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NovidAnon is angry, pissed, and disappointed about life at the world in general, we live with evil governments and even more evil leaders.
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You should know by now, Im a disgruntled animation historian. I don't take too likely to Crunchyroll. I do however, tell you that without the companies such as Saban, DiC and 4Kids, sites like these don't EXIST. So In my own personal life - i live virtuously. You don't like that you can F--- off. My words are my weapons. And Gia dont worry, its your site im just here to state what I know and BOY... is a story you need to sit down for.
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Date Joined: Dec. 18, 2008
City: Dark Side Of The Earth
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Points: 2 Points
Ranked: Ranked #2012 of 46,665
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