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So last week I put up a blog asking people to vote on what I should dedicate the month of June to here on Anime Vice, what series should I try to fill in as much as I could during this month. And I got some good suggestions, but most of the votes went for Bakuman, which works out well considering that the series's first season just wrapped up last week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series, it's the latest hit coming from the brains behind Death Note, Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. It follows two young aspiring mangaka, Akito Takagi and Moritaka Mashiro, who dream of creating a popular manga series that will get turned into an anime. It's a series about following your dreams, facing your rivals, and pursuing true love. For a great breakdown of the series read my buddy Wales's review of the series here.  
For those of you wanting a quick intro here's a breakdown of who you need to know.  

Moritaka Mashiro

 Moritaka Mashiro
 Moritaka Mashiro
A young artist who wants to become a mangaka so that he can create an anime that his girlfriend Miho can do a voice in. Once he's achieved this dream they'll get married, which is the real dream of both of them. However it's hard for him to take this leap and dedicate himself to this life, because his uncle was also a former mangaka who worked himself literally to death trying to create a successful series. 

Akito Takagi

Akito Takagi
Akito Takagi
  A child prodigy who is a brilliant student, but wants nothing to do with the academic world, but chooses rather to dedicate his life to writing manga. He  teams up with Moritaka Mashiro and they become the manga team of Ashirogi Muto. He focuses on writing more dark series with anti-hero protagonist, which contradicts his light hearted and goofy attitude. 

Miho Azuki

 The girl who Mashiro has been in love with ever since he was a kid, she also shared these feelings for him but neither of them could bring themselves to say this. It wasn't until Akito spilled the beans to Mashiro that Miho's life long dream was to be a voice over actress that they finally got together. Now they have promised that they will one day marry as soon as Mashiro creates a manga that becomes an anime and Miho does the voice for it. However in order to encourage each other to do their best to achieve this, they have also promised not to actually see each other or talk to one another except through email and text message until this day comes.

Kaya Miyoshi

 Miho's best friend and Akito's girlfriend, she is the one to thank for Miho and Moritaka getting together more than anyone. She serves as the cheerleader for everyone in this series, doing everything she can to get Moritaka and Miho together, or to get Akito and Moritaka published, she is a ray of sunshine whenever things at the office get stressful.

Akira Hattori

 Akito and Moritaka's editor at Shonen Jump, he is the one to thank for most of the success those two have had. He serves as a father figure to the two as he teaches them about how best to use their talents and the way to create a winning manga. 

Eiji Nizuma

 Every protagonist needs a rival and Eiji serves that roll in this series. He is a gifted mangaka who doesn't even have to think about how to create a series, going as far as to draw a manga chapter on the spot without even thinking it out. He's very eccentric and childish, however even though he serves as a rival to the protagonist he also serves as a friend to them, constantly wanting them to do their best.

There are dozens of other great characters who I will be filling out, so for the rest of this month every day I'm going to focus on updating something about the series, whether it be adding more pictures, creating new pages, or just filling out what we already have. So I hope the rest of you enjoy this and give this great new series a try.
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