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Battles » Madara Uchiha vs. Akatsuki

I was going to make a case for Akatuki being easily more powerful than the 5 Kages and would give Madara a much better fight but then I remembered that Edo Madara destroyed the Kages with ease.

There's a small chance that if Akatsuki work really well together and combine Pein's and Obito's jutsu's perfectly along with Itachi's sealing sword they could seal Madara. Given Madara's confidence he could possibly go much the same way Orochimaru did when he got sealed.

I'd say Madara 7/10 times just because of his over confidence.

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Battles » Gray vs Gajeel

Ice Shell is a stalemate attack so I don't see why it's even being discussed here. Plus they're both FT members and OP hasn't stated that they're bloodlusted.

In regards to this battle anyway I personally would give Gray the edge. He's always shown himself to be pretty up there, near enough to Natsu which in my eyes puts him slightly above Gajeel. Gray's most recent fight against his dad showed that he can not only fight well against strong opponents but he can also be very creative with his attacks. He also showed a lot of intelligence in that fight and used every advantage he could.

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Battles » Kaguya Ootsutsuki Vs Nappa


Kaguya has been pathetic so far. If she's sealed in the next chapter then I'd probably say that this has been the worst fight in the manga.

Nappa takes it for reasons already mentioned.

This has been so anti-climactic.

This final arc has just made me sad, Madara was more than satisfying final boss. Heck I would've been happy with Tobi/Obito as the final boss. I think Kishi's done one of the big no-nos of telling a story and that is to include a final enemy that has literally not had any presence in the story up till this final arc.

Also Kakashi being all "I love you". Really, I was facepalming so bad.

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Battles » Toriko/Saitama/Jin Mo-ri/Tetsuo Battle Royale II

Round 1: I'm gonna give it to Jin-Mori. Once he gets going and makes clones, he's going to be pretty hard to stop. Plus his power should exceed the others. I can't say I know much about Tetsuo but he's up against continent busters here, whether or not his powers will be effective against them I can't say.

Round 2: I'm gonna go Saitama. Speed wise there's no one here who can even hope to match him. He can quite easily blow a hole through everyone before they get a chance to do much.

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Battles » Kaguya Ootsutsuki Vs Nappa

@reiyo said:

Kaguya has both Sharingan, Rinnegan and Byakugan. Competed with Asura Naruto and Indra Sasuke. She can beat Nappa.

And again now, Nappa is a moron. He'll get angry and start flnging whatever he can throw at Kaguya, and then he will lose. If not for Vegeta, the Z-Fighters couldve beaten Nappa, maybe.

Yeah I think Krillin's destructo disk would've killed him if Vegeta hadn't told him to dodge. I agree with the above posts, Nappa could win this but he's too stupid and will likely lose.

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Battles » madara uchiha vs madara uchiha

@waybig1010101 said:

@SekiryuuteiDxD said:

Madara wins



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Battles » Kakashi vs Pain (REMATCH!)

@GIRUGAMESH: It wouldn't surprise me one bit. He'd have six rinnegans and shoot laser beams from his sweat pores.

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Battles » Kakashi vs Pain (REMATCH!)

How the hell did Kakashi get EMS. His sharingan was Obito's sharingan, this is so much BS. I bet Kishi's laughing his ass off with this massive trolling, why is this even a team 7 thing? It should've just been Naruto and Sasuke.

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Battles » Kakashi vs Guy

Nah Gai takes this. Kakashi's still Kakashi even with Perfect Susanoo, he himself won't have the speed nor reactions to keep up with Gai in his 8 gates form and he will be destroyed.

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Battles » Kakashi vs Pain (REMATCH!)

He's no where near Sasuke's and Naruto's level but at least this raises him up from fodder level and with Obito's eyes he should be helpful to them. Although just using one eye used to put considerable strain on him, I don't know how he's planning to use both eyes. I'm sure the author will overlook this though because plot doesn't matter when Kakashi can look cool.

In regards to this thread he can probably take Yahiko on his own but if this was Nagato with full rinnegan then I don't think he would win.

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Battles » Broly VS Freddy krueger.

Broly would actually be really easy prey for Freddy given how easily he could be mind fucked with. All Freddy needs to do is show him visions of Goku over and over again, mix in some visions of his dad etc and he would be crying like a little girl. Broly is likely not particularly strong willed despite his massive muscles.

In fact I believe Freddy was able to mess around with Jason in pretty much the same way.

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Battles » Heihachi Mishima VS Zangief

@mrwhitex said:

no offence but where's Heihachi ? as the mashima's family fighting capabilities is different from one another.

Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin's fighting capabilities aren't so different.

Only when Kazuya and Jin activate their devil powers could you say that they have surpassed Heihachi.

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Battles » Asura Rhino vs Abomination

Oops I got sidetracked lol. Well we can still use Genos as an example because we don't have much feats for Asura unfortunately. Asura easily tanked all of Genos's punches that were still able to inflict damage to the Sea King (Who survived a punch that sent him through a nuclear bunker and a few buildings). Also Genos was able to keep up with the Sea King but speedwise he was no where near Asura Rhino in his first mode.

Also the first example I gave is a reaction feat. She flew right past him thinking she was the only one to have landed an attack not realising that he had ripped her legs off.

So Asura Rhino is much faster and stronger than Genos, who has the above feats to his name.

Like I said, I can't say who's going to win this because I don't know enough about Abomination but I have a feeling he can't keep up with Asura Rhino who was able to BLOW back one of Genos's mountain busting beams and was much faster than Genos too.

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Battles » Lelouch Vi Britannia Vs Yami Yugi

Agree with the above. Yami wins all rounds, you can't apply logic to Yami. You could give Yami 1 Kuriboh and the opponent has 1 Blue Eyes and Yami will still win using some unknown made up ability of Kuriboh.

Yami is the master of all games!

Round 3, Lelouch could use his Geass but Yami would switch out to Yugi then switch back and Mind Crush him.

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Battles » Oni Akuma vs Goku (End of the saiyan saga)

Oni Akuma from Asura's wrath easily wins this.

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Battles » Heihachi Mishima VS Zangief

Mishima stomps I'm afraid. You only need to watch the movie (Blood Vengeance) to see why. Also the opening of Tekken 6

Their punches missing each other still creates enough impact to shatter all the windows of the building they're fighting.

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Battles » Asura Rhino vs Abomination

@Saladking said:


There's more to this fight than just speed and to be honest Genos doesn't have any good reaction speed feats. He's fast as hell when running but he still gets routinely tagged but yea you still a have to take Abomination's monstrous durability and strength into consideration. What do you think would happen if a person charged at a brick wall at full speed?

He's alright in his reactions, I wouldn't say they're slow by any means. After all he was easily able to rip off that Wasp Ladies legs without her even realising and he able to land a punch on the Sea King before the Sea King could react.

Genos would likely start off with an energy blast anyway as he did against Saitama if it's a duel. If Abomination can tank the blast and keep up with Genos's speed, then he'll still have to watch out for Genos's punches which he infuse with energy. One of these was enough to send the Sea King through a nuclear bunker and through 3 buildings, which is a very impressive feat.

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Battles » Asura Rhino vs Abomination

Asura Rhino blew away a laser blast from Genos who had earlier blew a hole thorugh a distant mountain earlier. He was also much faster than Genos, able to take him out before he could even react in the first instance.

This is all before he turned in Asura mode which is supposed to much stronger.

That's my two cents for Asura Rhino, I can't say I know much about Abomination either though but I can't imagine him being as fast as Asura Rhino at least.

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Battles » Jirou VS Saitama

@Low said:


"HOWEVER, using light laser beam dodging feats in this debate is pointless. We have no idea how fast those laser beams are travelling, just because they're laser beams does not mean they are light speed. If we're going to go down that route then I can easily post this.

Saitama easily dodges a laser beam at the very last second. Even Genos is faster than the laser beam. Does this mean Genos is FTL? No of course it doesn't. "

Of course you can. But that's not a laser, or a beam. Thats a concentrated energy blast.

"As well as this are you trying to tell me that Gaoh is faster than Buranchi? Buranchi is the only one that I've seen with a stated speed and there is no way in hell Gaoh is faster than him. Not that I'm saying Buranchi's slow either, not by any means but he himself has stated that he can only get to Mach 30 when exerting himself."

Mach 30? lmao Buranchi is Mach 30k. And I'm definitely not going to call Gaoh lightspeed. That's what I would call aim dodging.

"Same theory applies to the Mappy feat you posted and the Sani feat. You've stated that the laser beams in Sani's shown feat were light speed but no where is it stated in the manga they were lightspeed. There is in fact no indication of their speed."

They are called "laser rain". And Nosh is probably faster than Buranchi. Because Buranchi said he cannot "quite yet" go at the speed of light. And Buranchi was a 3rd tier in Toriko verse. It makes perfect sense that 3 disciples are therefore, in the very least, Mach 30,000. The Blue Oni was likely faster than this as well.

"Hence why I still say that whilst Toriko has some impressive speed feats, they are still only massively hypersonic. With the top 3 guys probably in Mach 100s but I wouldn't go higher than that."

Nope. A 3rd tier in Toriko goes Mach 30,000. A top tier will go so much higher. Go with power scaling on this.

Ah thanks for clearing that Mach 30k up. I was going off another thread where everyone was saying Mach 30. Either way though, it changes nothing because the speed of light is Mach 881,000. I don't know how much you want to powerscale here but I wouldn't go that high personally. I'd still stick at Mach 100 (Or Mach 100k) as you have kindly informed me. But lets say for interests sake they're 10x faster than Buranchi, that's Mach 300,000. Still not near light speed.

As well as this, look at the way Buranchi says "Freaking Mach 30k". He's obviously very impressed with that speed further adding credibility to the fact that even top Toriko characters won't likely be able to travel much faster than this.

Also I agree with you stating that it's aim dodging, I just wanted to hear you guys say it instead of me because that's all it is, aim dodging. Even Batman dodges bullets, it doesn't make him able to move at the speed of sound though.

If you could post that statement of Buranchi saying he can't quite go lightspeed yet. That would help clear things up as to whether or not they can move at such speeds because all I've seen so far are assumptions.

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Battles » Toriko and Heracles Vs Frieza

@Jinbeifan1 said:

@luthluth said:

@ohgodwhy said:

@luthluth: The mass of the moon is 7.343 x 10 (pwr19) tonnes. Where did this mass of 4 moons come from?

Yea your right, I just saw what @Jinbeifan1 said: Lol I didn't bother to check the math out myself

@YoungChief: Heracles inhales over four moons in air alone (360 billion tons) in one breath, and can use that amount as a cannon blast. The Blue Oni just shrugged that off and punched Heracles. Also Heracles is almost immortal, for it can regenerate from being turned into ash and make up multiple bodies. It's regeneration is above anything aside from immortality really

The weight of the moon varies, about 73-81 billion tons, because of earths gravity, at its respective distance tho' it is technically referred to as zero, however its mass is 7.343x10^19 tons. The horse king inhales 360 billion tons which is about 2 mount Everest's worth of mass, that's not planetary at all :/

Hey dude, if the moon weighs about 80 billion tons, it weighs 80 billion tons. Nothin' wrong in what I'm saying. You guys are saying mass, I'm saying weight.

Let me post an answer from another site in regards to the difference between mass and weight in this scenario.

"First let make the distinction between weight and mass. Mass has to do with the amount of matter is in some object, and determines how hard it is to push something around. Weight is how big the force of gravity is that is acting on some object. An object has the same mass no-matter where it is, but its weight depends on being close to the earth or some other planet. For example, if you were out in space, far away from any planets, you would have no weight since there is no gravity, but your mass would still be the same as it is here on Earth.

So, it makes more sense to talk about the mass of the moon than its weight. This mass is about 7.35x10^22 kg. That's the number 735 followed by 20 zeros! This is pretty massive, about 1/80th the mass of the Earth."

Therefore using weight instead of mass in regards to the moon doesn't make any sense because weight is affected by gravity.

So while there's nothing wrong with what you're saying, it just doesn't make any sense to use that as a feat. Especially when it massively overhypes Heracles power.

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