NovidAnon (Level 6)

NovidAnon is angry, pissed, and disappointed about life at the world in general, we live with evil governments and even more evil leaders.
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We were all young once.

We all saw the same flowers, the same trees.

We all were raised by a mother and father.

And by a rabbit.

As we drifted apart – he has watched us.

As we grew older, and dabbled in action he watched us. Knowing that one day we will come back to him.

Then, an old rival came – a bit weaker – but much wiser. The rival brought big eyes, bigger explosions.

But he watched.

And then those that stood with the rabbit – tried to change him. Make him like the rival. But even the new generation couldnt stand it. The rabbit was the rabbit.

And the rabbit ate the carrot, and he watched.

Then he saw the tricks the translators used. The rabbit wondered, they dont get it dont they?

And he sat and watch the greatness he created move to smaller and smaller hands.

Then they took him off the air.

But he watched.

Both the rabbit and the rival got made up, censored, operated on.

Both in pain, both in turmoil.

And we moved on, to family with no guy – to america without a dad, to a show named cleivand, we created a swimming pool for adults so the rival and his friends can at least be free.

But then one of us got caught – a mistake sent him to the jail. One of us, one of the rabbit.

And the rabbit wept.

And he watched.

As the rival got hit by the same folk that the rabbit was hit by.

Now, the rival’s sons and daughters wants to take his home down. In order to save there own.

And the rabbit felt sorry for him.

He told the Rival, do you really want to continue on this path?

The Rival says, i have no where to go. I beat you – i took your children – i made them and took care of them as my own. i have them the secrets you wouldn’t tell them, the power that your people refused to give them.

The Rabbit wonders, and he told him – didnt i say that Life will Kill ya if you dont take your time?

The Rival stops, and looks over his land, and sees the broken souls.

I had to tell the truth, he stated.

The rabbit watched and wonders, what truth? I already knew it.

And the rival wonders what was it?

“That the only freedom that these folks had was in their attitudes”

And the rabbit told the rival that he might die – but one day – joy will return and he and and Rival will not be rivals.

But friends at last.

So, my friends – he has been waiting. The rabbit, that raised you along with your parents.

He has be waiting and he will always be there.

Stop hiding from the shame of a nation.

Come back even if its for a little while.

To what was home, and America as you once knew it.

And if you want to stay – there is always a place on the table for you.

And if have to go – for that new fad, the next big event – then you can go.

But youre always welcome back.

The rival has things as well that no law can touch, no sillyness can reach, no power can destroy.

They have called you friends.

You need them now.

For they are a part of nature made manifest through man’s effort.

The rabbit has never forgotten you.

Make sure one of these days…

You dont forget him, too.

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