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I have finally decided that I am going to type a blog because these quest are so addicting. And I've decided to talk about my experience in the RPG section of anime -Vice. 
Before I joined Anime-vice I was an active member of Comic-Vine, I wasn't very popular and didn't know much at the time. But most of the time I was on CV I wanted to join an RPG but wasn't sure how to start. So I chickened out for a long, long time. 
Eventually I checked out and joined Anime-Vice just out of pure curiosity, I was a nobody so if I made a mistake I could just leave Anime-Vice forever and stay at comic-Vine. Turns out it was much easier to become an acitve RPGer than I fear; the people were friendly and understanding, there were many oppertunities to shine, and I was having fun. Truth is that my sucess in role-playing started off on a rocky start (like all of us did) but with help of the more experienced Vicers I was able to learn the ropes and become a better writer quickly. My character, OmegaMekix, has become something I enjoy but didn't expect and I've gain more popularity than I expected from the Gekido Sunrise.  
These are some of the friends I've made on the RPG forums. 
NewDeath: One of the best on the RPG forums. He is sort of the role model to many people; a lot of people base their skills from his character, he participates in a lot of stories, and his character is just awesome. He makes cool posts on sotries helping them move foward, he is always patient with the noobies who are trying, and he is a very active member. I respect NewDeath to a high degree and aim to be a role modle someday for the new vicers. 
Sonata: Sonata has one of the scariest characters on the vice. So it is always fun to react with her, I usually have my character get shivers down his spine and an urge to run out of the room. But Sonata also has a complex back story that helps explain why she is scary, an interesting tale that makes you feel bad about her past. Bottom line is that she is a terrifyingly fun person to play with on these forums. 
Willyvereb: To me Willyvereb is the person you either want to pat on the back or stab in the back, it is hard to decide. But in all seriousness I prefer to pat him on the back. Willyvereb has the habit of questioning everything I do. While it seems irritating at first I do appreciate it, I must always be able to explain myslef clearly and effectively. He is almost like my beta-tester; if I am not satified with how I explained it to him then  I will know that I need to rethink it until it is satifying. This has really helped my character along with his development and improved my writing skills. This person has my back and I'm glad he is there to help me. 
Haseo: My friendship with Haseo has been a truly interesting one. He is like that weird friend everyone has who makes your day a little better. I must first thank him for helping me with the nanobot powers. He misinterpeted one of my post and to keep the story going I did something that surprised everyone (including me),  gave OmegaMekix nanobots to control. this really helped out my character and I'm glad you made that mistake earlier, it proves that not all mistakes are bad. I have never regretted befriending him and I'm glad I'm able to have a unique friendship like this, helps me with my day. 
battleheiz: At first I only knew this guy as the one who posted the cool picture on the 'How do you picture others' thread. But eventually he started posting picutres of my character and I retunred the favor by posting a few (not as much as he does with everyone else but a good amount) pictures of how I viewed him. This led to us becoming friends. One of the cool things I've learned about battleheiz is that he is willing to try anything; he is always experimenting, trying new things, and doing his best. His attempts are admiriable and I hope I can RPG with him soon. 
Kimiko_Cronos: I haven't exactly become friends with Kimiko but we sometimes have our good moments together. I can tell she is really committed to whatever project she created and is a very good RPGer. So far I have been in two interesting stories created by her (both still in progress) and I enjoy the challenge of trying her ideas. They are cool, unique, and fun to do. I hope I can learn more about Kimiko and becomes frineds with her. 
cfatalis: Truth be told, I've only recently interacted with fatalis. But before that I viewed him as a background character. Now that I know him my old views w=have been proven wrong and I now know he partipates a lot across the vice. He is funny, cool to interact with, and doesn't let the 'being god-like' fact get to his head. 
Nerx: One of the funniest people on the vice. Most of his jokes either get me to cringe or laugh, making my day a little more interesting. Though he doesn't appear on the vice too often whenever he does it is always fun. One day I hope to be as humorous as he is, until then I'll just tell bad jokes. 
Chengy: I haven't know this player long but I can already tell this person is skilled at writing and is fun to play with. He makes good post, understands the situation better than I do, and can weave a good story. Hopefully I can know more about Chengy later on. 
I'm happy to know each of these poeple and enjoy interacting with them. They've helped me with my RPG skills and have become my friends.    

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