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Sorry that I dropped the Higurashi updating all of the sudden. Real life came up and stuff... Might pick up the editing in the near future.
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So, the last time I was here, I was complaining about the Man of Steel movie, even though I haven't watched it, and people weren't happy about that. Understandable.

I've seen it about a week ago and made a video about it, but forgot to post it in this community. And after which, I also watched Pacific Rim with my friend and made another video about that (with him) as well, so I thought I might as well post both of that here.

Yes, that is a Power Rangers lightning bolt stuck in between the Pacific Rim logo. Just for fun. Not mocking it or anything.

Anyway, to sum it up, both movies could've been better; Man of Steel could've used more character, and Rim could've used less cliches. Both are just mindless action movies made to entertain - the latter being more the case than the former. Nevertheless, I really want more out of both these franchises in the future.

Yeah, you could complain, "Yakkity yak. This guy just doesn't get what cool action movies are meant for." You know... I liked Independence Day, and Con-Air. But I'd prefer watching The Dark Knight over any of those two, any day.

Leave your comments at the videos and please subscribe if you like them. Thanks for watching.

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