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Guin, Sin and Life's a Bitch... Find out Tomorrow...
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Have anybody heard of Jezebel, the blog from the Gawker Group?

What this have to do with this site?


We are now in the era of Doga (Or anime) Feminism.

Why i say this?

Because the majority of highly sexualized females have been raised on first Grrl Power (Spice Girls, Sailor Moon and later Powerpuff Girls) then Gender Feminism, and now they have both combined into Doga Feminism (or what the smart folk call Neo Feminism). 

This is where that the females act more like dudes. They don't care if they care called sluts or what not. They are free about their sexuality and who they do it with. Big Earrings, Vain, Prickly, A smile that can kill. You wouldn't dare bring this girl to mother...

Free to have any man she wishes, and boy she wishes someone close to "Fairy" as possible. Thats why we have Yaoi Press and what not. They sell well despite many closing.

And men are willing to change themelsves just to fit societies mantra of breed, breed and breed some more. To become more female to get into that vay-jay-jay. 

Holy shit son, think about this for a min.

If Feminism was about giving equal rights to women and trying to get them out in the workforce - then what is this one?

I guess people don't get it do they? We all know Miss Stienum was as owned locked stock and barrel by the C-I-A. And just like the many things those folks as Langley do, it gets "Out of Hand". 

But folks, what if i told you that this Neo Feminism thing as everything to do with the Hentai world (Not nessarlly porn unless in the mainstream side) and nothing to do with real equality which in the end is a Personal Matter and not a social or national matter.

It has everything to do with power and attention and never is about being satisfied sexually.

Isnt any wonder why "Futanari" as my friends who dabble in that side of the Genre says its growing by leaps and bounds over the normal side.  Its not just because of the novelty, its about the rebellion and satire over the new feminism popping out. If you want to act like a man, have a mans parts... See where it leads you...

What do you folks think?
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Maybe it is, but really its going to be short...

Im out getting some headphones tomorrow.
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Note: This contains Spoilers for the Star Trek Movie:

So, The Anon of the Internet was out and about. Unlike those in the losing side of that movie pirate game - i do go out see flicks and I do love the natural world. That being said, this movie was Fun. But folks lets be honest and if you really did see it you would say the same thing too...

If this was Star Ocean: Rise of a Legend, and it had younger Ronyx, Illa and Kurtsman against future Lesonians in their first mission to save the Terran Federation, it would have been the best SF film in a long ass time.

That being said, it was Star Trek. And it will age like fine wine despite what many critics state. 

But a lot of this movie has many anime influences. In some turn that is what made the movie work (despite the script and the writers strike and what not). It was a 4-6 episode OVA stringed back to back. Where as many of the aspects of the movie dealt with universal concepts of love, loss and sacrifice, parts of the film interludes are somewhat ripped from most anime - The red oil used in movie comes from Giant Robo. Back in the day when Enterprise was on the air, i used a convention stating that every federation ship is a Gundam - but i never realized that much would actually be realized in this film. Its not so much the 60's Enterprise (which used 1950's style UFO Saucers, Rockets and Dishes) or the Late 70's Pontiac GTO inspired Enterprise no its is more Gundam Like in appearance. 

And if you have ever seen Captain Tyler, well there was one scene where it was almost ripped off from the OVA... you know it when you see it.

Its interesting for all of there talk about anime and the like, most of the critics don't see the influence when its in action. JJ Abrams wishes not to be known but Uhura (whither was it through the writing strike or what not) was given a typical anime dere type but Zoe acted way above her pay grade (despite given only around 10 mins of work) and made Uhura very underrated in the movie. The first fight scene against the future Romulans  you could almost see the speed lines when Kirk, Sulu and the Red Shirt made the dive. The second fight scene was Purely American and awesome but the first one was interesting if not a bit off-putting.

There are so many i could mention. However thats just half the fun i guess - the other half is the symbolism (the simple and the complex) JJ Uses in the movie and what all you need to know is that JJ uses all of influences to make a movie that is able to make the audience feel like there is a future for humanity. For all intents and preposes JJ has made Star Trek bigger than it ever was. His task was to make it more accessible to audiences all over the world and he did his job. One has to wonder if Star Ocean will do the same...

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