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Battles » Barragan vs Gremmy

Gremmy should win this. The power of imagination is too much and we all saw the damage he still did to Kenpachi even though Kenpachi received a massive powerboost.

Also Bleach logic

New arc people beat old arc people.

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Battles » Kid Buu vs Broly

Must resist the urge to comment.....

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Battles » Acacia Three disciples, 4 Heavenly Kings, Joa VS SSJ 1 Vegetto

DBZ is probably one of the most important animes ever. It's probably the reason most people got into anime in the first place, it's a cultural icon. It's up there with pokemon, gundam etc IMO

Also Vegito wins easily.

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Battles » Android 18 vs Trance Kuja

@IndridCold: This battle might've made more sense if it was Saiyain Saga Vegeta was Kuja or something. Android 18 is literally 1000s of times more powerful than Vegeta at that point who was a planet buster and easily hypersonic.

Kuja quite literally stands no chance here.

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Battles » Android 18 vs Trance Kuja

I know it wasn't shown but 18 should easily be multi-planet buster by this point. She was much more powerful than Final Form Frieza who could planet bust with ease. Plus she was much faster than SSJ Vegeta and Trunks.

Mismatch if you ask me.

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Battles » Super Vegeta Vs Cell Jr

Didn't they already fight? I remember Vegeta and Trunks were the only ones able to keep up with the Cell Jrs but probably would have lost in the long run.

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Battles » Might Guy vs the Bijuu

Actually I think he could quite easily take all 9 on. This is typical Naruto BS, but Gai with 8 gates open was able to dominate Madara who was able to suppress the 9 tailed beasts with little difficulty. Shodaime was also able to suppress 9 tails on and Gai in 8 gates mode should temporarily be even more powerful than him.

Whilst I think 8 gates opening was very cool, Kishi ballsed it up again by making it far too powerful. Kishi sucks tbh, he made Madara waaay to powerful and then he made Naruto, Sasuke and Gai way too powerful in turn. IMO Guy should've been more powerful than just one of the present Kage, maybe able to take two. Same with Naruto, he is just too powerful to the point where even the kages are just fodder to him at present.

Poor writing Kishi.

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Battles » Zoro and Sanji vs. Marco the Phoenix and Diamond Jozu

@Justice said:

With knowledge, I don't see why Zoro can't just anticipate Jozu's diamond attacks since he mainly charges and aims for whatever parts that are not diamond like how Aokiji did, also Zoro's endurance and durability should be>>>Crocodile's so he can take some hits from the guy if they land. Marco is the real threat here though, but I must say I would not take too much from that Kizaru fight; they were both pretty much just playing around and Kizaru put him down with two lasers later on. A few haki induced hits can put Marco down much like how Garp did, not comparing Sanji's strength to Garp but Sanji has some serious power that Marco can't afford to just take hits from. If anything I say Marco and Jozu win with high difficulty. Zoro can also use his twister and carry Jozu into the water since they have knowledge and are on the Archipelago.

Aokiji got the upper hand on Jozu because Jozu was distracted by WB's heart attack. Doffy got the upperhand on Jozu because he did a sneak attack.

The two commanders should win this with little difficulty at this present moment in time

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Battles » Marco vs Doflamingo

Marco still wins this for me. It's hard to say why as we've never seen Doflamingo go all out but as I've stated before Marco's at admiral level and I think Doffy's slightly below that.

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Battles » Hayato Furinji Vs Akuma

Akuma always has that meteor busting feat and the splitting the island feat so it would seem that he has the advantage in terms of strength. Hayato has a lot of stamina and most likely speed on his side.

With my very limited knowledge on both, I would give Hayato the win. We've never seen him really go out (maybe in the latest few chapters he did) but he should have a good speed advantage (enough to let him quite easily run along on water at speed) to give him the win.

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Battles » Crocodile vs Moria

The Croc should win this without too much difficulty.

I rememeber when Croc got sent to impel down everyone crapped themselves because it ruined the balance of the three great powers. Moria was so weak they actually had to get rid of him themseleves.

Also Croc's not that weak, he got beaten because of plot and because Luffy's blood falling on him was a natural weakness. The guy's easily mid tier shichibukai.

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Battles » Doflamingo vs BM Naruto

@Kurohige said:

@WorldEater: Well to be honest One Piece used to be the strongest out of the HST and Naruto was the weakest; it was even expected at one point before the Time Skip that One Piece would bound over Bleach because the characters were already so powerful in before the timeskip. However they were so wildly unimpressive after the skip that they slowly declined into the bottom of the tier rankings. I mean going by what they showed at Ennis Lobby, Impel Down, Sabody, and Marineford you would think they would have a massive power boost and surpass their old selves by leaps and bounds but so far that is not the case, Hordy Jones was a joke, Ussop has no improved as much as people thought, I mean he still is not ont he level of Rob Lucci and his recent fight made a very bad impression. People are still waiting for the fight to show what the straw hats can really do now because so far they have shown only a few new moves and better control over some abilities like Haki. Franky still has not been too impressive aside from his mech, Nami has not done anything impressive, same with Robin and Chopper. But in their defense this is due to the current arcs being very story heavy rather than action heavy, don't get me wrong, at action is great when presented, but it is not enough to really bump them up in the tier listing. They do have power houses Like Garp, Sabo, and hype Blackbeard and kaido. But until then they are at the bottom of the HST. The thing is, people really don't like Naruto as of late and don't like the idea of Naruto being>>>One Piece in terms of power, all One Piece has to contend with right now is speed, I believe someone explained in detail why currently Luffy is only around Sannin level.

It used to be that each series had their own thing going for them:

One Piece= Stamina, strength and durability

Bleach= Speed and hax

Naruto= AoE, Destructive capacity, and versitality

Toriko: Raw power, potential

Now its:

One Piece: Speed, hype

Bleach: Destructive capacity, hax, raw power, durability

Naruto: Speed, Raw power, durability, hax, AoE, versitality, potential,stamina

Toriko: Speed, Raw power, strength, hax, durability, stamina, AoE

Currently the pecking order is widely accepted as:

Toriko>>>Naruto>=Bleach>>One Piece

I mean current Naruto or Sasuke solo One Piece easily, hell, BM Naruto can still solo with effort. One Piece simply lacks the power and durability needed. It's a shame since One Piece is my favorite out of the HST, I mean I love all of them (I just don't like how Bleach is going currently) but Naruto outclasses One Piece. People just hear some hype tale or learn of one new ability and just assume that One Piece is super strong and shoots up on the list, that is not the case. I can see them coming up in the ranking again (Although I have a hard time seeing them get past Toriko, Bleach I can see since they have hax, all they need is more speed), but currently even top tiers in One Piece are only mid tiers in Naruto. Sorry for th elengthy post I just wanted to explain my reasoning for why Doflamingo loses so badly.

Good post. But I put to you that OP is the most consistent out of all them too. Naruto and Bleach are BS, everyone just magically gets stronger after every battle as if they all just ate a senzu bean or something and are of the sayain variety.

OP showed it's most powerful alive character in the end of the first arc, Whitebeard. So far it is still Whitebeard who is the most powerful character seen in OP, no one else has shown anything even similar to his power and it is this consistency that makes OP so great as a story.

If OP was written by Kishi Luffy would've already surpassed WB and somehow Doffy would be even stronger than WB and then after their battle Doffy would just become fodder and Luffy would be twice as powerful as every other character except Madara who is now somehow in OP. Both would be summoning meteors and destroying islands in their epic battle of sh*t.

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Battles » The 5 Kage vs. The Six Paths of Pain.

Kage should win this after a good battle.

Most of the paths were taken out by Jiraiya on his own remember? The really trouble would be of course the Deva Path but Onoki has a lot of hax and the kage were pretty good at combining their attacks like A and Onoki.

Really don't see Pein winning this one though.

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Mobile Suit Gundam » Favourite Gundam (All Series)

@sickVisionz said:

Favorite Gundam game or anime?

@Haiken said:

ZGMF X10A FREEDOM and ZGMF X20A STRIKE FREEDOM.. Most really dislike Gundam seed and GSD but that's their own opinion.. For me, i like it..

The internet has a funny way of giving a vocal minority a ridiculously dominating voice... to a degree that you actually wouldn't know that Seed and Destiny are like two of the best selling and most popular Gundam series of all time.

I know it's weird right? I really didn't like Seed either but somehow it was a fan favourite, even though as you mentioned most of the internet seems to agree with me.

Wing will always be the best!

Although I watched build fighters recently and I was really surprised because I really enjoyed it.

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Mobile Suit Gundam » Favourite Gundam (All Series)

It is what it is. As a big gundam fan I'd be very interested to see what is the communities favourite gundams and maybe even see some new ones that I haven't seen before.

You can only choose 1 but can give honorable mentions to others.

For me it's the Hydra Gundam. I first saw the gundam in gundam battle assault 1 and it was just so much cooler than any gundam I'd seen thus far. It was a fitting boss, I only wish it had made it into the Gundam Wing main story as Treize's final gundam.

Honorable mention goes to

Sengoku Astray

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Battles » Star Trek/Wars Fleet vs Gundam Fleet

Kira in Seed pretty much takes out entire armies by himself, same goes for pretty much any other Ace Pilot on the list. Team Gundam wins this pretty easily. Lots of reason why they win. Here's another one, Tallgeese III took out an entire colony, so did Wing Zero.

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Battles » Lancelot Albion vs Jehuty (Zone of the Enders)

@SekiryuuteiDxD: I'm pretty sure his Geass only tells him to live. He can't dodge something if Jehuty's already behind him and he can't physically react to him. If you're referring Suzaku's battle against Bismarck then he won that because Bismarck couldn't predict his movements due to the Geass making it impossible to do so IIRC.

Also in-game Zero Shift temporarily locks the opponent in place, making evasion even more difficult.

Zero Shift is just one way in which he could win, likely the most easiest. Jehuty also has homing lasers, which it can fire en mass.

Not saying it wouldn't be a good fight but only up until Dingo has had enough and starts Zero Shifting around however he pleases.

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Battles » Lancelot Albion vs Jehuty (Zone of the Enders)

Unfortunately I don't remember a lot about Lancelot Albion near the end of the series but I feel pretty confident that as powerful as it was, it wouldn't be able to beat Jehuty with its Zero System and it's "Fin Funnel" like attacks it achieved near end game.

Jehuty Version 2 should be able to just teleport behind Lancelot Albion with ease, then take it out. It'd probably be like when Anubis fought Jehuty at the end of ZOE 1.

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Battles » Supreme Kai vs Babidi's minions

I would say Kibitoshin beats Majin Vegeta but loses at Fat Buu.

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Battles » SSJ4 Goku vs SSJG Goku

@MisterShin said:

@ohgodwhy said:

in BOG Bills stated that Goku in base couldn't even beat Frieza. That's a serious powerup.

This part wrong, Bills was only sensing Goku's resting power level, which is usually very low, probably lower than chiaotsu pl. Goku only raises it before battle.

SSJ4 Goku would not be able to sense SSJG Goku ki, because it is godly ki. This is a massive disadvantage.

That's just an assumption you're making. Bills said I don't think you could've beaten him without your SSJ transformation. There's nothing to say there that Goku was in a resting PL and could've actually beaten Frieza without transforming. Also not forgetting that the SSJ transformation is x50 increase in PL, Bills statement holds some weight as I don't think Goku became 50x more powerful in base by the end of DBZ.

I choose to believe what Bills said, not make assumptions.

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