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Battles » Bills vs SSJ4 Goku

@LHWKnight: I believe Shenron said that he couldn't kill Vegeta in the sayain saga because Vegeta's power was higher than his creators. Shenron is weak. I don't understand your point? What's Shenron got to do with this?

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Battles » Current Toriko Vs SSJ Goku Saiyan Saga

@Ikki_Minami_ said:

@luthluth: ._. Does any of that say light speed? Or is this just another assumption, there's a huge difference between assuming and facts. I'm not saying that Toriko is light speed either But Goku aside from instant Transmission is not light speed, nor are his attack. I'll give it to you though if you can find a statement proven by a fact that DBZ is "speed of light".

@nishi99: See this is another idiocy within DBZ, they are Planet busters ect. But when in battle they never use planet busting attacks. I mean like Vegeta's Big Bang attack he fired at Cell he grazed the planet. No one in DBZ actually has destroyed planets in there battles. unlike say Hulk, Thor, Superman. Also if Toriko get's in close he can overpower Goku easily, I get what people say when "lifting doesn't equal punching power", But people casually ignore that Toriko has shown that his punches can break mountains and attacks that can hurt Country+ beasts. And with Pre-cognition I doubt that Goku is going to just breeze past this mainly because Toriko can foresee, dodge and counter-attack. DBZ characters aren't very good at that either, Goku will charge up a 100% Kamehameha and fires it will the enemy waits for him to charge up and doesn't dodge the attack.

That's due to plot. If they destroyed planets during their battles they would all die because the majority of them can't breathe in space. That's like saying Frieza's stronger than Cell because Frieza destroyed more planets than Cell did. DBZ has and always will be about powerscaling because they became too powerful even early Sayain Saga.

That works for the speed of light thing too. In DBZ as your PL increases so does you speed. There's a direct correlation, this was stated by Vegeta. Case in point, Frieza fired a beam that was so fast that no one but Vegeta could even see it. This is Frieza who was at this point far weaker than SSJ Goku yet at the same time many magnitudes faster than Piccolo who fired a beam into the moon and destroyed it almost instantly.


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Battles » Bills vs SSJ4 Goku

@LHWKnight: There's actually a lot of information mentioned in DBGT that suggest Goku became massively stronger over the timeskip now that I've done a bit of research.

E.g.1) In DBGT Goku easily fought both Frieza AND Cell in base yet in BOG Bills stated that Goku in base couldn't even beat Frieza. That's a serious powerup.

E.g.2) In DBGT Goku beat Rildo who was said to have been as stronger than Majin Buu, in Rildo's base form. This was stated by Goku so this is a true statement. Goku beat him just in SSJ form and I believe it was stated that Goku didn't even go at it in full force. Big power boost.

Now I know there's a lot of mistakes in DBGT that show them being really weak but if we look at how powerful they really are, ignoring all the bad writing and just looking at PLs and opponent's faced, we quickly realise that DBGT is a whole different ball game to DBZ.

Now I'm not saying that Goku SSJ4 could beat Bills but I think it wouldn't be a massive mismatch as seems to have been suggested.


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Battles » Bills vs SSJ4 Goku

@LHWKnight said:

@taichokage said:

Base Gt Goku beating Cell and Frieza even though Bills said that it would be impossible for Goku to beat Frieza without ssj1 in Z, or words to the effect. Or shattering the dimension, universal spirit bombs and 10x Kamehameha, seem a bit more impressive than BOG Goku.

this was stated before the BOG transformation, and after it, Goku would have be able to destory freeza in base form, as he was able to fight bills on even ground.

Also Goku did a lot of training between the event of DBZ and DBGT and fought some powerful opponenents e.g. Baby. Chances are that the Goku in the DBGT was stronger than the one in BOG.

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Battles » Bills vs SSJ4 Goku

Bills should win this without too much difficulty. I think the powerup from SSJ3 to SSJ4 isn't as high as some of the other transformations.

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Battles » Whis vs SSJ4 Gogeta

SSJ4 Gogeta made Omega Shenron (Who is many times more powerful than SSJ3 Goku) look like a joke. He is by far the most powerful good guy character in the entire series, easily much stronger than SSJ God Goku. Common sense and some basic understanding of powerscaling should make it clearly obvious.

Whether or not he could fight against Whis is a different matter however. Whis was said to be 1.5x stronger than Bills? That's one hell of a difference when considering these guys PL's are going to be in the billions.

I'd still put my money on SSJ4 Gogeta.

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Battles » Blue Nitro vs. The Strongest Battlewolf

The strength of Battlewolves varies greatly. The OP's stated the strongest Battlewolf which IMO would imply the one who was recognised as one of the 8 Kings so should therefore probably be equal to Jirou, Midora etc etc.

The Blue Nitro was able to easily escape an attack from Midora, heck it could probably have killed Midora.

If I had to choose, my money would be on the Blue Nitro but we can't say for sure because we don't know how powerful the 8 kings really are, although it's worth mentioning that both a battle between the 8 kings and a battle between Ichiryuu and Midora generated an emperor ring but the emperor ring generated by Ichiryuu and Midora was noted as being exceptionally huge (Possibly hinting that the 3 disciples are stronger than the 8 Kings)

@taichokage said:

IMO opinion the top tier Hierarchy based on hype would be Eclipse Beast > Blue Nitro > Acacia/Fhroze/Joa > Acacia's 3 disciples and the 8 Kings (depends on the disciple and King) > Living National Treasures > Non 8 King Gourmet World Top tier Beasts. The Daruma Hermit is worth a mention too. This is just based on scaling and hype. More than half of these guys and gals are featless.

I agree with this.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law

@taichokage: Ah yes that is correct, thanks for reminding me.

Remember this though, Marco effectively fought against Kizaru to at least a standstill, then went over and blocked an attack from Akainu, no problem. Marco's strong, I still don't understand how you can say he's mid-admiral level when he's shown himself to be at least admiral level. The only damage he really took during that battle was when he got a surprise hit because he was distracted by what was going on with WB and ofc he instantly recovered from it as soon as he could with his regenerative powers (I believe he was sea-stone cuffed for a while).

As well as this I don't understand why everyone keeps comparing Marco to Jozu, that's like comparing to Zoro to Sanji, it's pointless. We don't know the difference between the two but seeing as Marco is now the new captain, he should at least be assumed to be stronger than Jozu.

Finally, Jozu was caught by Doflamingo's strings from behind, it was a surprise attack. How long did Doflamingo manage to hold him for? I don't think it was that long.

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Battles » Kenshiro vs Hayato Fūrinji


They're not scans but that wiki is pretty accurate, as are most wikis. Just going off some of his feats, you can see that he far beyond Kenshiro.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law

You lost me at "Kizaru was toying with Marco and so was Akainu".

@ImDictatorBowDown said:

@ImDictatorBowDown: Exactly NO HAKI time skip Jinbei would two shot ace since he was able to send a 400 meter tall giant flying with a single punch, lol on par. Akainu was toying with Marco and vista, don solos.

@luthluth: You are seriously downplaying Ace if you believe not only Jinbei but Smoker could beat him in a few hits SMH.

How exactly can Jinbei two shot someone he fought equally with for 5 days straight? Jinbei doesn't even have haki

Ace could probably replicate the 400 meter giant feat

Base Luffy is pretty much equal to Jinbei as shown in Fishman Island.

Blackbeard almost broke Ace's neck, yes, are you insinuating that Blackbeard is weak? He's the one who gave Shanks his scar

Also you are wanking Don if you think he can beat Marco with mid difficulty, Marco is basically Rayleigh's equivalent.

Ace can one shot mulitple ships larger than Merry simultaneously with a generic attack

Good post. Marco is slightly above admiral level IMO, plus now he is a Yonko who leads the old WB Pirates meaning that he should at least be equal to the other Yonko's or he'd be pretty screwed in the New World. As well as this he was one of the few people stated as being able to take down BB.

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Battles » Natsu Dragneel (Fairytail) vs. Alibaba Saluja (Magi)

Alibaba will probably end up feeding Natsu his own magical flames which will make Natsu even stronger. It'll be an interesting fight but I see Alibaba taking this in the end because of his speed and the fact that he's not just reliant on flames to attack.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law

I think we'll soon see that Doflamingo is being overhyped just as Trafalgar Law was being overhyped earlier on in the series. I'm confident that while's he's very powerful, he's not quite admiral level.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law

@One_Piece_God: I agree with the Smoker fight. Smoker was the one trying to catch Ace, Ace's aim was only to escape which he managed. They didn't have a full out fight so you cannot gauge how powerful Ace was from that once encounter.

Plus saying Ace lost to BB so therefore he is weak bla bla is silly. IIRC didn't Shanks get his infamous scar from BB (Rhetorical question, I know he did)? BB's strength is not to be underestimated, even before he took the Gura Gura no Mi he was a top tier. Shanks even went so far as to say that he wasn't even caught off guard, BB legitimately caused him damage.

Ace should be assumed to be at the very least as strong as Law but as mentioned before we can't really assess anything because the only time he went full out was against someone far stronger than him.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law

Trafalgar's overhyped, this was proven when Doflamingo and Fujitora kicked his ass. His's power's all well and good when up against someone who is weaker than him but against someone stronger than him it's useless. This was shown by statement's from Vergo who said that Trafalgar's power's won't work on him like they didn't in the past (although they did because Trafalgar had become a lot stronger) and it was also shown from the most recent fight between Doflamingo and Trafalgar.

Like I said, we can't judge how Ace would fair against Trafalgar so it's pointless to say who would win that fight but let's assume it'll be fairly even given the little information we have.

It's basically going to be 1v1 and 1v1 and Marco's the strongest here so team 1 wins.

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Battles » Marco & Ace Vs Doflamingo & Law

Sorry Doflamingo and Law fans but Marco and Ace win this one, fairly handily. Marco's one of the very strongest in the OP, he can't be compared to Jozu. As far as I remember, he was one of the few people who was mentioned to be able to take on BB. Marco also took on all the admirals at least once and sent Kizaru flying with one kick. His DF is one of the most OP DFs in the series as well, allowing him to heal from pretty much any wound including Kizaru's lasers. Marco is easily admiral level, whereas Doflamingo is slightly below admiral level as I have mentioned before. This will no doubt be proven soon.

Ace was strong, he was nominated for Shichibukai position very early on in the series. There's no doubt in my mind that he'd give Law a good fight. It's hard to say who would be stronger though.

Marco's the strongest here though. He'll see Team 1 win this.

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Battles » Hanzo Vs Jiraiya

Hanzo should win this. He was really out of his prime when he died to Pein and the version of him that was revived to fight against Mifune was obviously the same one that died.

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Battles » LSSJ Broly Vs Kid Buu Vs SP Cell Vs Janemba Vs Frizea

Broly has one feat worth mentioning. A feat that was only shown at the beginning of the first film. Are there any other feats for him that shows him being superior to SSJ2 Teen Gohan? SSJ2 Gohan who manhandled all the Cell Jr's with complete ease, who were themselves slightly stronger than Ascended SSJs Trunks and Vegeta.

Hatchiyack was also mentioned as being possibly stronger than Broly in the movie "Plan to eradicate the Super Sayains".

Now I will concede that after his zenkai, in the second movie, he was a lot stronger and much more powerful than a SSJ2 but to say that he's equal to a SSJ3 is ridiculous. Remember the difference in power between even a Full Powered SSJ and a SSJ2? The gap between SSJ3 and SSJ2 is even larger, much larger.


@Rize said:

@DBZ_universe said:

@taichokage: The copy character was for a little. He never showed using it longer. Broly insults him then blasts him. Janemba has nothing on Broly. Also Broly has his shield so attacks of a warping Janemba is useless.

Yeah, keep shouting those KAKAROOOOOOT's. That's gonna insult him real good. Probably leave an emotional scar behind, too.


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Battles » LSSJ Broly Vs Kid Buu Vs SP Cell Vs Janemba Vs Frizea

Janemba > Kid Buu > LLSJ Broly > SPC Cell > Frieza

This is the correct lineup.

Janemba was far stronger than SSJ3 Goku who was a match for Kid Buu.

LLSJ Broly was just about equal to a SSJ2, probably weaker though.

SPC Cell is just slighly weaker than Broly I'd say.

Frieza is Frieza.

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