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 *I apologize in advance for making an extremely slow and overly long tutorial/post)*
Lets say you are watching a stream, and you find a certain image that you want to capture.(Perhaps to up load to the site.) The steps to turn that instance in the stream into a image file(PNG) are actually very simple. 

1: Stop the stream on the instance you desire.


In this Example I will try to capture Kyon's priceless face.  

2. Press the Print Screen (prnt scr) button on your keyboard.


Should be located around here. In case you didn't already know, this button saves your desktop as an image on your clip board.

3. Open MS Paint .

If you have Windows 7 or vista you can find the program by typing "paint" in the search bar.
If you still cannot find it you may want to search google for better instruction on how to get the program. 

4.Paste the picture.


Press that button and it should look like this.  

5.Crop what you desire.

Lets say I only want the section within the red square in my image.
I simply draw a box over the section using the "select tool" then press "crop" 

After pressing crop I should be left with this. 



6.Save, upload then profit!

To save, press "file" at the upper left, scroll down and press save.  
Then upload the image to Anime Vice!

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully mad it through the longest, most monotonous tutorial in history! 
Please comment or pm any possible improvements I can make to this guide.             
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