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Finally got around to buying Mountain Goats tickets. I see them in two days! #sofuckingpumped
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This began as an attempt to fill out the About Me section, but it kinda got a bit big for that so I decided to post it as a blog

This is where....
This is where....
Hey, my name's Aidan. I'm 17 years old and I live in a semi-suburban area in Australia, just south of Sydney. My anime fandom probably started at about 8 when I used to watch Toonami almost religiously. Both Sailor Moon and Digimon held great interest with me and I recorded and watched every episode of both shows many, many times. I watched a few others such as DBZ and Transformers occasionally though my love for Digimon spurred me so far as to cut together a rudimentary 'best of' tape (keep in mind this was the work of a 10 year old with a pair of VCR's so it wasn't exactly spectacular). all began all began

My interest tapered off as I started high school and was completely replaced with a passion for video games. I got heavily into Flash and Newgrounds, here is where I began my introduction into the ways of the internet. Forums, IRC's, blogging, usernames, avatars - all these terms and more were slowly introduced to me. At 13, I started to teach myself Flash's proprietary coding language, Actionscript and I've known since then that making games is what I want to do for a living.

About 2 years ago, however I started getting back into anime in a big way. It began with a conversation with a few friends reminiscing over the old cartoons we used to watch as kids and the huge amount of enjoyment we got from them. The conversation eventually got around to how one of them had watched the entire of DBZ on Yahoo! Video. This surprised me as I had never really looked into the priracy scene, the extent of my experience being grabbing a few songs off of Limewire and I'd used it enough to know that if you were looking for a video file, you would never find what you were after through the hoards of virus infested porn. With this tidbit of information in hand, I found the 290 episode playlist in a matter of minutes and spent the following 2 week school holidays marathon watching the entire series and absolutely loving it.
The awesome action and drama kept me riveted.... at least until the Bount arc
The awesome action and drama kept me riveted.... at least until the Bount arc

With the completion of DBZ, I started looking for other shows that might interest me and I was eventually led to a little number called Bleach. Whilst DBZ piqued my interest in what anime offered, Bleach solidified my fandom and inadvertently introduced me to the concept of the fansub. Up until now, I hadn't even considered watching the shows any other way but in the English dub. The site I steamed it from, however, only had the first handful of episodes in English, before alternating between the dub and the sub,until, at about episode 9 or 10, it completely swapped to the original Japanese audio. I think it was the direct comparison of watching one episode in English and straight away, watching the next in Japanese that allowed me to see that the Japanese audio was light years better than the dub.

After coming back to school, I found that the 3 other friends that I had that nostalgic conversation with had also undergone similar experiences. One told me of the drama and action of FullMetal Alchemist, another talked of the suspense and grip of Death Note and yet another talked about the shock and power and Elfen Lied. As I watched each of these shows, one after the other, the sheer scope of the medium opened up to me. Top ten lists and forum posts guided my viewing and words like shonen, shojo, seinen, moe and otaku began to enter into my vocabulary. I started reading manga and grasped the basics of the japanese language.

Whilst all this was happening, my understanding and appreciation for games had also been growing at an arguably greater rate and an event occurred which affected be, to be honest, way more that it probably should have. A man who lives on the opposite side of the globe, whom I've never met, was fired for doing his job. This event (I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about) led me to a website called Giant Bomb, a truly unique website which I began visiting daily. A few months after their official launch, they announced the creation of a sister site, to be named Anime Vice, which along with their original website, Comic Vine, continued to expand Wiskey Media's attempt to make the most nerdgasmic websites on the internet.

Well, this is where I sit right now, in front of my moniter, typing onto this form and whilst It'll always take a back seat to games, I love anime and I hope to be an otaku for life!
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FMA - last 15 or so episodes
Hellsing - all
GTO - watched the first 3 epi seems interesting though onizuka gets on my nerves sometimes
melencholy of haruhi suzimaya - all (I haven't seen it yet, so sue me)
Code Geass - watched first episode, it intuigues me
Neon Genesis Evangelion - heard its good
Gurren Lagann - seems fun
chobits - watched first 3 episodes. The landlady scares me
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I haven't watched that many anime's, and I'm constantly finding new ones so I can't really say. All the anime I've seen has been great
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