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So just like last month I asked everyone what I should dedicate this month on Anime Vice too, and it was a tie between Soul Eater and Eyeshield 21. A friend of mine broke the tie by telling me to do Soul Eater, but then I realized the next month is going to be October, the month of Ghost and Goblins and all that good stuff, so why not save Soul Eater till then since it seemed more appropriate, and concentrate this month on my favorite sports series (and in all honesty the only one I liked) Eyeshield 21.
For those of you not in the know Eyeshield 21 is the story of Sena Kobayakawa, a frail young boy who is suckered into joining the American Football team at his school, only to find out he has a real knack for it. With this he begins to grow up and make friends among the wide and crazy cast of characters this show introduces. So I hope everyone enjoys all the adjustments I make to the pages here this month and come back next month for Soul Eater month.
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