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The Thunderian Manifesto (The American Otakucon’s Final Chance)


I remember this kid who was so interested in this show called Teknoman Blade. He never seen anything like it. He even took toys and tried to recrate the hero. The thing was, even i liked the show too. There were other great shows liked it. I remember the moments that people enjoyed and cried about. But then, i saw the new darkness. It wasn’t how these animators drew a female… its how these americans shafted them using a new technology. Then when others tried to make money to be fair to these animators – a new fanbase didnt want to hear it. – Called them racists. Called them idiots. Using the New Technology they split us up. I remember that kid now. He wonders why there hasn’t been anything like that show…

These words are to the American Otakucon – who were once kids with us. Who have been lost under the mammary glands that don’t sag. The Crunchyroll promise of freedom.

Come Home. Help us, save your industry and our own. We will welcome you back with the most open of arms. Use this series as the stepping stone to smash and pummel Crunchyroll once and for all.

Let me tell you the truth about Crunchyroll. If they were a smart company – after Venrock –a venture capitalist firm – created and still funded by the Rockefeller foundation (remember I mentioned Jay Rockefeller – oh I’ll get to him) they would have paid the money back that they owe the Japanese for the product they originally “stole”. To Show they have the good faith and the Japanese can trust them (or the Koreans with their live action series.) Not one dime has been sent to TV Tokyo nor any other of the companies.

Instead they gave product – scot free – like nothing happened?

If that’s how one does business these days, then it’s no wonder the United States government has a debt ceiling issue.

Capitalism only works when you PLAY FAIR.  It’s a symbol of trust and respect that you bought something from my store or you got something that I made that you want to see.

But Crunchyroll has never played by any rules. The very same Ventrock – who bought in Apple and Intel – brings us now pirates who now treat the genre (what I will call anime on this essay) like it was some sort of Vivid (the porn hounds) production.

What kind of sick and twisted thing have you supported? Are you not moral at heart? Didn’t you all grow up in the same nation and watch the same series with us? Then you know that stealing is wrong and anybody that saw the stealing and did nothing is an accessory to the crime.

As long as Crunchyroll lives, you will never be respected (regardless of what Peyton Oswald calls all of geekdom) by the rest of us because we see the genre for what it has become. A Co-opted, Psy-Oped form of dark porn; masquerading itself as beauty.

You want to know the way out of it? The Thundercats. Why? It’s simple. The Japanese studio – aptly titled Studio 4C is doing two projects – The Thundercats is the first project – and the second is the Berserk movie franchise. I am calling you lovers of anime out. Support the Thundercats series here and Berserk gets the respect it deserves. We all are working together to rebuild these two industries. To bring it to the next generation. So it wouldn’t all be about Sause-Kay – the Dattabyo boys, the fujoushi silliness.  No it will be about how human beings react. How they see things. How one better themselves – how those that would own a world or a galaxy will fail in the end. How those that cheat themselves will lose themselves.

I don’t see that from Disney unless they work with some company named Pixar or the Milne franchises. I don’t see that from Fox. And you can forget Nick outside of Korra because that’s their version of the Thunderian mythos.

Nevertheless, why I ask you to support the show is because there will be a time when you will have no support from anybody. There were shows like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon that were your gateway to the genre, well then why not make the Thundercats the gateway back to North American style animation. Because when we don’t have the support of those that support the genre then you lose. Oh sure – you still get your pretty girls and what not. Oh sure you can have your little bullcrap Sentai Filmworks, your Funimation and your Anon and Lulzsec too.

The American Otakucon may not want the genre to grow beyond you’re perceived bias. But it only has two choices. It grows with the Thundercats as the shepherd, the standard-bearer – the gosh-darn ALPHA MALE of the genre in the states.

Or Crunchyroll is going to lead you Otakus down to the same place Vivid Entertainment is now. The things I hear about that industry (This author does not watch that business nor has any tapes of it) and the way things have become progressively “violent” gives pause to what the genre has done in recent years in promoting product. Since these Japanese companies can’t sell toys they have to sell DVD’s and other trinkets.  For those who are more of a mainstream mindset – watch the episode of 30 Rock with James Franco when he guest starred.

It’s one of the best explanations on what the Otaku has become – from someone that was at first a martial artist and then became a fan of the genre in his spare time and thought it was cool to like animation from the east years ago, to a misshapen, ogled mouthbreathing racist that has no tact, no couth and no understanding how to wake himself (or sometimes herself) up from the memes and the tropes that the many psy-oped manga artist/anime studio in Japan play to placate the masses that buy that pap.

Even as certain laws get passed by even more demonic personages to prevent such work from hurting the youth, all it does is to continue to exacerbate the problems. To the point where that same thing law tries to prevent – infects and covers the planet.

Do you want to be infected? Sent to Jail for the wrong comic book? Because, if you haven’t heard of Chris Handley; do so. When you hear his story, then you know that we live in such a time where everybody is a Person of Interest.

Where’s your Marvel son? Disney approved – Double plus Good.

That’s the time we live in. This is for your genre’s very survival in the US. I can imagine a time in the future; where both the west and east can compete fairly. Where all animation rises to the heights man can reach. Where man – in the individual level – changes because of animation.  That’s my dream and it should be yours too.

And through your support of the Thundercats we can all make it a reality, just like we did when we were kids. We can make anime in the states WHOLE again.

It’s up to you. Because, if you don’t – then your fanbase and the genre in the United States; goes into the dustbin of history. To be forgotten like those old speakeasies of the 1930s and the 1940’s.

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We were all young once.

We all saw the same flowers, the same trees.

We all were raised by a mother and father.

And by a rabbit.

As we drifted apart – he has watched us.

As we grew older, and dabbled in action he watched us. Knowing that one day we will come back to him.

Then, an old rival came – a bit weaker – but much wiser. The rival brought big eyes, bigger explosions.

But he watched.

And then those that stood with the rabbit – tried to change him. Make him like the rival. But even the new generation couldnt stand it. The rabbit was the rabbit.

And the rabbit ate the carrot, and he watched.

Then he saw the tricks the translators used. The rabbit wondered, they dont get it dont they?

And he sat and watch the greatness he created move to smaller and smaller hands.

Then they took him off the air.

But he watched.

Both the rabbit and the rival got made up, censored, operated on.

Both in pain, both in turmoil.

And we moved on, to family with no guy – to america without a dad, to a show named cleivand, we created a swimming pool for adults so the rival and his friends can at least be free.

But then one of us got caught – a mistake sent him to the jail. One of us, one of the rabbit.

And the rabbit wept.

And he watched.

As the rival got hit by the same folk that the rabbit was hit by.

Now, the rival’s sons and daughters wants to take his home down. In order to save there own.

And the rabbit felt sorry for him.

He told the Rival, do you really want to continue on this path?

The Rival says, i have no where to go. I beat you – i took your children – i made them and took care of them as my own. i have them the secrets you wouldn’t tell them, the power that your people refused to give them.

The Rabbit wonders, and he told him – didnt i say that Life will Kill ya if you dont take your time?

The Rival stops, and looks over his land, and sees the broken souls.

I had to tell the truth, he stated.

The rabbit watched and wonders, what truth? I already knew it.

And the rival wonders what was it?

“That the only freedom that these folks had was in their attitudes”

And the rabbit told the rival that he might die – but one day – joy will return and he and and Rival will not be rivals.

But friends at last.

So, my friends – he has been waiting. The rabbit, that raised you along with your parents.

He has be waiting and he will always be there.

Stop hiding from the shame of a nation.

Come back even if its for a little while.

To what was home, and America as you once knew it.

And if you want to stay – there is always a place on the table for you.

And if have to go – for that new fad, the next big event – then you can go.

But youre always welcome back.

The rival has things as well that no law can touch, no sillyness can reach, no power can destroy.

They have called you friends.

You need them now.

For they are a part of nature made manifest through man’s effort.

The rabbit has never forgotten you.

Make sure one of these days…

You dont forget him, too.

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The Final Legacy - Chris Handley's case, and the future of the Industry.  

This will be the final post before Garou Gothic opens, and this is part of a post i showcased over another site: 

The Japanese dojin boys are TOO fucking powerful. You really dont know how deep and powerful they are. – I want to say that some in the Yakuza protects them but there is no evidence yet. And they have MONEY.

What i hear is that after what Happened to Handley, and other such issues coming from the west – the Diet wants to Mosaic the moe/loli works.

That isnt going to happen. Some might wish it will, but it cant.

But lets say it does pass.  What happens?

The only way anime/manga survives the next 5 years after such law has been passed – if they americans take over the japanese animation studios, lock – stock – barrel. And they cant. Why? Because those companies have DEBT up to there EYEBALLS.

The thing that will happen is that there will be a closing down of many of the shops that sell the trinkets that deal with moe/loli – and in retaliation those fans will not buy the “legal” stuff. Many of the dojin groups will move out of the country, and some will go underground (and there is a Japanese underground trust me, go play Yakuza 1, 2, Japanese 3 and Japanese 4 coming in April).

This would not solve the problem that the west is concerning with protecting children. Why you might ask? Well, have you heard of the Holly Greig case over in Scotland? No? And how about that the Scotland Justice system has thrown the case out because the kid has down syndrome – even though SHE knows who did such evil acts on her?

And you heard what Gordon Brown has stated – we will protect from the over sexualization of our children… right… hows that Naruto edit going? Oh wait – isnt Dinosaur King beating Naruto? Oh snap… wait – if he trying to protect the children of the uk, why go after the comic books and the animation/anime, and not the preds?

Folks, when ANY Government – and I MEAN ANY Government, writes these laws up of censorship, making it so VAGUE – you know something bad is going down at said government. It is ment as a distraction, a play on your morality – to say at the end – there not so bad, there trying to protect our kids…

When they steal money from you and call it a bailout for (jobs, Greece, British Pound possibly?) and you have to pay it back – and you dont have the money to pay it back – your kids HAVE no future. Trust me – there are real evil men – and real preds. But they dont just hurt your kids, they steal there future from them! And some of them come in the form of the SCHOOL BOARD, who uses cams to spy for some fun times.

And Chris Handley goes to jail for the wrong comic book. A soldier could get court-marshaled for seeing his cousin in a swimsuit. Holly Greig may never get justice. And the Lower Marion school board might get scot free from its unlawful act because it was “protecting” the school and the students.

Artists were never the problem, your faith that your Government gives a damn about you is the problem. But as long as those “preds that draw” dont come in my place – you wont see the pred that takes your money and steals your kids future, watches your kids without you knowing and the one right in your own mist because you wouldnt go to a web site and SEE where the bad guys ARE.

But let me continue on what will happen if this passes in the Diet.

When these dojin mangaka, state that they will not play this game they will leave. The fans will join them – and they will find ways of making a buck underground. This money will never go back to the economy – and since they are the only ones holding anime (monetary wise) afloat – there will be a crash that will send shock-waves through out the animation industry. If 40% present of the grunt work in Korea is anime – they lose 40% of there revenues – and even despite the HUB and SyFy kids could make up some of that slack – the damage will be done – and the TV stations will also lose eyeballs on there stations.

Now, there was a report that the Diet is looking to creating a Japanese FCC – and which that comes the obivous question, will there be a CTV act for the Japanese – the answer might be yes – regardless if this said legslation passes or not. But if it does, and such as CTV act comes in – the TV studios will be forced to do a similar thing that we do in the E/I programing. But with almost all of the animation studios shuttered, and the manga studios cut by at 1/2… what happens?

The americans will try and come and take over said studios. Too much over head however – and they will kill themselfs in the process (with the small exception of Sony, Disney, Nick/Viacom and maybe Comcast-Universal.)

Since the live action industry is too small and the movie industry are taking from the manga series – once said work is mosaic even if the work isnt sexual – it will collapses under its own weight. If there are major deaths in the industry during that period of time – it will create a deeping storm that even Yuasa and others such as him cannot get out of. The Japanese Animation Industry will suffer a semi permeant death. And once that happens, the North American Industry once it reaches another lull, which it is in right now – will take 15 to 25 years to get out of – until the technology to “Democratize” animation comes into full bloom.

Your saying now that the Doom is too much to bare.

This is what we face right now. And the artists right now have reach a stage they cannot and do not want to be controlled. Try it and the bomb sets off, and we will be wondering years from now how could it all go so wrong – we were only trying to protect our children…

You didnt protect 4Kids Entertainment. You didnt protect the past works and the past generations series and shows. You only protected the threat now, but the threat you didnt see or didnt care to see you didnt stop.

Like Ben Franklin stated before – You want Security? You cant have Liberty. And mankind has always wanted to find a place that is secure.

Could the cause of this whole issue with the moe/loli thing and the artists that drew them, come from a place dealing with feminism? Or better yet – the new sexual liberation going down where we have older Japanese females going to places like the Philpeans or Thailand – or younger ones looking for the “perfection” of a sexualized male – v shaped neck etc?

Could this be really – a backlash against feminism? Could this be the only way of showing a males insecurity (outside of the Man dress the younger generation are into) – about the loss of his country – the lost of his power via the works, the acts of the females he sees? Anybody wonder why this goes back to High School? Could this whole thing be about “the one that got away” and because about the situation with mental health and sexuality that the artists one way of saying “they need help” is via these works? Have they accepted that there is no hope for them?

Because one thing i have figured out, and realized some time ago. You cannot blame the female for the problems we see them acting out and so on.

You must blame many of their fathers and how they raised them. And some of these same fathers are in power, and some are in the Diet/Aussie Parliament/UK Parliament – and they send these laws to protect there granddaughters from the same men, if these men who these laws are aiming against back in high school, dated or at least talked to these daughters before and seen who they are – IMO they wouldnt really be drawing these works out of spite and out of desperation and anger.

Its a collective punishment on those that refuse to “play the game”, because it has become rigged for failure.

And we are all GOING get PUNISHED for this, and the bad guys will STILL do the same shit again and again.

This is not only the mark of the end of what could the anime and animation industries- but one of the final marks towards the end of western civilization. For once thought is controlled – Christians will get slapped if they are against homosexuality, and the homosexuals will get killed for such acts in a “Christian Nation” It becomes eye for an eye and many, many myriad of examples

This is all to protect the kids.

But it will lead them into the same hell we tried to protect them from.

There is one final word before i go - there was some words a mangka stated way back in the 70's or 80's - im not sure which, in where he states: 
First they will get rid of the loli  
Then they will get rid of the Yuri. 
Then they will get rid of the Yaoi 
Then they will get rid of the normal relations ... 
and all will be left is the old men... 
One better be careful.  This is all in the name of keeping you safe. 
While the evil ones work in the darkness destroying your future. 
Will you take the "gift" of protection from the Man In Black? 
Or are you willing to be free? 
Its your choice. 
Its your future. 
See yall in the shadows... 
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Its been a while since I wrote here. Im working on the website and all the rest.  
Will this be the last Virtuous Queen? Maybe if i don't get the website up soon.  
The reason why I stated this is if there is going to more VQ its going to be on my webpage and not here. There is too many voices - some of which are not interested in the history of the business, crowding out things. Recent news about other such issues are cramping my style and what I wanted to do here. 
I have to move on. Im not dropping the account or anything. I just cant be writing for folks that may never understand what anime (or doga if you want to get technical) and manga means. 
But, in this last episode of VQueen - I talk about the only hope the mainstream Japanese industry has left.  
Its Masked Rider - and its Rivals. 
And its the  and the Gekgia of the 1970's.  
Its about learning about the past - but moving forward to a new future. 
The "Real" Japan is the one of ghosts, and monsters 
Transgendered Demons, and Tecehnotronic Nightmares... 
Of Hell Boys and Cybernetic Men. 
Aliens with dark membranes right out of the best American horror had to offer in the 1970 -1980's slashers. 
Females with fists and boobs to match... (but it was implied, never really shown for the latter) 
And at the end the future was dark - unhappy - and one wonders where did it go wrong. 
Thats the Japanese industry I knew - the twisted fucked up minds that told the truth of the twisted fucked up heads of government and socialistic industry. That the world continued to not learn. Man is a monster and he will create the demons that will send him to his doom. 
He will fuck up the world because he has been told he's been fucked over. There comes the Byronic heroes of Masked Rider of the Showa era. Of Fist of the North Star - The craziness - the guts, the explosions. the sex and the restlessness. Hardcore without being stupid or insulting the audience. 
But now - its weeded out of us. Its got to look pretty for those too ugly. Pretty Kids with problems. Scared to go deep into the real problems that face Japan, nor the world (as the Japanese Intellectuals have stated time and again they want to bring beauty back into the world). Censorship for all the wrong reasons - and even that word has lost its bite and all reason to exist in a world that has the truth of mankind's existence - how he first saw God, and how he worshiped - to how he moved all over and conducted life - been Censored on the fear that its too...far fetched - sexualized etc. 
But there is the thing with Masked Rider, despite being a kid series - does better than many others until very recently.  
A man becoming more than himself. Not a Alien from another world - or a man who lost his parents - or a teenager who got bit by a spider. A man becoming more than himself because he was wounded just trying to do the right thing. He enters the world of perfidy - of monstrous bugs, in order to save a humanity that can never save itself by its own. He becomes aspects of the monster bug to become better than the demons. 
Its that aspect - that archetype that had made some of the best anime/manga - video game and J-TV series in recent memory. From Xenogears/Chrono Cross. To the Metal Gear Series. Neon Genesis Evanglion, Akira - Cowboy Bebop, etc to Garo. The fact that man somewhere deep from the psychological and perhaps Alien proclivities - has perfection in him. That he maybe able to get up and fight all the demonic by integrating that demonic aspect of himself. 
Its is that truth, that is censored - that Modern Japan has forgotten and America refuses with very small exceptions to acknowledge. It was never about how many titties were shown on a Super Bowl Performance.  It was never was about the Right's challenges to Obama - its not even about going to jail about the wrong comic book. 
Its about Governments and Societies inability to look into the dark side of itself. Not the Jerry Springer bullshit. Thats stupidity. Its all about becoming one people in a forever spring like world. Which cannot exist - but everyone left and right has tried to put mankind in and failed every single time. 
Thats why Anime is censored sometimes for no good reason, and thats why Rin and her adventures will never come to the states - and that is why we will never solve any of these problems we face as a nation. We continue to Censor when there is no need, and refuse to wait when we need to wait.  
Im thinking that - I need to get into this business. I can change the business overnight if I wish. Thats right folks. Overnight. The new Tyler Perry. Seriously? Yep. And what you gonna do about it? Cry when Funi is destroyed in five years? HAHAHA. Really? 
But thats a wish that will have to wait for a while. But not too long. 
But there is a reason why I want to be Masked Rider every Halloween. And why I look at the toys, the merch and the series. Its the same reason I miss the anime business the way it was in the late 90's early 2000's and the reason I only read Berserk and anything done by Tezuka. 
Because its all about being human, in a zombified world. 
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Why Masked (Kamen) Rider may have given me the energy to keep going forward... And has given me some ideas in where to go next.
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