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This post is a part of a series of Appendixes for an unfinished article dealing with Berserk and Jikan: 

I wanted to like One Piece.

I wanted One Piece to succeed. 

But looking back of this issues that lead into One Piece's demise, a lot of mistakes were made. And I feel its time to let the cat out of the bag and see where I was correct on my assertions. 

I believe the whole issue with One Piece's editing and other things - came down to a conspiracy - I do not know who or what organizations were apart of this that basicly wanted 4Kids destroyed over this issue. What it really lead into was the separation between two businesses and business models that need each other. 

I think honestly that Arlong Park maybe or is connected to these organizations. Crunchyroll might have been apart of these organizations.  

The reason i say this is because Al Kahn really gave a damn about One Piece despite all the talk about he didn't, that he was a racist and all the rest. The proof is in a press call he made back in 2003. Now things would have changed and what not - but that press call told me more than anything Arlong to get along Park has ever said during, since and after the fact.

When it came with the Voice Actors for 4Kids's run of One Piece - it was really difficult to figure out why they would say those things in a Convention against the new dub. But what now i sense was just like in the 1960's and certain agitators started riots during the Anti War movement - they did the same thing in the Conventions.  You have to realize that there are tricks to the trade - ADV used to do this in the early days of the Conventions. 

When it comes to the Race issue - thats more towards the side of the Japanese industry and not our end. Political Correctiveness isn't so much of a concept in Japan than it is to the states. When it comes to the issue with missing words and what not - still not 4Kids's fault. You got to understand that they pre-buy the show they want to air - they do a half - translation. It makes it unique. Some words that were missing was because they couldn't digitally place the word into that area without discoloring. It happens way too many times even in the best of programs (CS3 Photoshop can allow you to finally edit videos in certain ways) So its better or erase it. Or in some cases replace it with a symbol. 

When it comes to the actual voice acting - the 4Kids VA's are underrated. The Funi ones were being too pretentious. 

When it came the actual show, 4Kids wanted to keep to the main folk - and remember i stated that they half translate. They skipped (or left for later use) certain arcs to get to major parts of the series. They may have gone back (like they did with other series) and dubbed these episodes. 

Did 4Kids get a head of themselves - maybe but I look back and I said - this series could be cool.

But all the arguments about the differences between American kids and Japanese - About TV editing and the like. About Al Kahn's words in a debate during the Toy Fair in New York back in 2005. 

But the aftermath, seems to be this. Crunchyroll grows by leaps and bounds - while the main three kids companies looking on another chance to get on the Anime/Japanese bandwagon to complement there Hanna Montana/Jamie Lynn Spears/High School Musical gains realize that "second source" of income isn't going to come from people who look like dirt from the gutters. The anime fans seems content on becoming moot. The animation fans deal with Family Guy and Seth MacFarlaine taking over the animation world not locked down by Disney, Nick or CN. And where is One Piece?

Back in the hands of the Pirates. 

What there needs to be is the full story. Not just the hatred for 4Kids coming from people who know nothing about how the company works. Even despite this - many companies who have worked with 4kids has stated the same thing - the same courteous, respectful and dare i say it... NICE company to deal with? Something tells me that 4Kids get the worst rap in the world and some dubbers may have bitten more than they can chew. Its time soon for the real story to come out and let things fall where they may.

One Piece did deserved better. It needed 4Kids in the end of the day. Maybe it needed a new look from fans so blind to realities of life. Maybe it needed...

A fresh start.
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This post is a part of a series of Appendixes for an unfinished article dealing with Berserk and Jikan: 

The Anon of the Internet is not happy with 4Chan's Moot being the most infuencial person in the world. That honor belongs to Obama good or ill. I know we put him up there, but still the Anon is bastard who tries to act black but fails...


Anyway, need to talk about the meme called Hope and Change. Hope and Change need to come back into this industry and yeah the changes is something I been talking about since Novid was Ronixis and before that Ronin way back when.

The US anime business needs to work together with the US Animation Industry and learn how to live together in peace or both will suffer and the former will die a even worse death.

Why do i keep saying this? Because when they did work together, you had Astro Boy, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Battle Of the Planets/G-Force, Tranzor Z and Pokemon all have major successes.  Much to the chagrin of the Unions (who Hate DiC, Saban and 4Kids  because of certain stances they have with the US Unions, and the Anime dubbers because they do not pay the editors of the anime or allow them to join Unions)

But when they work together they are unbeatable. Somebody who worked in both industries - Fred Ladd helped in the production of Sailor Moon and one of the principle people who brought Astro Boy and Kimba To the states. 

But of course, with working together there comes problems. Kimba was going to be a serial but ABC balked. Princess Knight was dubbed, but Taft (the owners of Hanna Barberra at the time) couldn't get the syndicators. As soon as people moved to color - anime was still in black and white and the FCC started to feel powerful and the war in Vietnam (along with the societal changes in the 1960's) forced the industry to trust one source: Taft and Hanna Barbarra. So the industry contracted, and only one or two cartoons because successful (that were not from DC nor Marvel) Fat Albert and Scooby Doo. It wasn't until 1978 that anime came back ( It started in the Christian Stations first they aired the most) with Tranzor Z and Battle of the Planets. You should know the history now...

But there is a problem. Crunchyroll. Online Video. The whole Huluwood deal. Its utter nonsense to me. It only worked during the dot com boom and the promise of Fiber Optic Cable lines all over the US. Well only Verizon got the lines and despite rumors of Cable Lines going faster than Fiber - its not possible with a derogation of quality on the other end. And then you know That Obama is keeping some of the Bush rules about the Internet - you know wiretapping and all the rest. Not a good time to be in 4Chan and all the rest... Not really a good time being a fan of the Genre. Your looked at like strange looking hick folk. Its almost sad to see that High School has become a real life Musical and your losing.

But today, I give you the change you been looking for.

Its time to change the perceptions. Its time to look more towards like Kanye West's style then the style that is making you look stupid hicks. Anime needs to be democratized to be more urban than some boonie geek game. It needs to be Amazing like the video and Hardcore like Original ECW. It needs to more Led Zep in appearance and to be able to Reconquer The Throne as the alternative. 

My problem is there isn't a US Dubber willing to use every damn trick in the book to get the best of our culture to dabble in the couture of Anime. They get the Japanese stars, sure thats fine and what not. But Naruto doesn't have the mainstream power that DBZ has and yet Hollywood or at least some of the Ten-presenters and many of  the superstars of Hollywood do and have worked in the Dubbing Industry have for the Genre. The Dubbing Industry needs to respect the past when it doesn't do it there its a massive disconnect. One of the reasons why Avatar was success in my book - they had Serena Williams guest voice act for the series. Johnny Depp has done for Spongebob. The only one close has Been Kiether Sutherland of 24 fame for Armatage Three, Sam Jackson on Afro Samurai and the only major anime movies that have these stars were the Miyasaki films.

And now the Hollywood TenPresenters (and some of the CEO's and Actors) see weakness in the dubbing business and want to start raiding product since Hollywood needs jobs fast after other states have taken business away from Hollywood and they need these movies on the cheap (outside of Leo Decapro's Production Company who has hired Gary Witta to write the Live Action series and Warner Brothers). 

Its time for a company to act, not unlike RocFella Records who changed the Rap Game to do the same with anime. A great idea is to copy the Providence RI convention. Use the Gossip Girl model of high fashion and high society. But we got to keep it to the streets. We should not be against how other folk view anime. We need them and not these Crunchyroll fools. The other issue is the DVD issue - lets be honest. The DVD's era is about to end. It time to take the next step with Blu - Ray and do things with the tech that Sony, Blu Ray Consortium and Sun MicroSystems has given us. Its time to use the Internet and the Disk as ONE entity the same Warner Brothers did with Batman Beyond and the Dark Night. The Company need to get the best series, just like Kanye West shows cool shit on his blog - design, models etc. There also needs to be anime that are close to the problems that exists and will exist in this era. Humanity is going through things that are amazing and dark and there needs to be manga and anime that captures that feeling. 

And the the two most important of these things. There needs to be TV deals. LOTS of them. They need to change the way they talk to the TV networks. They may have to talk with some of the tenpersenters. They need to see what works and what doesn't. They also need to talk to the advertisers and see what works for other niche brands because the way its working isn't working. It needs to get both stars from theaters and Hollywood to complement those VA's that have been apart of the game for a while. 

Once thats done, they will get money like never before even in bad times because historically Anime has done well in certain times (mostly economic problems.) But as long as Viz thinks its Lionsgate and doesn't work with Lionsgate - Debar Mercury the same way Tyler Perry has done with House of Payne - then anime will never get respect, those people will till be called names at Best Buy, jail time and censorship for those that are not "regular or mutual" because of the "wrong comic book" and so on and so on.

Its long since time both the Unions, the executives of both industries and the fans of both industries to stop fighting and at least complement each other. Until then you gonna have these Pirates will win and not go to jail just like the Pirate bay did.

But If Funi and Viz and all the rest will not get off there ass and start changing, then somebody will and when it does I dont want to hear people crying over Funi or Viz going through "bad times"
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Ok, i know yall.

Remember im an Animation fan first. So when I hear NOTHING all weekend on the anime interwebs but Acid Boobies i got to see whats up.

And damn if im not shocked.

This is another Elven Lied, if not storywise but attuide wise.

But Queens Blade is something i remeber playing when it was once called (Yes, it was a game in the states LOOOOONG before it became this!) Dragons Blade. There were the mainstays of the whole fantisy world. But Dragons Blade wasnt a sucessful franchise as Magic later became.

So sometime later, they sold the Blade franchise to a Japanese company. It became semi successful once retooled and renamed as Queens Blade.

The fact its getting such attenction doesnt really suprise me in the slightest. Is it softcore (which from the looks of it - isnt - its used in acts of attacking and not sexual use) or is it the next stage of ani-crazyness like it was during the late 80's early 90's?

The lines between hentai acts and just ecchi acts are blurred. I think it started with Fate/Stay Night - an ero game thats wasnt really ero. It had a better story than one would think.

Could it be that the ero game makers maybe the only animation/design indies left in the Japanese metaculture? Thats isnt so - we have many new animation folks in this season than it has been in years. But the majority of them are in the ero or came from the ero side of the industry.

Could it be that the Japanese sexual revelution is yet heading into another stage?

Could it be that the VA's are getting desprete for better work? Could the Haruti delay cause a rift between the director and his VA's leading into Aya going into Queens Blade?

Could the cenorship seen way back when Marmo was on the air, head into a backlash that even the big boys of J-TV cannot control? It has happened before and the results are never pretty and it wasnt even about sex.

Could it be that the Otakus are sick and tired of being freaks and preds and just want to be "normal" freaks?

Could it just be the next big male fantisy?

Is this the next big franchise to make the governments go crazy?

Or is it something more strange and dark about this series?

I know though what it is.

Come on, not to hate on yall - but the site is called Anime Vice!

And this journal is called Virtious Queen.

But the site called Vice people are asking for Virture from this show. There cannot be.

Its a ho show folks. Just like Rumble Roses was, like Dead or Alive was. Nothing more or less. There are and should be more complaints about whats really going down in the industry in the states now than whats going on over there.

And there is no way it will make it here because were still anti human society. I like to see them try though but no US VA  would even try touching this...

And maybe thats why the series was made. And maybe thats why more will be like this. Maybe this particular studio doesnt want to deal with the US Otaku nonsense along with anti human senciblities that they and the mainstream media over here showcases.

I gave yall lots to think about - what say yall?

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Welcome to Cougerville - where all we are is the day Naruto Met Granny Tsunade...

So, im going to make really funny as possible. Or at least try.

Is it me, or we young bucks turning into Naruto all of a sudden? I mean all of us, cus the Babyboomer females are fucking horny as a motherfucka these days.

We had RealLiveActiontick on that Peacock Network, Now we have another Cougar RealTick, then we hear Cher with two young guys, it continues.

But there is a reason why Naruto calls her Granny - she's 50 years old! (well 52 by the new series) and keeps her self 25 by some short of trick (I forget the name).

But dont you think Kishimoto when he was retooling the Manga 6 years prior was talking about the Cougars?

I mean its a little sad for these females. They Grandmammas now. I mean god - that pussy was DONE by 35 son. Why cant they grow old with dignity? Its almost the reason why people gravitate to Mrs Obama - she's ugly as sin but they love her arms and what - im not saying here they say it they say it son.

So not being too much of a fan of the series - from the little bit I saw - All Naruto does is play his Denis the Menace role and Tsunade gets angry cause she thinks he cant be the next Leader of Leaf Village. All while the Late, Great and FUCKING AWESOME Pevry Sage remembers the good old days and laughs Tsunade's concerns away. Cue better than it should be music. "On the Next As the Leaf Village Turns: Hinata and Sakura cat fight over Sasuke, while Snake Dude tries to take his son back - but Neji will not allow it! Find out on (We cant say CBS here - we will get sued)...cue dramatic music - fade out...

But in all honesty, we were shocked. We all though she was 25... when these boys keep saying she's 16 when she going on 11. 

What? are you Denying that older women cant do the ugly?

No i'm not saying that. Its just that has it gotten that bad in relationships we have to look older? Remember the episode when...yeah ran into two watermelon sized brick-walls. Thats us. Because we are running into those bricks. 

Not saying something we don't know - but most females peak when there 16. The Government can lie about it, but there is too many fucking truths to this. I can say this from experience - when I was 16 all  the females looked nice. Its hard for a brotha because if there so much good estrogen and pheromones waiting to picked off, and you got Closed Circuit Cams all over the place waiting for you do do something wrong... It leads into combustible situations. 

As we grow older, well things sag. Bad. some are able to keep great figures. Some get enhancements. Others have great genes...but they sag son. Reason number 151 anime is in trouble in both the states and Japan is because there isn't enough big chested chicks for the Americans and Japan brings it young, mostly. Japan used to have what the US wants - but that was when the Gekgia style was being animated during the 80's to the very late 90's. 

But there are "Tsuandes" in the real world - Older women who defy age - such as Morgan Fairchild (62) Cher (51) Susane Summers (In the full house spinoff i cant remember on the top of my head, 60). I don't think there is anything wrong with it - just because ones old doesn't mean she has to feel old, i just want it to be graceful and dignified. 

But the Media is doing all these Cougar Chasing for the Lulz. And they say 4Chan is the den of evil. 

But then again, when Naruto cant get Sakura (even at this point) and Hinata hasn't been worked as a suitable companion (dont give that Kissing Cousing BS!) all i hear is OMG LULZ HELL NO and moar plz from the fanboys.

But you have to admit... they do kinda look...cute togheter...(eww no did i say that...?)
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Ever notice something about the main three Shoehen series? 

Yes, they have massive story problems, and use all types of bullcrap to get you to watch the show.

But I have a strange feeling about this. 

It seems from the symbology to the concepts of these series, their not really meant for our generation nor the one coming after - but for a generation after them.

This has happened many times before in Western Literay works. Edgar Alien Poe in his last work and other such comments stated his work would be more popular in future years after his death and that he has gone beyond the "human experience". There is Cezane who never was popular in his life time, but he influenced Picasso. 

So Naruto, One Piece and Bleach may be in the same boat. I don't think at this time with the business the way it is that these three series can find any sort of Pokemon -esce success. I don't even believe that Naruto or Bleach has enough western concepts to survive the upcoming massive societal changes - that there maybe a case that Naruto would just continue to be a fad based on too small of an audience to make that much money for Viz. And I know Viz's people are here, the Lawyers who couldn't make it on Fox News (how sad, or maybe not so sad that an alcoholic messed up dude can have a TV show while you with all your work and schooling cant even get on late night fox news). Your series was never destined for success. One Piece was but the Fans Ruined it for everyone and if anybody with the fucking balls wants to have a war with me about that issue then they can bring it on, any day, any time any fucking where.

But besides that - These franchises would have to wait a few more years (more like 12 -15) before they can be accepted as is. I say it because that all three series have symbols and symbology that flies over the head of western audiences. It took a while for Sailor Moon to be accepted, but thats because of the Power Rangers and it took not too long for Pokemon to be accepted. Dragon Ball Z was accepted because it was accepted in the western world's slums and ghettos (which uses asiatic motifs) first and then grew from there. But it took years for DBZ, same for Sailor Moon and the same for Pokemon.

It will be the same for these three shows, but it will be much longer. It may not be even them but another show that will take the lead and they will follow after words.

But the environment right now isn't conducive for massive success.

So I'm sorry folks. You fans are at the outside looking in. Your the ones in the bubble. Everybody else's bubble has popped, but you keep inflating it with hot air and bad jokes and horrible tact. Maybe when your bubble pops and you deal with your issues maybe then the show will be successful.

But by then, a new fanbase will form and they might be more respective to those that understand that even though the animation is different and has to be different , the fans are the same and fight the same fight.

Thats all it ever should have been.

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