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The Final Legacy - Chris Handley's case, and the future of the Industry.  

This will be the final post before Garou Gothic opens, and this is part of a post i showcased over another site: 

The Japanese dojin boys are TOO fucking powerful. You really dont know how deep and powerful they are. – I want to say that some in the Yakuza protects them but there is no evidence yet. And they have MONEY.

What i hear is that after what Happened to Handley, and other such issues coming from the west – the Diet wants to Mosaic the moe/loli works.

That isnt going to happen. Some might wish it will, but it cant.

But lets say it does pass.  What happens?

The only way anime/manga survives the next 5 years after such law has been passed – if they americans take over the japanese animation studios, lock – stock – barrel. And they cant. Why? Because those companies have DEBT up to there EYEBALLS.

The thing that will happen is that there will be a closing down of many of the shops that sell the trinkets that deal with moe/loli – and in retaliation those fans will not buy the “legal” stuff. Many of the dojin groups will move out of the country, and some will go underground (and there is a Japanese underground trust me, go play Yakuza 1, 2, Japanese 3 and Japanese 4 coming in April).

This would not solve the problem that the west is concerning with protecting children. Why you might ask? Well, have you heard of the Holly Greig case over in Scotland? No? And how about that the Scotland Justice system has thrown the case out because the kid has down syndrome – even though SHE knows who did such evil acts on her?

And you heard what Gordon Brown has stated – we will protect from the over sexualization of our children… right… hows that Naruto edit going? Oh wait – isnt Dinosaur King beating Naruto? Oh snap… wait – if he trying to protect the children of the uk, why go after the comic books and the animation/anime, and not the preds?

Folks, when ANY Government – and I MEAN ANY Government, writes these laws up of censorship, making it so VAGUE – you know something bad is going down at said government. It is ment as a distraction, a play on your morality – to say at the end – there not so bad, there trying to protect our kids…

When they steal money from you and call it a bailout for (jobs, Greece, British Pound possibly?) and you have to pay it back – and you dont have the money to pay it back – your kids HAVE no future. Trust me – there are real evil men – and real preds. But they dont just hurt your kids, they steal there future from them! And some of them come in the form of the SCHOOL BOARD, who uses cams to spy for some fun times.

And Chris Handley goes to jail for the wrong comic book. A soldier could get court-marshaled for seeing his cousin in a swimsuit. Holly Greig may never get justice. And the Lower Marion school board might get scot free from its unlawful act because it was “protecting” the school and the students.

Artists were never the problem, your faith that your Government gives a damn about you is the problem. But as long as those “preds that draw” dont come in my place – you wont see the pred that takes your money and steals your kids future, watches your kids without you knowing and the one right in your own mist because you wouldnt go to a web site and SEE where the bad guys ARE.

But let me continue on what will happen if this passes in the Diet.

When these dojin mangaka, state that they will not play this game they will leave. The fans will join them – and they will find ways of making a buck underground. This money will never go back to the economy – and since they are the only ones holding anime (monetary wise) afloat – there will be a crash that will send shock-waves through out the animation industry. If 40% present of the grunt work in Korea is anime – they lose 40% of there revenues – and even despite the HUB and SyFy kids could make up some of that slack – the damage will be done – and the TV stations will also lose eyeballs on there stations.

Now, there was a report that the Diet is looking to creating a Japanese FCC – and which that comes the obivous question, will there be a CTV act for the Japanese – the answer might be yes – regardless if this said legslation passes or not. But if it does, and such as CTV act comes in – the TV studios will be forced to do a similar thing that we do in the E/I programing. But with almost all of the animation studios shuttered, and the manga studios cut by at 1/2… what happens?

The americans will try and come and take over said studios. Too much over head however – and they will kill themselfs in the process (with the small exception of Sony, Disney, Nick/Viacom and maybe Comcast-Universal.)

Since the live action industry is too small and the movie industry are taking from the manga series – once said work is mosaic even if the work isnt sexual – it will collapses under its own weight. If there are major deaths in the industry during that period of time – it will create a deeping storm that even Yuasa and others such as him cannot get out of. The Japanese Animation Industry will suffer a semi permeant death. And once that happens, the North American Industry once it reaches another lull, which it is in right now – will take 15 to 25 years to get out of – until the technology to “Democratize” animation comes into full bloom.

Your saying now that the Doom is too much to bare.

This is what we face right now. And the artists right now have reach a stage they cannot and do not want to be controlled. Try it and the bomb sets off, and we will be wondering years from now how could it all go so wrong – we were only trying to protect our children…

You didnt protect 4Kids Entertainment. You didnt protect the past works and the past generations series and shows. You only protected the threat now, but the threat you didnt see or didnt care to see you didnt stop.

Like Ben Franklin stated before – You want Security? You cant have Liberty. And mankind has always wanted to find a place that is secure.

Could the cause of this whole issue with the moe/loli thing and the artists that drew them, come from a place dealing with feminism? Or better yet – the new sexual liberation going down where we have older Japanese females going to places like the Philpeans or Thailand – or younger ones looking for the “perfection” of a sexualized male – v shaped neck etc?

Could this be really – a backlash against feminism? Could this be the only way of showing a males insecurity (outside of the Man dress the younger generation are into) – about the loss of his country – the lost of his power via the works, the acts of the females he sees? Anybody wonder why this goes back to High School? Could this whole thing be about “the one that got away” and because about the situation with mental health and sexuality that the artists one way of saying “they need help” is via these works? Have they accepted that there is no hope for them?

Because one thing i have figured out, and realized some time ago. You cannot blame the female for the problems we see them acting out and so on.

You must blame many of their fathers and how they raised them. And some of these same fathers are in power, and some are in the Diet/Aussie Parliament/UK Parliament – and they send these laws to protect there granddaughters from the same men, if these men who these laws are aiming against back in high school, dated or at least talked to these daughters before and seen who they are – IMO they wouldnt really be drawing these works out of spite and out of desperation and anger.

Its a collective punishment on those that refuse to “play the game”, because it has become rigged for failure.

And we are all GOING get PUNISHED for this, and the bad guys will STILL do the same shit again and again.

This is not only the mark of the end of what could the anime and animation industries- but one of the final marks towards the end of western civilization. For once thought is controlled – Christians will get slapped if they are against homosexuality, and the homosexuals will get killed for such acts in a “Christian Nation” It becomes eye for an eye and many, many myriad of examples

This is all to protect the kids.

But it will lead them into the same hell we tried to protect them from.

There is one final word before i go - there was some words a mangka stated way back in the 70's or 80's - im not sure which, in where he states: 
First they will get rid of the loli  
Then they will get rid of the Yuri. 
Then they will get rid of the Yaoi 
Then they will get rid of the normal relations ... 
and all will be left is the old men... 
One better be careful.  This is all in the name of keeping you safe. 
While the evil ones work in the darkness destroying your future. 
Will you take the "gift" of protection from the Man In Black? 
Or are you willing to be free? 
Its your choice. 
Its your future. 
See yall in the shadows... 
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