repelled the sharpness of Zoro's sword, the heat of ussop's fire bird star, the pain and fatigue of Luffy, and the force of Luffy's punches, he even repelled Zoro's shockwave damage. Because Respira is a physical attack Kuma can repel the respira and it's affects. There is nothing to suggest the respira would bypass that.

@Kurohige said:

@taichokage: Your response only helps my point; it's fiction, it does not work the same normal time does, I'm not saying Barragan is not time based but I am saying that time is not all he does, he is not aging, he is accelerating something to the point of decay. It was halted by the kidou for a few moments before breaking through, it takes Kuma's paw paw fruit less than a moment to reflect something. The fact is regardless of the properties of Respira it is still a tangible substance that requires contact to work. Kuma can deflect both tangible and intangible substance with his ability. You also can't "age" rock into dust, nor can you simply age a tree since unless a tree dies the wood wont rot but as we can see with Barragan's ability he simply rots whatever he touches.

The thing is, you're not getting what I'm saying: Barragan does age with his ability, but that is not soley what his power is, even the official description is rotting, that is why Barragan simply made Soifon's arm snap before release rather than it decaying, he simply used age at that point, respira is different. You examples also don't make sense considering I never stated Baragan's ability was not aging, in addition Kizaru has demonstrated the ability to make flares, move at unbelievable speeds, and the entire bases of a logia is based on the element so of course he is light, Whitebeard does manipulate seismic waves in a sense but nothing suggest he can alter an earthquake or other shockwaves that occur natrually or created by another, it's because he is a paramecia, the same way Chopper can't manipulate other humans or animals or Moria can't manipulate your shadow without contact ect.

Again, Respira is tangible, based on Kuma's power and what he has shown to be able to deflect respira will be no problem, it's like saying "Kuma can reverse heat and humidity?" because he deflected fire, it doesn't mean that he can make a hot summer day cold but if a fireball comes at him he can deflect that, the same thing here, Kuma can't deflect time and prevent himself from aging or prevent day from becoming night, but with an ability like respira there is nothing to suggest he can't deflect it. So just like how respira is fiction in the sense that the way he uses tie is not the same as in real life, Kuma can deflect things that seem nigh impossible to deflect such as repsira and in a way time, it's fiction. I have no idea why you are saying "What? Kuma can deflect time?! Crazy!" when he literally repelled emotion, fatigue, and other forms of non physical attacks and even things such as sharpness without actually dulling the blade, or heat without stopping the fire from burning, it's fiction.

Finally someone understands.

Thank God for Kurohige.

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Battles » Law vs Kuma vs Nagato vs Barragan

I am still not convinced that Barragan can beat Kuma from all the other battles made on this site.

I am going with Kuma.

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Battles » Doflamingo vs BM Naruto



Doflamingo can't solo the verse.

Doflamingo hax, speed & being a badass gives him the win lol.

BM Naruto's DC is good and all with BD but when has a BD taken out anyone of importance in the manga?

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Battles » Kenpachi vs Lucia Ravegroove

No amount of PIC will save Kenpachi

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Battles » Doflamingo vs BM Naruto

Don for the win + he does not require prep/knowledge you are ensuring Naruto loses here

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Battles » Gremmy runs this gauntlet

@FormerCrimsonKing said:

Aw man. Imagine a bloodlusted Akabane.

This would be cruel lol

I do not believe Gremmy can get past any of the GetBacker characters listed here, Toriko and Lucia. I do not know much about the others.

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Battles » All out Battle!

The cast from GetBackers shown in the pics stomp and that's excluding Ban

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Battles » Monster Aizen with the KS vs Shichibukai, Strawhat ans Whitebeard

@nishi99 said:

Monster Aizen never used KS.


Team wins.

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Battles » Shichibukai VS Level 5 Espers

They are not that powerful, they do win but its not a stomp.

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Battles » Zoro vs Zero

I thought Zero was one of the strongest Megaman characters, he should win.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law

I give up lol

Marco is not Admiral lvl

He is some how weaker than Don - literally the first big test for the SH in the new world lol

Ohh & Ace is weak too.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law


Blackbeard was in the upper echelon of power from the start of the manga so its not really fair to say that. You should credit Ace for lasting as long as he did against him.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law

@luthluth said:

Don easily stopped diamond Jozu who had enough strength to throw a 100 000+ ton iceberg he also has strong haki. Lol Kizaru was toying with Marco and so was Akainu, he is in no way on par with either of the admirals. Ace is a weakling and a disappointment with absolutely no haki and should be at pre time skip smoker level at best. Cant you guys see Don solos hes stronger than you think putting law into the equation equals even bigger rape.

Kizaru always acts like that, the only time his persona changed was in film Z. Its not in Akainu nature to toy with someone + his target was to kill Luffy he wanted to kill him as fast as possible so he was not toying with Marco. Well he is one of the very few to fight them evenly.

Ace using HH as a child.

Pre-time skip smoker lvl are you joking. Ace was able to fight Jinbei for 5 days.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law

@waybig1010101 said:

@taichokage: yeah just sayine the range of the warlords vary. Also on topic i think don is high warlock level cause he is a warlord as for admiral level i'll just wait and see.


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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law

@taichokage said:

Isn't that a bit of an assumption on your part? Don wasn't scared of Aokiji. In fact Aokiji was worried about Don to the point where he had Smoker inform Akainu who is essentially his rival. He said Don is currently the biggest threat to the Marines at the moment. Not saying he's as dangerous as a Yonko but the Yonko as far as we know are not plotting things to the extent Don is. If Aokiji felt that Don were such a great threat, wouldn't he have stopped him then and there if he thought he could? Don had no inherent reason to fight Aokiji, but Aokiji was very concerned about Don's motives. Who was afraid of who I wonder. Don didn't seem scared to me. Someone who can own two Warlords without breaking a sweat must be of around Admiral caliber at the very least.

If you look back at the scan Don was breathing heavily after braking out of the ice so I do not believe it was done casually like people say. Don is the biggest threat to the new Marine hq not because of his own powers or crew but what his actions/deals have set in motion. It is because he is continuously supplying the 'strongest beast in the world' with DF users. Don may have other schemes and what not but as far as we know he supplies weapons and the like to other countries. Kuzan is not a marine anymore, why would he + he has his own agenda like Don said who is this Kuzan implying he is different from the time when he was carrying out his marine duties. Don is powerful and he is close to Admiral lvl. Just because he defeated Law (his past subordinate) does not make him Admiral lvl lol Law is a relative rookie to ways of the new world. Moria was already wounded from his battles during the war Don had help from many Kuma clones and still could not finish the job. Luffy is not scared of anyone does not mean he is Admiral lvl. Caribou was not scared of attacking the SH even with all their fame and exploits does not mean he is their lvl.

@ChromeDisaster said:

@taichokage: I agree. It is a very large stretch to say Don Isn't Admiral level. I'd say he was not afraid of Aokiji one bit. He kept a smile on his face the whole way through. The only reason I say he didn't fight Aokiji is because he was giving chase to Law & The Strawhats at the moment. If he had time on his hands like he did at Marineford, he would've fought and even possibly defeated Aokiji. It's just like

I say Smoker was of high priority as Don said he would have to use other means to ensure that Smoker did not talk. After all Smoker knew of his alias which could cause him to lose his status and be hunted by an Admiral. I do not get how you guys are determining his strength from him defeating Law, he has never engaged an Admiral lvl opponent. So he will have just miraculously defeated Kuzan?? I know Kuzan's only aim was stopping him from killing his friend. Don's aim was killing smoker which was of high priority he could not do this due to presence of Kuzan. Marco's ability is linear? Just because he does not have ranged attacks does not mean he cant own the other 2.@taichokage said:

I think Admiral level is held in too high an esteem. They aren't Yonko. There are still those on par with and above them. People readily accept that Mihawk is at minimum Admiral level and likely higher even though he's of the same rank and has fewer feats than Don. Seriously. Who else that isn't admiral level or higher can you think of that can trash 2 warlords (at different times) with almost no injury? In the power hierarchy of One Poece there isn't an established level between Admiral and Warlord, only some variation within the ranks. Also again, why didn't Aokiji take him down if he knew he was literally the biggest threat? That indicates he would either have come out with heavy injury or even more likely, would've lost. The only attack he used on Don didn't work after all, the same attack that worked on Diamond Jozu who fought on par with Aokiji.

Why should they not be the 3 admirals are considered the world governments greatest military powers. I only consider Mihawk that because he will be Zoro's last or 2nd to last opponent, he has to be on that lvl + he is the greatest swordsman in the world. If you consider the samurai's of wano where pirates and marines stay clear and Mihawk is above them all. There is clear hierarchy within the warlord ranks. The pre-time skip Admirals were all roughly the same strength albeit they each had there own advantages with their individual DF's.

@taichokage said:

Here's a rundown of why Don is so impressive.

His list of wins:

Law (Fellow Warlord) with ease,

Don was his captain and Law has not surpassed him in power yet. Not impressive to me I did not expect that battle to last longer than it did.

Moria (Fellow Warlord) with greater ease,

I have addressed this already.

Sanji (who is above pre skip Luffy, about Vice Admiral level) Fodderized him.

Sanji had no knowledge of his powers whereas Don was very informed not underestimating the SH. As stated by that shark cutter Vice Admiral guy that Maynard was a little punk highly suggests that their is great range in Vice Admiral lvls which should be obvious from the likes of Garp and all the other experienced/powerful Vice Admirals that were around in Roger's era.

Noteworthy feats:

Stopped Diamond Jozu effortlessly, someone who gave Aokiji a run for his money and was beating up fellow Warlord Crocodile,

Broke Aokiji's ice (something Diamond Jozu, pre skip Luffy and everyone else other than Whitebeard himself have failed to do so far),

Had a Vice Admiral and fellow Warlord under his command,

Has 3 subordinates he holds in equal esteem to Law (a Warlord) and in Trebol's case even higher,

Scuffled with Admiral Fujitora briefly with no injury,

His influence is second to no Pirate we've seen excluding arguably the Yonko, being able to overrule Fleet Admiral Akainu's orders and send for CP0 at his discretion, as well as put false information in the world news within hours, and most of all, he has close ties to Yonko Kaido.

And lastly he commands by far the strongest organization we've seen out of any Warlord. Easily above Barouque Works, the Fishman Pirates, Amazon Lilly, and Thriller Bark. This is another testimony to his might.

Those are all impressive. You will know soon why is not Admiral lvl in terms of strength.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law


No that scan does not indicate anything other than Issho attacking Law. I simply do not know where in that scan you gathered that from.

Just because he broke out of the ice does not suggest he can contend with Kuzan. Kuzan casually froze him and was not a single bit concerned that Don broke out. His subordinate was thankful ^& even suggested that the reason he broke out was because it did not reach his heart. If anything most people would agree that was a warning given by Kuzan to f*** off or else. The only other strong character to get frozen by Kuzan was Jozu albeit he was distracted by his captain.


Admiral level is taken too lightly.

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