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I live in Henderson, Nevada (If none of you know where I live it's outside of Las Vegas) and I attend Basic High School. There is a anime club there called A.M.C. and it is pretty bad for a club. When I first attended last year the club didn't have much of anything to do. Most of the members would bring their bothfriends and drama to the club which stresses the others member out, and caused the president to ban members. They also didn't have anime to watch and rented manga to the other members for 25 cents a book. So I decided to bring in some of my dvds to watch and it kinda helped the club and soon other member brought in Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and other anime based card games and so Pokemon games. But this year the club is run by a moody girl who I really dislike. This year they said the club would be different. When I heard this I had no idea what was in store. I soon found out they wanted to make the members due activitys for the school which didn't involve anime and try and make money for the convention that appears every September in Vegas called Anime Vegas. The price for tickets are mostly thirty dollars a day and sixty for the whole convention. So they basically want the other member to make book marks and do tasks for the school such as decoration for dances though they have committees that do that for the school. They also told me to stop bringing in anime so the other members could finish the tasks given to them. When they told me that I tried to convince them not to but they said I could still bring in anime. This week when I brought in a DVD they announced right when I turned it on they were going to have a trivia contest. So the club had 14 members today and only four members and the teacher (who lets us hang in the room) watch it. So after today I am not going to bring anything for the club due to what happened today. This club is pure hell they makes us do work and do not do what anime clubs usually do (which I have no idea what America does for their clubs I only known how a Japanese club works), heck when the club started we had 34 members no it's at least 14 that come every week. So if you think this club deserves to be on the list for worse anime clubs in America please say yes or give your story about a club you witnessed or heard of.
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