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Battles » Kakashi and Tsunade Vs Monkey D.Luffy

Wow, you were able to sum up my argument in a nice clear paragraph. 
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Battles » Kakashi and Tsunade Vs Monkey D.Luffy

Doesn't Kakashi know water techniques that could drown Luffy? Considering that Tsunade and Kakashi have advantages in; numbers, techniques, no obvious weakness, abilities to summon a giant slug that can spew acid which could be stronger than Chief Warden Magellan, illusions, weapons, healing techniques, and experience.
(For the debate that those in the Naruto-Universe are faster)
Tsunade is one of the greatest medical ninjas of her time. It was revealed that a medical ninja must have incredible speed so they don't become seriously harmed. We can safely assume that Tsunade has trained herself to be fast enough to avoid most ninja's attacks, which can happen within a blink.
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Editing & Tools » Baby as Object??

Switch them around and we'll have everything where it belongs.
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RPG » " I wanna fight" Thread

The only ability I have as a secret was the limitbreaker but I edited it so all my powers are known. All I can do are speed based attacks, illusions, and morphing my body (which I doubt I will be using any time soon).
I'm ready to battle anybody.
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Battles » Kakashi and Tsunade Vs Monkey D.Luffy

@Nerx: Nice argument but you are forgetting one thing. This is Tsunade and Kakashi working together. 
  • These two ninjas can move just as fast as Luffy (2nd gear) on a normal basis, they've been trained to be fast.
  • Tsunade doesn't have to try to knock out Luffy, just immobilize him so Kakashi can do serious damage.
  • Ninjas carry several dozen kunies, shurikens, and other sharp weapons.
  • Kakashi is bound to have one technique that could harm Luffy.
  • If Luffy enters 3rd gear Tsunade can counter all his attacks to protect Kakashi. 
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General Discussion » Who has tried to destroy the world?

This is a list and it can  be anybody whose attempted/succeeded in Earth's destruction.
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RPG » " I wanna fight" Thread

I should test out my online RPG skills. Why not I'll fight anybody, weak or god-like, I don't care much about winning or losing just as long as I get back in the game.
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Battles » Kakashi and Tsunade Vs Monkey D.Luffy

Kakashi and Tsunade win this fight. Tsunade will be able to beat Luffy to a plump and Kakashi could come up with a strategy that would end with a chidori piercing Luffy's heart. 
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Battles » sephiroth vs darth nihilus

Definitely Nihilus. He had powers that Sephiroth could never amount up to; strength to destroy a planet, the near-extinction of the Jedi, and the power to drain the one winged angel of all his power.
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Battles » Spiderman Vs. Kidomaru

Ok I'm convinced. As long as Spiderman doesn't get hit by an arrow he probably would win.
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Battles » Spiderman Vs. Kidomaru

@TheYellowFlash: @Kurohige: 
Spiderman is a very powerful superhero but you have to consider that in the Naruto-Universe even the weak ninjas could rival some Marvel heroes. While the spidey-sense will help him greatly in this battle he can only dodge so many arrows that have the ability to pierce you before you blink. And I will  admit that Spiderman is much stronger than Kidomaru he has to go close to the ninja and that will signifigantly lower his evasion. 
I'm only giving this victory to Kidomaru because his fighting style is meant to defeat those who use close-combat skills and the web he generates will tear through Spidey's flesh killing him or handicapping him enough so the next shot can't miss.
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Battles » Spiderman Vs. Kidomaru

Kidomaru; he has way more techniques, he's been trained to kill, Kidomaru fights with long distance while Spidey is a close fighter, and when he activates his curse-mark his already high strength level increases.
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General Discussion » Who has tried to destroy the world?

*facepalms myself* 
Of course! How could I forget? That's all the villains wanted to do. ARGGGGGGGGG!!!! Thanks for reminding me.
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General Discussion » Who has tried to destroy the world?

Comics have several-hundred villains who've attempted to destroy the world but who in manga/animes tried it. The end of the world has to been a problem in some stories, so just list off those crazy people who hated the world enough to destroy it.
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Battles » Aigis vs Zero



  • This Aigis is from the Persona 3 game but not The Answer.
  • Zero is from the MegaMan Zero series.
  • Aigis has the Persona Athena so she is capable of minor healing
  • Zero has his blaster, Z-saber, shield, spear, and whip.
  • Aigis can not enter her Omega mode, but Zero also doesn't have access to his other forms.

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Battles » mew and mewtwo vs sephiroth

I actually think that Mew and Mewtwo would win just because of their physic abilities. Think about it; Sephiroth can't use his sword because the pokemon can alter it's movements, the two-on-one would make it difficult for Sephiroth to use any surprise attacks, and if the pokemon really wanted to they would put him in a position were most of his attacks are useless.  
Sephiroth is very strong but Mew and Mewtwo can counter everything he throws at them, that's why I give it to the Pokemon.
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Battles » godzilla vs sin

I'll give the victory to Sin because he can not die as easily as Godzilla can, also Godzilla is only a main threat to the modern-world Tokyo Sin is the worse threat ever in a magical world (and not just one country in particular). That's got to count for something.
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RPG » RPG Ideas Thread

Here's an idea
It all started with a new cult appearing in all major cities. Soon kidnapping reports go up while amount found goes down. But the worse is yet to come, out of nowhere these giant entities are attacking everything and mass panic spreads. Obviously the cult has some connection to the kidnappings and violent entities but for what purpose?   
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RPG » OmegaMekix's Bio

Personal Information


Name: Victor Young  
Aliases: OmegaMekix, the Nanobot Warrior
Gender: Male  
Age: 19
Alignment: Chaotic Good  
Occupation: Vigilante, Company Archon
Species: Homo sapien / Human   
Ethnicity: Caucasian  
Height: 5' 9"  
Weight: 145 lbs  
Eye color: Gray-Blue
Hair Color: Blue (dyed)
Origin of Power: Nanobots   
Martial Status: Dating Sabine  
Group Affiliation: the Company
Avatar Appearance: Minato Arisato, Ryuuji Takasu, Sa Ghang Gwon     



Victor is famous for his silent determination. While he appears quiet, he actually has an intense passion and will fight for what he believes in. He is cunning, flexible, and downright stubborn which makes him a worth hero.







A nanobot is a machine that is the size of a nanometer or around 1/10,000,000th of an inch. While a single nanobot is too small to cause considerable damage, a cluster of billions of nanobots is able to perform feats that astounds scientists. The amount of nanobots inside Victor exceeds the hundreds of trillions, meaning that he is able to perform superhuman feat with ease. 

Victor is able to manipulate his nanobots through electrical currents similar to the nerve pulses from our brains to our body. Since the nanobots are so advance, they can decode these electrical pulses into messages. So all Victor needs to do is think of a deed and then the nanobots will preform it.
The nanobots are also immune to certain things while very susceptible to other. The nanobots are small enough to avoid the waves of an Electro-Magnetic-Pulses and when they are largely compacted they tend to be non mechanical objects (such as a knife) so the EMP would still be useless. Magnetism is also ineffective because the nanobots have an automatic response to pair up with an oppositely charged nanobots to create a balance that is unaffected by magnets. But the nanomachines are weak to both extreme heat and radiation. The only way they can be protected by radiation or heat is if they are compacted in the right formation that can withstand them.    
Victor's body has adapted to the nanobots and the nanobots have adapted themselves to Victor. That means that neither can live without the other. Victor provides a shelter for the robots and supplies so more can be created while the nanobots protect Victor from anything that could kill him.  

Abilities and Skills

Weaponry Training: After many years of training, Victor had learned how to fire most guns and wield daggers. He even has some basic unarmed training so he has some defense in cause he can not use a weapon. While Victor may not be an expert marksman or swords master, his skills are good enough where he can protect himself in combat.

Superhuman Feats: Since the nanobots greatly improve Victor's body, he is capable of performing many superhuman feats. Depending on the concentration of his nanobots, Victor can increase the amount of weight he can lift, the speed he can reach, and the amount of force his body can withstand.
Camouflage: The nanobots are able to cloak Mekix and make him appear invisible. While this doesn't mask his scent or quiet the noise he makes, the camouflage is still a useful ability. 

Formation: By condensing hundreds of nanobots together an object can be easily created. Any equipment formed this way will be stronger, lighter, more flexible, and durable because the nanobots are aligned together in an advance matter. Victor can create many things; guns, knives, clothing, walls, armor, tools, and even explosives with his nanobots. But there are some things that can not be made from nanobots, mainly food or anything living or was once living objects.   

Conversion: The nanobots can break down substances and transform the substances into even more nanobots. Victor can do this to virtually any material, even people, if he wishes. Though he tends to only use this on previously damaged or non vital material. On most occasions the process tends to be quick but different material can take more or less time. 
Detonations: Some nanobots are combustible, if they are triggered to explode they may preform devastating detonations. These explosives can range in destructibility because of their shape, size, and density. Only three methods maybe used to control the detonations of these devices; a set-up timer that will trigger the explosion, a code-word or other indication that may allow the device to detonation, or information threads that are attached and will trigger the explosive whenever Victor chooses to.

Homeostasis Regulation: With thousands of nanobots traveling throughout Victor's body his physical condition is always at top shape. Most of the nanobots are actually used to restore the body; preventing infections, stopping poisons, healing wounds, destroying harmful cells, etc. The nanobots are so advance they may even replicate limbs and organs.
Electrical Manipulation: Because nanobots have a energy storage compartment they have the ability to harmlessly absorb some electrical currents and store it for energy or later use. If Victor has collected enough electricity he may use it on his opponents. But he tends to avoid using this skill since it uses up the valuable energy supply of his nanobots.




It is rare for Victor to openly talk about his past. He usually tries to avoid the topic and tries not to let anyone know what his life has been like before. But in order to come to peace with himself, Victor occasionally writes in a personal journal that is kept secret. Here are a few of his posts.


It is difficult to believe that some of the biggest decisions that we make in our entire lives occur when we are children who are not wise to the world yet. I made several big decision when I was just eight that dictated how the rest of my life would play out.
It was my eighth birthday and I was able to convince my parents to take me to the carnival. I was having a great time and enjoying the time with my parents before the sunset, when we had to go back home. We were walking on the sidewalk after dark, just the three of us, when a man appeared out of the nearby ally. He demanded money and my parents were willing to comply. Suddenly, everything went wrong. The man accidentally pulled the trigger and murdered my father. In fear, my mother tried to pounce on him but she was stopped by a bullet too. The man knew that he should cut his losses and try to run. In his fear, he accidentally dropped his gun and began to rush down the street. That is when I picked up the loaded gun and fired at him, taking away my first life.
After that event, I promised myself that I would not be so helpless where I would be unable to protect people. So I signed up to be recruited in a secret organization and was implanted with nanobots. Then I trained for the next several years to become physically fit and learn how to harness the nanobots. I preformed many missions; assassinations, rescue operations, retrieval missions, and any other type of missions that exists. But I quickly become tired of working for this organization and I left. Soon enough, the organization coincidentally fell apart and was completely ended. 


The Gekido Sunrise





Sabine has dramatically changed since I first saw here. When we first met, we were enemies battling in the arctic tundra. But the ice broke underneath us and we were trapped in an underground, ice-craved dungeon. We decided to set aside our difference for the moment and try to work together so we could escape. At the time, Sabine was dressed up as a boy and was under the influence of her darker side, Sakir. I learned the hard way that she was actually a girl and around this time we began feeling things for each other. Now Sakir's hate for me grew. When we finally escaped Sakir was able to convince Sabine to attack me. Things didn't end well and I had to send a wounded Sabine to the Gekido base. 
A few later we battled again. I was close to giving up on her but she was able to fight off Sakir enough so I could help quiet him. After that we were able to rekindle our romance. Now we are an official couple.
But we still have our..... issues. Recently, Sabine has been able to conjure a 'reformed' Sakir into battle and that makes me a little uncomfortable. Enemies have also been attempting to strike at one by harming the other. I battled NewDeath, and lost, when he threatened to kill Sabine. He claimed that he didn't want to kill Sabine yet but I know that he will not hesitate to kill her if that meant I would suffer. I'm sure we'll be able to last through these obstetrical though.

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Battles » godzilla versus

Godzilla would defeat the Gundum characters. He is much bigger and his atomic breath would wipe them out easily.  
Godzilla versus the Digimon. I don't know, haven't associated much that franchise.
Godzilla versus those robots. I bet Godzilla would defeat them with only a mild struggle. If he can win against Mecha-Godzilla then the two robots don't have high odds of victory.
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