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Favorite Organizations
Countries, teams, armies, etc.
1. Whitebeard Pirates

An incredibly large pirate crew capable of directly facing the Marines in open war. When they kick your ass, they make you their family.

2. Hidden Cloud Village

The most militaristic of the five great ninja villages. And by far the most Badass.

3. Straw Hat Pirates

The craziest, most unpredictable pirate crew on the Grand Line.

4. Hidden Leaf Village

One of the five great ninja villages, full of powerful shinobi.

5. The Black Knights

Under the leadership of Zero, they became the world's most powerful military force.

6. Fairy Tail (Guild)

The craziest bunch of mages ever assembled.

7. Akatsuki

A group of badass ninja terrorists.

8. Visored

Outcast Shinigami/Hollow hybrids.

9. Briggs

The soldiers of this fortress massacred a large invasion force in a matter of minutes before participating in a successful coup d'tat against its government and it's unnatural controllers.

10. Public Security Section 9

A police force made up of cyborg soldiers, mercenaries, an ex yakuza and a detective.

11. Black Lagoon

Let me clarify, i'm talking about both the Lagoon Company and (to a lesser extent) Hotel Moscow.

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