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The Thunderian Manifesto (The American Otakucon’s Final Chance)


I remember this kid who was so interested in this show called Teknoman Blade. He never seen anything like it. He even took toys and tried to recrate the hero. The thing was, even i liked the show too. There were other great shows liked it. I remember the moments that people enjoyed and cried about. But then, i saw the new darkness. It wasn’t how these animators drew a female… its how these americans shafted them using a new technology. Then when others tried to make money to be fair to these animators – a new fanbase didnt want to hear it. – Called them racists. Called them idiots. Using the New Technology they split us up. I remember that kid now. He wonders why there hasn’t been anything like that show…

These words are to the American Otakucon – who were once kids with us. Who have been lost under the mammary glands that don’t sag. The Crunchyroll promise of freedom.

Come Home. Help us, save your industry and our own. We will welcome you back with the most open of arms. Use this series as the stepping stone to smash and pummel Crunchyroll once and for all.

Let me tell you the truth about Crunchyroll. If they were a smart company – after Venrock –a venture capitalist firm – created and still funded by the Rockefeller foundation (remember I mentioned Jay Rockefeller – oh I’ll get to him) they would have paid the money back that they owe the Japanese for the product they originally “stole”. To Show they have the good faith and the Japanese can trust them (or the Koreans with their live action series.) Not one dime has been sent to TV Tokyo nor any other of the companies.

Instead they gave product – scot free – like nothing happened?

If that’s how one does business these days, then it’s no wonder the United States government has a debt ceiling issue.

Capitalism only works when you PLAY FAIR.  It’s a symbol of trust and respect that you bought something from my store or you got something that I made that you want to see.

But Crunchyroll has never played by any rules. The very same Ventrock – who bought in Apple and Intel – brings us now pirates who now treat the genre (what I will call anime on this essay) like it was some sort of Vivid (the porn hounds) production.

What kind of sick and twisted thing have you supported? Are you not moral at heart? Didn’t you all grow up in the same nation and watch the same series with us? Then you know that stealing is wrong and anybody that saw the stealing and did nothing is an accessory to the crime.

As long as Crunchyroll lives, you will never be respected (regardless of what Peyton Oswald calls all of geekdom) by the rest of us because we see the genre for what it has become. A Co-opted, Psy-Oped form of dark porn; masquerading itself as beauty.

You want to know the way out of it? The Thundercats. Why? It’s simple. The Japanese studio – aptly titled Studio 4C is doing two projects – The Thundercats is the first project – and the second is the Berserk movie franchise. I am calling you lovers of anime out. Support the Thundercats series here and Berserk gets the respect it deserves. We all are working together to rebuild these two industries. To bring it to the next generation. So it wouldn’t all be about Sause-Kay – the Dattabyo boys, the fujoushi silliness.  No it will be about how human beings react. How they see things. How one better themselves – how those that would own a world or a galaxy will fail in the end. How those that cheat themselves will lose themselves.

I don’t see that from Disney unless they work with some company named Pixar or the Milne franchises. I don’t see that from Fox. And you can forget Nick outside of Korra because that’s their version of the Thunderian mythos.

Nevertheless, why I ask you to support the show is because there will be a time when you will have no support from anybody. There were shows like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon that were your gateway to the genre, well then why not make the Thundercats the gateway back to North American style animation. Because when we don’t have the support of those that support the genre then you lose. Oh sure – you still get your pretty girls and what not. Oh sure you can have your little bullcrap Sentai Filmworks, your Funimation and your Anon and Lulzsec too.

The American Otakucon may not want the genre to grow beyond you’re perceived bias. But it only has two choices. It grows with the Thundercats as the shepherd, the standard-bearer – the gosh-darn ALPHA MALE of the genre in the states.

Or Crunchyroll is going to lead you Otakus down to the same place Vivid Entertainment is now. The things I hear about that industry (This author does not watch that business nor has any tapes of it) and the way things have become progressively “violent” gives pause to what the genre has done in recent years in promoting product. Since these Japanese companies can’t sell toys they have to sell DVD’s and other trinkets.  For those who are more of a mainstream mindset – watch the episode of 30 Rock with James Franco when he guest starred.

It’s one of the best explanations on what the Otaku has become – from someone that was at first a martial artist and then became a fan of the genre in his spare time and thought it was cool to like animation from the east years ago, to a misshapen, ogled mouthbreathing racist that has no tact, no couth and no understanding how to wake himself (or sometimes herself) up from the memes and the tropes that the many psy-oped manga artist/anime studio in Japan play to placate the masses that buy that pap.

Even as certain laws get passed by even more demonic personages to prevent such work from hurting the youth, all it does is to continue to exacerbate the problems. To the point where that same thing law tries to prevent – infects and covers the planet.

Do you want to be infected? Sent to Jail for the wrong comic book? Because, if you haven’t heard of Chris Handley; do so. When you hear his story, then you know that we live in such a time where everybody is a Person of Interest.

Where’s your Marvel son? Disney approved – Double plus Good.

That’s the time we live in. This is for your genre’s very survival in the US. I can imagine a time in the future; where both the west and east can compete fairly. Where all animation rises to the heights man can reach. Where man – in the individual level – changes because of animation.  That’s my dream and it should be yours too.

And through your support of the Thundercats we can all make it a reality, just like we did when we were kids. We can make anime in the states WHOLE again.

It’s up to you. Because, if you don’t – then your fanbase and the genre in the United States; goes into the dustbin of history. To be forgotten like those old speakeasies of the 1930s and the 1940’s.

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