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Sorry that I dropped the Higurashi updating all of the sudden. Real life came up and stuff... Might pick up the editing in the near future.
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Pixar movies are probably the only movies that you could make this kind of connection with using thirteen movies. I'm not saying that this theory is even remotely accurate, but it sure makes one heck of a theory worth making a crossover movie over.

Pixar, just do it!! It will be the biggest philosophical message any movie studio has ever tried to tell in the entire history of movies!

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Wow. The episode summaries are... so detailed. Seriously, though, Higurashi is one of the more decent anime out there, and nobody bothered to edit it? Ah well, guess it's up to me.

Don't mind the current summary I put up for now. It's a bit plain but, I'm currently working on a more detailed summary. Give me a day or so and I'll clean this episode up.

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I especially love the part about people dying - as they should - in a freaking warzone.

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So, the last time I was here, I was complaining about the Man of Steel movie, even though I haven't watched it, and people weren't happy about that. Understandable.

I've seen it about a week ago and made a video about it, but forgot to post it in this community. And after which, I also watched Pacific Rim with my friend and made another video about that (with him) as well, so I thought I might as well post both of that here.

Yes, that is a Power Rangers lightning bolt stuck in between the Pacific Rim logo. Just for fun. Not mocking it or anything.

Anyway, to sum it up, both movies could've been better; Man of Steel could've used more character, and Rim could've used less cliches. Both are just mindless action movies made to entertain - the latter being more the case than the former. Nevertheless, I really want more out of both these franchises in the future.

Yeah, you could complain, "Yakkity yak. This guy just doesn't get what cool action movies are meant for." You know... I liked Independence Day, and Con-Air. But I'd prefer watching The Dark Knight over any of those two, any day.

Leave your comments at the videos and please subscribe if you like them. Thanks for watching.

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I've been hearing a lot of ominous things that I want to rant about for a little while on my blog. Man of Steel. Before I go into why I'm worried about it, I'm going to back it up a little bit with the proper reasoning I didn't really get to insert in my mindless rampage against angry Man of Steel fanboys who... obviously didn't like my concerns about their glorious action movie.

Let's turn the clock back a few years ago when we've only heard very minor rumours about the release of this film. We were excited, obviously, and were even more so when we heard that Nolan was involved in it. It was like, "YES! This is gonna be the Batman Begins for Superman!!!" A character's journey from humble farm boy to the mighty man of tomorrow we've all known and love. And this is, of course, much needed after Superman Returns' somewhat mediocre story that felt more like a bad DLC than the full package. Now, don't get me wrong, I personally respect what Bryan did with Returns. He tried to 'return' the fans to the franchise after several years of absence from Superman movies ever since the last horrible break that was Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. So, he tried to dive into showing what it feels like to have the man of hope being absent from humanity for so long and what effects it might have on mankind... But it didn't work. Bryan spent too much time on holding the hands of Superman fans and lesser time on developing the new world that was absent of Superman for so many years. It's disappointing, but I don't really feel the kind of hate many Superman fans felt over the years. It was a bad move, and yes, it even felt a little bit lazy at times, but this is Bryan Singer we're talking about. He doesn't do 'lazy.' He's just another great story-artist who didn't manage to achieve the kind of vision we were yearning for... which is something I could've said for Snyder, if it wasn't for his track record.

Yes, he brought us Watchmen and... wait, what? 300? Is that supposed to be some kind of joke? That shallow-ass piece of shit? No. That can't be used to back up someone who's making this massive of a character movie. So, let's see, Watchmen. Yes, he did a freaking good job with Watchmen, really, and I really commend him for that. It's not that easy to adapt a masterpiece even if the source material was flawless enough to be difficult to be screwed up upon. Snyder did leave out a few things that I would've preferred to stay in the film, but the movie's long enough as it is, and they're minor gripes anyway.

Aside from the 'Memento' of his track record, let's see what else he's got... Sucker Punch. Really. A visual fest of special effects thrown together with some animeristic tone and atmosphere. I haven't been that torn out by losing my money on a poorly spent one and a half hours of a movie since Transformers 2. And I didn't even know it was by the guy who did Watchmen until I looked it up! LATER!

But let's not focus on his one sore spot here. At least the guy's got Dawn of the Dead. Hey, that's something good, right? A deconstruction of the zombie genre. Something that was much needed since god knows when. Hey, I've enjoyed that movie. It's got a lot of cool visuals and stuff... and action. Hm. Yeah, that's about it.

So, in conclusion, I'm guessing Snyder is just that cool 'action guy' who did some cool popcorn flicks that we've enjoyed every now and then at the back of our mind, but definitely nothing like Nolan, or Cameron, or Spielberg. Sigh. And this guy was slated to direct a Superman reboot movie? Really? What, were any of the big three too embarrassed to be involved with such an optimistic character in our 'darker and grittier' era? Well, at least Nolan was involved, to some extent. But to what kind of extent? I really want to know.

Unlike a lot of people who thinks Superman is too much of a boy scout (to be honest, I was also one of'em, too annoyed by his idealism to like him at all), I've always had this idea that Superman is a much-needed boy scout in our dark times nowadays. Everything's darker and grittier nowadays that we need the golden boy to go back to his true form and show us some hope. He's the hero nobody really cares about because everyone's too obsessed with Batman, as depicted in the really well-written Mark 'Kick-Ass' Millar's very own Superior comic. He's not the one that's so bent on revenge that he has no time to honour the wishes of a crippled boy whose only wish is to be Superman- I mean Superior. That's always how I looked at Superman. He's a pure, white knight hero that doesn't need to be tainted with cynicism or violence. He's good as who he is. Kinda like Spider-Man without the snark.

So why is it that all I've heard about is how Superman actually punching someone in this movie instead of something along the lines of, "Superman has shown us that it's not embarrassing to still hold hopes in our heart in our time of darkness. The 'Man of Tomorrow' continues to be a beacon of light that teaches us to look up. And point." SOMETHING LIKE THAT! I want to hear that this is something that teaches us some philosophical lesson that keeps us inspired. That's what Superman is supposed to be like! So why the hell is the 'action, so cool' all I'm hearing about the Man of Steel? Why not just call it, the 'Fists of Steel,' or 'Too Krypton, Too Furious.' Sigh.

I could go on and on, but until I actually watch the movie itself, I guess I have no credibility whatsoever. I know it's unfair to judge the movie based on people's opinion and not on the package itself, but I'm just saying, it got me worried. That is all. I might have jumped the gun and have sounded like a fanboy amateur kind of idiot, and I apologize for that, but really, I WANT this movie to be as good as Batman Begins. BETTER, even. So, all we have left to do now is hope, look up, and shout his name.

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