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NovidAnon is angry, pissed, and disappointed about life at the world in general, we live with evil governments and even more evil leaders.
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Its been a while since I wrote here. Im working on the website and all the rest.  
Will this be the last Virtuous Queen? Maybe if i don't get the website up soon.  
The reason why I stated this is if there is going to more VQ its going to be on my webpage and not here. There is too many voices - some of which are not interested in the history of the business, crowding out things. Recent news about other such issues are cramping my style and what I wanted to do here. 
I have to move on. Im not dropping the account or anything. I just cant be writing for folks that may never understand what anime (or doga if you want to get technical) and manga means. 
But, in this last episode of VQueen - I talk about the only hope the mainstream Japanese industry has left.  
Its Masked Rider - and its Rivals. 
And its the  and the Gekgia of the 1970's.  
Its about learning about the past - but moving forward to a new future. 
The "Real" Japan is the one of ghosts, and monsters 
Transgendered Demons, and Tecehnotronic Nightmares... 
Of Hell Boys and Cybernetic Men. 
Aliens with dark membranes right out of the best American horror had to offer in the 1970 -1980's slashers. 
Females with fists and boobs to match... (but it was implied, never really shown for the latter) 
And at the end the future was dark - unhappy - and one wonders where did it go wrong. 
Thats the Japanese industry I knew - the twisted fucked up minds that told the truth of the twisted fucked up heads of government and socialistic industry. That the world continued to not learn. Man is a monster and he will create the demons that will send him to his doom. 
He will fuck up the world because he has been told he's been fucked over. There comes the Byronic heroes of Masked Rider of the Showa era. Of Fist of the North Star - The craziness - the guts, the explosions. the sex and the restlessness. Hardcore without being stupid or insulting the audience. 
But now - its weeded out of us. Its got to look pretty for those too ugly. Pretty Kids with problems. Scared to go deep into the real problems that face Japan, nor the world (as the Japanese Intellectuals have stated time and again they want to bring beauty back into the world). Censorship for all the wrong reasons - and even that word has lost its bite and all reason to exist in a world that has the truth of mankind's existence - how he first saw God, and how he worshiped - to how he moved all over and conducted life - been Censored on the fear that its too...far fetched - sexualized etc. 
But there is the thing with Masked Rider, despite being a kid series - does better than many others until very recently.  
A man becoming more than himself. Not a Alien from another world - or a man who lost his parents - or a teenager who got bit by a spider. A man becoming more than himself because he was wounded just trying to do the right thing. He enters the world of perfidy - of monstrous bugs, in order to save a humanity that can never save itself by its own. He becomes aspects of the monster bug to become better than the demons. 
Its that aspect - that archetype that had made some of the best anime/manga - video game and J-TV series in recent memory. From Xenogears/Chrono Cross. To the Metal Gear Series. Neon Genesis Evanglion, Akira - Cowboy Bebop, etc to Garo. The fact that man somewhere deep from the psychological and perhaps Alien proclivities - has perfection in him. That he maybe able to get up and fight all the demonic by integrating that demonic aspect of himself. 
Its is that truth, that is censored - that Modern Japan has forgotten and America refuses with very small exceptions to acknowledge. It was never about how many titties were shown on a Super Bowl Performance.  It was never was about the Right's challenges to Obama - its not even about going to jail about the wrong comic book. 
Its about Governments and Societies inability to look into the dark side of itself. Not the Jerry Springer bullshit. Thats stupidity. Its all about becoming one people in a forever spring like world. Which cannot exist - but everyone left and right has tried to put mankind in and failed every single time. 
Thats why Anime is censored sometimes for no good reason, and thats why Rin and her adventures will never come to the states - and that is why we will never solve any of these problems we face as a nation. We continue to Censor when there is no need, and refuse to wait when we need to wait.  
Im thinking that - I need to get into this business. I can change the business overnight if I wish. Thats right folks. Overnight. The new Tyler Perry. Seriously? Yep. And what you gonna do about it? Cry when Funi is destroyed in five years? HAHAHA. Really? 
But thats a wish that will have to wait for a while. But not too long. 
But there is a reason why I want to be Masked Rider every Halloween. And why I look at the toys, the merch and the series. Its the same reason I miss the anime business the way it was in the late 90's early 2000's and the reason I only read Berserk and anything done by Tezuka. 
Because its all about being human, in a zombified world. 
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