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I have seen alot of depressing and weird news but this one surprises me.

Sankaku Complex reports that a 17-year old boy stabbed his father to death, attempting to resolve his problem. Then the Hikikomori called the police and was arrested at the scene.

This article is pretty depressing, seeing in my perceptive of a hikikomori lifestyle. The reaction of this article, upsetted me as I feel symphony for this hikikomori. Being forced out of his isolation to the real world, is not a easy task to accomplish. And that also applies to the comments, spreading a huge amount of prejudice to this person, "to face reality" and other nonsensical facts. Judgment cannot condone to a hikikomori as they have a reason to stay in isolation. But some potential will merit through psychologists or counselors. Some have criticized or over exaggerated as they conceive hikikomori are the real killers.

For about the rest of my life, I stayed in isolation and go to school sometimes-to-rarely now. Ever since, I have been bullied, threatened and insulted upon through the rest of my life. Everyone contradicts and deceits were made upon their assumptions. It wasn't my undoing, but a mere assumption was placed upon them, and started rumor prejudice. And it all started in Elementary school, that started me into a hikikomori. My parents were like this father, resolving forcefully, breaking my door and kicking me out. It wasn't a good experience. every time
Not wanting to wake up...
Not wanting to wake up...
I go out, the sudden panic disorders hitted me and everyone treated me poorly. What makes it even worse that I started a outrage in my school, lifting a table and it hit a teacher. Towards now I just reject to go to school, and continuing a hikikomori lifestyle.

Throughout these years, I met psychologists, counselors and was forced to stay at a hospital for about a year, nothing of these helped me, as of now, it gradually became worse. In essence of relatives, trying to offer me to Church guidance to Gymnastics, I refused at first but took the offer. Knowing like a hikikomori that I will regret, stepping outside of my house and disdaining myself. I also took night school, as a Japanese course, which in regards are failing at this moment. Initially gaining panic disorders and anger, every week as it grows my hatred towards the students in my class.

Which also begs a continuation to another article. A Removal of NEETs & Hikikomoris out of their rooms.

This in fact, like I stated is nonsensical. There could be potential that removing them out is good, but it may cause more harm to them, from past experiences. It has been a trend in Japan with a number of hikikomoris and NEETs, being widespread. Going out to society from a hikikomori's perceptive is like living in a brutal experience, it may cause fatal consquences. And getting more prejudice won't make the times, they live isolated, from their experience with society. That also applies towards getting probation officers to psychologists, pills might work, sure but learning from experience it didn't.

It's really depressing to get remind of that...

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